Random pics from work. Spaghetti Bolognese and smoked salmon benny with dill hollandaise, crispy capers, and raw onion. I have been slacking on the home cooking posts lately, but with the holidays coming up I’m sure I will be back at. #cheflife #cheflifeislife #cheflifestyle #gastricbypass #gastricbypasssurgery #bariatricmen #rouxeny #rouxenylife #rouxenycommunity #rouxenystory

Ritual is what we do everyday.

Ritual is what we think about ourselves and others everyday.

Ritual is how we instinctively react to certain situations and ideas everyday.

Ritual is a big part of who we are.

When it comes to weight loss surgery - you have been given an opportunity to change some of these rituals. In this case I’m speaking about the Ritual of exercise.

If exercise was something that never felt comfortable because of your weight - now it’s different.
I’ve worked with many many people that have gone through this surgery. I would say the vast majority of them have told me at the beginning of their journey that they hate exercise and are quite scared of it. Make sense with their old body. But they have a new body one that moves easier and with less pain and once that starts to dawn on them exercise becomes fun and they start looking forward to it.
What I am getting at with this is don’t let your old rituals get in the way of your new life

Bruneau Sand Dunes 2.0. We made it to the top again! Being 100 lbs lighter I thought for sure I'd just fly up it. Well, 100 lbs lighter, still terribly out of shape! But I did it. We rode on our butts down and enjoyed every minute of it. Even the sand. So much sand! #bruneau #idaho #sanddunes #sandeverywhere
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This is a really important finding! For some reading this it's an obvious statement. But in my years working with WLS clients Ive heard many times how there was little education on this aspect of this procedure.
Sure you'll hear " you need to exercise and eat right for this to be successful" but you've heard that for everything right? Yet with 40+%of WLS patients regaining all or more of their pre-surgery weight within 2 years it needs to be said more.

You didn't do this surgery for a few years of weight loss. You did this surgery for a new life! Exercise NEEDS to be an important part of that new life.
If it isn't or you are just confused on where to start or what to do feel free to pm me. I'd love to talk with you.☺☺☺

This quote came from my 6 am client. She  showed up today feeling tired and worn out. The past month has been a lot of work and stress for her. She told me there was a 63% chance I was going to sleep in this morning. But there she was (albeit grumpy and sleepy) to do the work.
I suggested we start slow and if that is all we did that is good. 10 minutes later she is back to her form pushing herself and making the workout hers. That is where this quote came from. In the middle of workout she just exclaims “It’s better to do something than nothing.” By the end of the session she was more awake, less grumpy and I could tell she was happy with her choice to not sleep in.

Weight loss surgery is an amazing way to get your health back. The thing is it comes with some draw backs.
One if the biggest is that you will lose a lot of muscle mass as you lose weight. Some of that loss is due to you not needing to move around as much weight. But some, is used as a fuel source along with body fat.
More muscle = better weight loss😊💪 So as you go through this journey seriously consider adding in workouts that will start to slow and reverse this muscle loss.

This quote came from @heart_on_my_vsg and I agree it is a tool to change your life. There will be days that you feel strong and amazing. There will be days where you feel you don’t have it in you. Both are fine if you keep in mind that this tool is there to help you make life changes, which means there is no real finish line.

You should find that comforting, it makes the not so great days less dramatic, it’s just one day out of the rest of your life.  And the strong, amazing days when you push yourself just makes you that much more strong and healthy. :) So what life changes have you seen from this surgery

Shout out to a client that lost 100 lbs and gained 90 back on the barbell

I guess it’s just part of my new life these days. I thought for sure It wouldn’t happen to me. I’ve been making sure I’m drinking, taking my supplements, and getting all my protein in. Evidently it happens to everyone who experiences rapid weight loss, there is no stopping it. #weightlossjourney #gastricbypass #rnycommunity #rnybabes #weightlossproblems #rnygastricbypasssurgery #rouxenylife #rouxenystory #rouxenycommunity #hairloss #gastricbypassjourney #wlsbabes #wls #wlscommunity #wlsjourney

Barely squeaked by with double digits this month. But and however, I feel like my clothes are fitting better and that I have lost way more than 10. I have 16 lbs to go until I reach my goal... I'm shooting for mid-September!!! •

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