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still alive #roundtwo #vegas


good thing I have 3 more years to figure out the boutonnière #roundtwo

what a way to celebrate 8 months together 💝#hoco2k17 #stunna #roundtwo

my turn to wear the shades. #roundtwo

Winter swell is brewing and no wave will be bigger than the @sean_wotherspoon X @nike wave! Will you be ready?! 🌊🌊🏄🏻

Birthday girl tomorrow 🍾 #roundtwo

Couldn’t have asked for a better formal date 🕺🏻 #RoundTwo #PhiKapsBack

And a few more shots from show day 🤗
If you've been following me for a while now, you know that one of my main goals this go round was to have a better overall prep, mindset, and experience. Sounds like a bland goal, and I won't go into details again, but my first show was a bust- physically & mentally.. we'll leave it there 😅 This go round, I did not want to isolate myself during prep, I did not want to compare myself to other girls on social media during prep, OR backstage when I met the girls. I didn't want to have self-doubt in my physique or my ability, and I wanted to fully embrace the day, meet others, feel happy and confident. And I can truthfully say I did just that 🙌🏻
I was READY thanks to @flawlessphysique , I was confident due to lots and lots of daily practice, self-appreciation, stopping myself when I would start to compare or think negatively, and just trust the process; trust that everything would work out just right 😌
Competing is a whole new level of enjoyment and fulfillment when you're able to go about with such positivity! It was great to meet some new faces, to see old friends, and to have the support of my family too. My stepdaughter has been performing her version of my routine nonstop since the show ended 😂
I also want to thank all of my supporters that I've met through social media as well. When I posted my prep transformation last week, I went straight the gym with zero energy and was laggggging through that loft. BUT as I saw all your sweet, encouraging comments pop up on my phone one by one I felt SO OVERJOYED and grateful! You all are so supportive and have tremendously in my journey 🤗


A couple passes from the other day...

Finally the wait is over thanks to @sean_wotherspoon for these dope kicks can't wait for my pair #airmax #roundtwo #vala #nike #weneedmore #sneakerheads #igsneakercommunity #weworking #issavibe #thesneakershop

Monday. Day 8. Core Synergistics. Done. .
And in all honesty I DID NOT feel like doing this routine this morning. But you gotta do what you gotta do...in everything especially when it comes to your health #P90X #roundtwo .
#82moredays #letsgo #coreworkout #homegym #nogym #justdoit #noexcuses #none #doyourbestforgettherest #indeed
#keepgoing #lifestyleblogger #suntaylor

The most incredible performers/artists I’ve ever seen, @thechainsmokers could never get sick of watching your shows or listening to your music!😍The best vibes 🤙🏽 & most amazing team of talented people 👀📷 @sam_kolder @olav #memoriesdonotopentour #roundtwo

Welp #roundtwo

Happy Monday!! Super tired this morning.. I did not sleep well 😴🤷🏼‍♀️ but I’m here Chugging this pre-workout like a BOSS 🤣 Monday’s workouts are a tough one 👉🏼PLYO.. because yeah I really feel like jumping this morning.. but I gotta put in the work if I want to see results 💪🏼👊🏼 Going to start this week off right 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Today I choose to be a unicorn 🦄
AM workout ✔️
Self reflect ✔️ positive mind positive life
Check in with my team ✔️
Share some fun recipes ✔️
Work hard to play hard ✔️ #nomagicpills #thisisfun #roundtwo
#joinusnow #beaunicorn #letsgoooo

From Left to Right: Kim Possible, Buzzed Light, a Statesman Agent (peep that sweet belt-buckle flask), and Natalie Player. #roundtwo #halloween #2k17 #pals

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