My beautifull girl 😍what would i do without you ❤❤
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My queen, Nikita. Who would of thought she is over 10 years old ?😲 she is just like a little puppy all over again, when she get's her morning run in the snow❤️ 👑 llowmydogs @rottweilers_worlds @rottweiler_channel @rottweilers_of_insttagram
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Ladies Ladies Ladies...... I just wanted to show off my man!!! 💁🏽His parents and grandparents are from Yugoslavia and Belgium. That makes him European. He's such a STUD!!! I love his accent💖 and he treats me like a princess👸🏽. Show him some love by liking my pic📸.
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"My New Male 💥
CH Xaver Von Der Blauen Welle ( Gari Vom Hause Edelstein X viva von der blauen welle )
D.O.B : 08.03.2016
Adult Champion Of Croatia
Young Champion Of Croatia
HD A ,,Ed 0
JLPP Clear
Croatian Breading Test ( ZTP )
67 CM - 61 KG
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