Last week I ran my first official international marathon, Rotorua in New Zealand. This was my 4th marathon I have run since I started running in 2014. I decided to run this marathon due to wanting to go to New Zealand for a holiday as it truly is a stunning country to explore. So on the advice of a family member who lives in New Zealand and is a runner them self I picked the oldest marathon in New Zealand and is unique in that it is one full lap of Lake Rotorua.
My previous 3 marathons I have set out to better my times from the previous runs which I managed to achieve in each consecutive run. This run I did not set out to run a certain time I just went into it to complete the course because I was on a holiday with a marathon in the middle and it is a course with more elevation on it then any other marathon I had done.
Having said that I still did all the necessary training and hard work that is required to run a 3:30 marathon. Since my last marathon in October last year I have been working hard on my core strength and doing weekly running specific strength training. I have also been experimenting with my nutrition whilst running over the last few months.
I had a great run and finished in a time of 3:35 which is 4 minutes slower than my best time. But my pace was very consistent across the whole run and I finished feeling strong. After the run I pulled up better than any of my previous marathons I put this down to better fuelling during the run and run specific strength training.
I really enjoyed my time in Nee Zealand it is a great place to visit.
Next up for me is Gold Coast Marathon on July 1st with a few other half in between😉#rotorua #rotoruamarathon #rotoruamarathon2018 #marathon #runcation #marathonmonday #marathonrunner #marathoner #marathonfinisher #melbourneinstarunners #runcation #runners #runnersmotivation #runnersofinstagram #marathonsoftheworld #medalmonday #medaladdict #runnersmotivation #running #runningman #runningheroes

I don't like being in photos but this one I like cos my sis is right behind me number 9157. Sorry I had to take off but you know how it is sista 😂 I look cool, calm and collected here but half way in I was about to throw in the towel and it was only a 10k run 😥 No training though but #noexcuses
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On new years eve, instead of drinking beers and relaxing with their families, coach @keegan9838 and loyal training partner Hugh came down to the local grass track to run 400s with me. We trained at 2pm, the hottest part of the day, because i was working nights and wanted to sleep during the morning. The 400s were hard, it was muggy and miserable, but together we got it done. Just like all the other runs. For months and months. Thanks doesn't really cover it... #teamwork #rotoruamarathon

Rotorua Marathon, one year ago! 🏅🏃🏽‍♀️🎉 Wow I can’t believe it’s already one year since the amazing @rotoruamarathon in New Zealand 🇳🇿 ! My second marathon was the end of a half year of traveling through this beautiful country! 💕 My recovery update (today): the recovery from the pneumonia is still going strong. 💪 I thought I was there already, but my body thought differently. But I’m making progress! 🌸 Thanks so much for all your kind messages! 💕🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏅❤️🎉

Nice recovery run this evening following the #rotoruamarathon. I have a couple of blisters on my right foot, and some pretty bad chafing on my right arm but other than that I’d say I’m recovering well!
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Thanks @rotoruamarathon for this awesome on course pic running through the trails of the Redwoods - Whakarewarewa Forest. Which basically sums up how I was feeling for Saturday’s Quarter Marathon. As I knew it was going to freakin hurt at times. But was definitely worth it, cause learning to continuously push through the hurt locker is all part of the journey.
@garminau @4therunners @sqdathletica @2xu @mizunorunningaus

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Running the Rotorua Half marathon on Saturday with TeamCatWalk runners. Beautiful forest track. My furthest distance since my stress fracture in September ‘17. 1h51. #marathontraining #halfmarathon #halfmarathontraining #rotoruamarathon #rotoruahalfmarathon #nzisbeautiful #loverunning #running #teamcatwalk @rachel_smalley @sarah_in_newzealand @korukiwi1

Pleased with my 3.20 Rotorua Marathon taking out my age group by over 17 minutes. Love this race around the lake! #rotoruamarathon #thenorthface #marathon

Shameless self pat on the back! .
One year back racing this weekend rolled over and I'm stoked to have something to look at that says I turned my life around from drinking partying and being a lazy time waster. .
I have met some great friends and made cool new connections and had plenty of good laughs .
Nz 3000m masters gold (age group)
Nz 1500m masters gold (age group)
Nz 800m masters silver (age group)
Waitakere 1/2 marathon winner
2017 rotorua marathon 3h 7min 41st (11th in age group)
2018 rotorua marathon 2h 56min 20th (6th in age group)
Riverhead rampage trail race 10k 1st
Distance carnival 1500 pb 4m 19sec
Mangawhai 9k northland series
Nz road champs 10k 34min sec?
Nz x country champs - smoked
Oh and wesley beating bays in the Nz road relay champs ;) There were a string of other events..injuries and tough times but these were the few that struck with me and keep me in the game !


Massive weekend!.
▪️Rotorua half marathon. 🏃.
▪️Wedding in Matakana. 🕺🏿.
▪️Visiting the grandparents and great-grandparents!. 👵🏻.
▪️180km ride to finish it off. 🚴‍♂️.
Big ups to Dad for his first Marathon.... smashed it out in 3hr 26mins 👊.
#rotoruamarathon #runrace #family #dreamteam

Did it for my crippled friend #rotoruamarathon

It was a weekend to forget in my running career debut in the Rotorua Quarter Marathon 🏃‍♂️ Despite being in the lead battle into turn one things went downhill from there 📉 A number of lessons learnt and looking forward to tackling the next one this weekend in Hawkes Bay. ☀️ •

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Pushing hard to the line and giving it absolutely everything you’ve got for @rotoruamarathon Quarter Marathon in New Zealand captured in full flight. While on your way to an unexpected and top 10 finish of 9th overall on the new cross country style course in 46.30min. As it felt great to be back in my element racing again after having not raced since last year and now with a solid start to the session.
@garminau @4therunners @sqdathletica @2xu @rotoruamarathon @mizunorunningaus

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Had a 21km rhythm run to do today so decided I may as well get a medal for my efforts 😀. Rotorua Half Marathon... new course means most is now off road and into the forest ( my happy place) and with 263m of vert it was a really nice course. Done in 2hrs 03, I’m pretty happy with that! Great to see some squaddies volunteering too... thanks for your cheers Charlotte and Lizzy ✅😍
Onwards and upwards to UTA100 in two weeks and Rotorua 3D multisport (duathlon for me) queens birthday weekend 😀 #tailwindnutritionnz #zerotwenty2sportsco #alpinamente #squadrun #lasportiva #trailrunning #trailrunningviews #racebling #rotoruamarathon #rotoruanz #whakarewarewaforest #helios3 #dogpark #nodoggosthistime #alpinamente #tailwindnutrition #race #racefuel #hydration #sunglasses #photochromic #italiandesign #022

One of my Dad's great photos of my run yesterday. Great to have my own personal photographer #ThanksDad #RotoruaMarathon

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