Achsfehlstellung der Beine? X-Beine? Knieschmerzen? Nie ein Problem der Knie allein! Endstation OP? Kann man tun muss man aber nicht. Der Erfolg bei der Therapie liegt im Respekt der menschlichen funktionalen Bewegungsablauf. Fuss und Bein fehlstellungen sind fast immer ein Ganzkörper "Problem". Es kommt auf den richtigen Freiraum und die richtige Aktivierung an. #respectyourheritage #knockknees #kneepain #flatfeet #moveintelligent #functionalpatterns #rotationisking #structuralintegration #anatomytrains #fascia #fascialrelease #artgerecht #langenargen #bodensee #friedrichshafen

Rotation is good, lateral movement is very good and coordination is very very good. All 3 at once is super mega good. In a world of sagittal movement I try to make sure I got my transverse and my frontal covered. Don't move quite as fast as @melvinandmummy #fitterthanever #strengthcoach #leonhutchinson #rotationisking

Way to go Sierra Meyers @sierra.meyers.6 on all of your hard work! Sierra started training with Jonny @jonnylee_cscs last October and has consistently came in 1-2 times per week since. In 11 months, Sierra’s average bat speed has gone from 49.8 to 61.1 MPH! Her average exit ball speed has gone from 57.6 to 69.7 MPH. At just 14, her stats are putting her on the level of most 16-17 year olds. And the results are showing on the field too with her first home run last April… and 6 more since! #challenge #challengeyourgame #sciencebehindthesport #fastpitch #softball #powerhitter #homerunclub #hardworkpaysoff #rotationisking #linearhittingbegone

Having a firm front side is important in hitting because it helps to control the transfer of energy your hips create. Jonny @jonnylee_cscs and Lizzy @__elizabethgrace_ focused on planting her front heel as the rotation of the core helps create ground reaction force and better energy transfer. As your hip rotation generates the energy, your front foot is what allows you to control your momentum and channel it in order to have a more explosive swing. #challenge #challengeyourgame #sciencebehindthesport #fastpitch #softball #powerhitter #firmfrontside #rotationisking #beexplosive

Hitting is all about getting from point A to point B. How you get from point A to point B, though is what separates the best hitters from everyone else. Your main goal is to get the bat to the ball in the most efficient way possible. Sierra @sierra.meyers.6 worked on keeping both her hands and weight back while letting her hip rotation generate the power today. A key to this drill is keeping your hands back to allow your hips and core to create the momentum. This allows for your hands to act like a whip as they travel through the zone to the point of contact. #challengeaz #challengesoftball #sciencebehindthesport #powerhitter #hittheballhard #rotationisking #itsallinthehips

Want to drive the ball further with more power? Drills such as this one focus on transferring your weight from your back to front side. When properly distributing your weight, it allows for better hip rotation to occur and builds more angular momentum and acceleration from ground reaction forces (GRFs). In hitting, most of the power comes from the hips so in this drill Jonny @jonnylee_cscs had Alex start in a position where he has already taken his stride. They worked on feeling the weight transfer. Hands are back and weight is 70% front side and 30% back side. Alex is on the instep of his big back toe with his heel up like he has already transferred his weight. As he is rotating, his spine stays centered and core rotates around spine. To allow the energy to transfer up the body, the front leg has to stay firm and the chest is behind the ball. This happens through a chain reaction (kinetic chain) where energy is moving up the body and arms/hands are along for the ride. For a powerful swing, you should use your hips and feel the transfer of weight against a firm front side. #challengeaz #sciencebehindthesport #biomechanics #kineticchain #powerhitter #hittheballhard #rotationisking #linearhittingbegone #nohands

Lizzy @__elizabethgrace_ has been a student of @jonnylee_cscs for the last year and a half. She started slapping and hitting from the left side close to 4 years ago. She was getting frustrated from her right side and kept repeating an incorrect motor pattern. That's when she decided to switch to the other side of the plate. When she came to see us, her slapping was great. But she wanted to add more power and consistency to go along with her slapping. Her parents were looking for something more technical to help make her swing efficient as possible. We didn't expect how quickly she improved as she put in the hard work and came in multiple times per week. That spring she hit .597 as a freshman. She also hit her first home run that year (and four more since)! We are excited to be along for the ride and continue to help guide her to reach all of her career goals. #challengeinstruction #rotationisking #leftysrule #connection #sequencing #powerhitting #hardwork #dedication #strengthtraining

Trevor was working on getting his core to initiate the swing. This is important to maximize the kinetic chain. Meaning the coordination and timing of the joints (muscles) fired in the correct sequence. The core muscles involved start with the internal and external obliques being activated helping trunk rotation. The multifidus muscles keep the spine stable during the swing movement. As he is approaching the ball, his spine (trunk) is flexed over the ball. This helps him stay on plane with the ball and keeps the bat in the zone longer with power. The muscles used during lateral spine flexion are the obliques, left rectus abdominis, and the erector spinae. The transverse abdominis helps compress the abdomen closer to the spine for more stabilization of the spine. This is the reason why we all hear that the core needs to be strong and have the endurance to support the spine during the swing. It will help increase bat speed, power, and a compact swing. #sciencebehindthesport #challengeinstruction #kineticchain #corestrong #coreendurance #strengthtraining #powerhitting #sequencing #timing #nohands #linearbegone #rotationisking

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