A league of their own ~ 1992 ~ yasssss Tom ⚾️ ⚾️⚾️#madonna #tomhanks #rosieodonnell

Family to me:
" You don't sleep enough."
" Your hair is too long."
" You don't ever take your multivitamins."
" Your nails look brittle."
" Your skin looks so dang dry."
" You are too pastey."
" You are still fat."
" Why aren't you married yet?"
" You are getting old and still no children?"
" You should have been a doctor or dentist."
" The bags under your eyes are really dark."
" You don't drink enough water."
" Are you dumb?" Asian parents = super blunt. If your face looks like it's been Wolverine'd on your best day, they'll letcha know. "What is wrong with your face?? You're making Rosie O'Donnell look like a Victoria Secret model." #asianparents #verballyblunt #nevergoodenough #antisocialsocialclub #antisocialfamily #antisocialfamilyprobs #everythingiswrongwithme #rosieodonnell

Sunday Night Movie. A League of Their Own 1992. I love melancholy movies. This is one of my all time favorites and it means a lot to me. #aleagueoftheirown

Our friend Rob joins us for a special baseball themed episode as we cover two classics about America's pastime, The Sandlot & A League of Their Own! Why doesn't Benny 'the Jet' Rodriguez get to tell his own story? Are there any lesbians on the Rockford Peaches? And why are three queers talking baseball, anyway? These answers and more on A Piece of Pie!

#thesandlot #yourekillingmesmalls #aleagueoftheirown #theresnocryinginbaseball #tomhanks #madonna #geenadavis #rosieodonnell

Stevie talks about vowing to never sing on stage again.
#stevienicks #rosieodonnell #2001 #troubleinshangrila

Drawing for @jimbobdrawingshow . Prompt was slobbering pigdog. I went for the political angle.......
#slobberingpigdog #trump #cartoon #doodle #illustration #rosieodonnell #twitter

Charlie and I just landed @eatseehear in #NoHo for their last screening of the season (A League of Their Own). We’ll be serving it up from 5-8pm. You do not need a ticket to access our truck, but you didn’t hear that from me. Actually you did hear that from me, but you should still buy a ticket because this movie is a classic...and if you want to feel old, it came out 26 years ago 🙁 Also, Frankie will be serving it up tonight in The Shoaks at 14141 Ventura Blvd from 5-9. Happy Saturday!

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