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oh yes! we love middle aged women
cc @nicolefilms
edit: i just realized all of these women, except felicity, have children and i am over here busting a fat nut over them ....

Please see #theimmortallifeofhenriettalacks on HBO. This movie was so moving and powerful and an important story if you don't already know it. Best cast I've seen in a long time! #rosebyrne #oprah

#OprahWinfrey and #RoseByrne star in this film adaptation from #RebbecaSkloot’s non-fiction book. The film tells the story of Henrietta Lacks, a woman whose cells were used without her consent to create the first immortal human cell line, and how this event changed the face of medicine forever.
#TheImmortalLifeofHenriettaLacks is an HBO original film and available now on #HBONordic.

#RoseByrne for @qftravelinsider. We just can't get enough. #OrotonOwnIt

Wearing a @rosie_assoulin dress takes gusto: her voluminous, highly patterned, bright pieces are best complimented by a big personality…which is exactly why #RoseByrne shined so bright in this look. Key accents? Those suede purple @JimmyChoo pumps, a white clutch, and (zoom in), her @selimmouzannar cluster ring. Shoutout to her stylist, the fab @pennylovellstylist.
#WhoWonFashionToday 📸: @gettyimages

Out and About: Rose Byrne wears the Maples Bow Top and Maples Wrap Skirt from upcoming Fall 17 in New York. The collection arrives from July. #outandabout #rosebyrne #themaples #fall17 #zimmermann

Look how cute and precious they are :3!

Aww. How cute are Rose Byrne and her partner Bobby Cannavale? 💗💗 #couplegoals #Rosebyrne 📷: @bobby_cannavale


Bryan Singer comes back down to earth with a thud - wastes an incredible cast and promising new batch of X-Men in Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Alexandra Shipp. More on themaddeningloop.com #xmenapocalypse #jamesmcavoy #michaelfassbender #jenniferlawrence #oscarisaac #nicholashoult #rosebyrne #evanpeters #tyesheridan #sophieturner #oliviamunn #kodismitmcphee #alexandrashipp #themaddeningloop

A disappointing two stars for #xmenapocalypse - a sub-par Michael Bay movie hiding behind the good will afforded its Oscar nominated director. More on themaddeningloop.com #jamesmcavoy #michaelfassbender #jenniferlawrence #oscarisaac #nicholashoult #rosebyrne #evanpeters #tyesheridan #sophieturner #oliviamunn #kodismitmcphee #alexandrashipp #themaddeningloop

Look how cute and precious they are :3!

A decent adaptation of the story of how the unauthorized harvesting of Lacks' cancerous cells in 1951 led to unprecedented medical breakthroughs, changing countless lives and the face of medicine forever. #theimmortallifeofhenriettalacks #oprahwinfrey #rosebyrne #hbo #ifeltstupidwatches


Fun Fact: Susan Sarandon's character references a trip to Atlantic City. Sarandon starred in the film "Atlantic City" in 1980 for which she received an Academy Award nomination.

Directed by Lorene Scafaria

Starring Susan Sarandon, Rosy Byrne, J.K. Simmons

My drawing of Rose Byrne!! Not quite done yet but I'm working on it! 😊😊 #rosebyrne #sketch #drawing

oh yes! we love middle aged women
cc @nicolefilms
edit: i just realized all of these women, except felicity, have children and i am over here busting a fat nut over them ....

- "Only dream I ever have... is it the surface of the sun? Everytime I shut my eyes... it's always the same." -
I've noticed -not sure if you have too- but 9 times out of 10, every sci-fi movie that features a world ending catastrophe will always be solved in the most American way imaginable: by blowing it the hell up.
Transformers, Independence Day, Armageddon, The Avengers and even Star Wars have used that solution to any type of extinction level event. Why? Because this is 'Murica and if there's a problem, we drop a bomb on it and we will drop a bomb on anything. Even the fucking sun.
Sunshine is a small sci-fi movie from 2007 directed by Danny Boyle that stars a grear ensemble crew of Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, Michelle Yeoh, Cliff Curtis, Benedict Wong, Hiroyuki Sanada, Troy Garity and not one black guy.
They almost had every ethnicity covered in this movie but they somehow forgot to put in a black person. That's just really, really weird.
But nonetheless, what we have here is a crew of scientists and smart people who have all signed up to sacrifice themselves in go on a suicide mission to stop our dying sun from bringing about an Earth-ending apocalypse by dropping a bomb on it because... 'Murica.
Danny Boyle is a director whose work I always look out for. He can take the most basic of material and turn into something completely unconventional. By this point he had brought the zombie genre back from the proverbial dead with 28 Days Later and made a movie about 4 Scottish heroin addicts one of the best movies of the 90s.
He's done practically every genre of movie in his career and has always brought something new to it. He's the kind of director who you can go to see whatever new movie he has and know that you're gonna get something entirely different from what the trailers might show you.
In the case of Sunshine, we have a sci-fi movie about a spaceship full of pretty blue collar people who have one mission in mind but after something unfortunate happens, the crew starts biting the dust.
Immediately and inevitably, that makes you think of Alien; and if that doesn't then stop lying you damn liar.

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