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Tänkte lägga upp en gammal bild och skriva "Glad midsommar"🌸 Instagram flödet bombarderas med vackra, redigerade happy-selfies ☺️ Jag tänkte istället Gömma mitt såriga ansikte där Rosacean just nu attackerar.... Tänkte stanna hemma i pyjamas och göra ingenting. Sura, bittra och tycka synd om mig själv. 🙈 MEN det gör ju inte saken bättre!!! ☺️ Såhär ser jag ut.... jag har bytt ut pyjamasen mot en klänning och kör norr ut för att spendera kvällen med @kinhermansson och familj 💖 Glad Midsommar fina du 💖 #midsommar #rosacea

It's finally Friday! 🙌Today we're sharing @aldinmae 's skin story today to remind everyone you're more than just your skin, you aren't alone in your struggles, and there's lots of amazing beautiful people out there with different skin types! ❤❤
"No makeup, no filters. This is my face. I don't have acne and I had pretty good skin growing up. Around 21, I noticed I had a slight skin irritation, with patchy blotches and little bumps that didn't quite look like pimples. I didn't know what I was doing, and used some very harsh chemicals in my skin. It started to get worse, until my cheeks, chin, and forehead began to look like the pic on the bottom left. I have rosacea - A condition that causes redness and often small, red, pus-filled bumps on the face. Treatment can help but it can never be cured. It's hereditary. My mom has it, a few of my sisters have it, and some of my nieces have it. I've tried everything, from organic cleansers, essential oils, to apple cider vinegar. Most things helped for awhile then it go back or worse. My doctor wanted to try some creams with scary side effects. I wasn't ready for that. I started using #banishacnescars in January and the pimples are mostly gone. I still have redness but my skin is so soft now and it doesn't hurt to touch it. I am not my skin, but I'd like people to know that without me having to cover it up.
#banishacnescars #rosacea #loveyourskin #spreadconfidence #banish #banishwantsyourstory #naturalskincare #skincareroutine

Como vocês sabem, eu sou ( ou era? ) fã assumida da Isdin, mas depois de ter uma conversa sobre um dos protetores solares da marca com uma formulação duvidosa com uma pessoa muito entendida do assunto e de ler sobre o infortúnio que aconteceu com o @edu_dudums ( ele tem um blog incrível chamado Vaidade Derme! Seguidor da Impera é OBRIGADO a conhecer ), fiquei com um pouco de ranço da empresa e me lembrei da experiência que tive com a água micelar deles.
Em primeiro lugar, quero dizer que considero SIM a limpeza eficaz, suave, muito bem indicada para peles sensibilizadas/com tendência a flushing e afins ( meu povo da rosácea entende ), acho que o produto cumpre sim o que promete, mas com algumas ressalvas principalmente na remoção da maquiagem, em especial a da área dos olhos que é, para mim, a pior de todas, porque eu sou completamente contra ficar friccionando produto nas pálpebras ( meus fofos sabem que eu tenho pavor de envelhecer região periocular ) e ele, para mim, peca muito nisso, ainda mais por ser um produto CARO e que promete inclusive remoção de maquiagem à prova d’água ( e eu só usei ele para remover rímel que não era, então o problema começa aqui ).
Ele possui um tensoativo suave e muita glicerina ( bem no comecinho da formula, que é minimalista e pode não significar muita coisa ), o que sustentaria o argumento da empresa de que ele, após a aplicação, oferece algum nível de hidratação, mas para mim, na minha experiência ( e eu tenho a pele muito oleosa e fiz a utilização do produto com a pele em condições normais: bem oleosa e com tendência a acne ) não só não deixou nenhum sensorial hidratante como também deixou um toque pegajoso, suave, mas que muito me incomodou. Não ardeu meus olhos, não causou pinicação/irritação, mas algo ainda me diz que, caso a pele estivesse muito sensibilizada, eu sentiria algum nível de desconforto.
Não acho que é um produto ruim, mas não é um Bioderma Sensibio da vida e custa muito caro, então não atende às minhas expectativas como dondoca de farmácia/consultório dermatológico classe C.
❌ Minha água micelar preferida é a Bioderma Sensibio
❌ Composição do produto nos comentários 👇🏻

IPL is great for lightening sun spots, rosacea and other forms of hyperpigmentation! Only 6 days to save on IPL: buy a face or neck treatment and get a hand treatment free! #hyperpigmentation #rosacea #laser #aesthetic #skin

RINOFIMA: o ROSACEA FIMATOSA. Se trata de una de las formas de presentación mas severa de la ROSACEA. Casi todos los casos se trata de hombres entre 40 a 50 años, siendo muy rara este tipo de presentación en mujeres. Se caracteriza por crecimiento exagerado del tejido de la nariz (área más afectada, aunq también en orejas, frente, mentón, párpados, etc), con hiperplasia e hipertrofia de las glándulas sebaceas, fibrosis, formación de granulomas, telangiectasias (venas varicosas) llegando a producir lesiones realmente deformantes. El tratamiento incluye reseccion quirurgica por afeitado con escalpelo, electroauterio o con láser Co2. Estas resecciones pueden hacerse en varios tiempos según el caso para evitar cicatrización anómala. Acude a tu dermatólogo de confianza ante cualquier duda o anormalidad #cuidatupiel #dermatología #rosacea #rinofima

Ayer pasé por el consultorio de mi alquimista preferido, @drsergioescobar. "¡Cuando mi hijo me vea, quiero que piense 'qué linda mamá que me tocó!'", le pedí. Y bueno, hizo lo que pudo... 😉 #piel #rosacea #bienestar

It wasn't until I realized I have perioral dermatitis (not acne) that I've been able to drastically heal and improve my skin. Unfortunately, I spent years thinking I had acne and treating it as such. But thanks to @januarylabs for diagnosing me and @jnsqofficial for being my PD yoda, I've made it through to the other side. Just in the past three months of treating my PD, my skin has radically improved. (SWIPE LEFT: first pic is my skin 3 months ago and the improvements after 2-3 weeks from switching my routine up (documented in my first PD routine blog post). Second pic shows the progress since then with the below skincare routine.
.I typically don't share my daily routine on IG because it would be boring. You would see the same products for a looooong time. But it's been a month since adjusting to this new routine and I want to give an update since my skin feels the strongest and healthiest it has in a LONG TIME. (Link in bio for an in depth review of each product! Majority of these products are organic or made with organic ingredients; all are nontoxic.)
.✨CLEANSE: @luzernlaboratories Micellar water (not pictured because I just ran out); @truemoringa Eternal Youth Soap.
.✨TONE: @lotusmoonskincare Tonic Refresh
.✨SERUMS: @marieveronique_ Barrier Restore, @susannekaufmann_organictreats After Sun Gel and Nutrient Concentrate Skin Smoothing Serum, @you.skincare Clarifying Glow Serum.
.✨MOISTURIZER: @aveneusa Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream.
.✨Neck: @skinowl Neck+ and @susannekaufmann_organictreats Regenerative Cream Line A.
.✨EYE: @susannekaufmann_organictreats Eye Cream Line A.
.✨SPF: @luzernlaboratories La Defense SPF 30, @marieveronique_ Tinted SPF 30.
.✨BODY: @meowmeowtweet Cinnamon Coffee Scrub bar, @meowmeowtweet Juniper Mint Body Oil, @susannekaufmann_organictreats Detox Body Scrub (not pictured, just finished 😭).
.✨HAIR: @rahuabeauty Voluminous Shampoo + Conditioner, @januarylabs Tonic Mist, @playa Dry Shampoo + Endless Summer Spray (not pictured).

Happy Laser Friday and #nationalpinkday 💕! Laser procedures tend to slow down a bit in the summer but as long as you are not tan, can still be safely performed (while fillers and Botox tend to be more popular this time of year).

I'm treating this patient's surgical scar with the Vbeam laser 2 months after removing a severely atypical mole from her chest. Although she had an excellent cosmetic result, this laser will reduce the remaining visible redness of her scar within days (and it takes only seconds to perform). This same laser can be used to get rid of other red or pink spots including acne scars, rosacea and overgrown blood vessels/birthmarks. 🔴💉

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Product appreciation post! So my skin has never given me any real grief bar it's ridiculous sensitivity and rosacea, which was becoming worse at a very fast pace. Being so fair skinned the smallest amount of redness was really noticeable against my neck and it was spreading so fast. Decided to try La Roche Posay Rosaliac AR Intense serum and moisturiser to go with it, and this is how much it started to clear in 3-4 weeks. To say I'm delighted is an understatement!! #skincare #larocheposay #rosaliac #rosacea


As I mentioned in my last post I'm struggling to watch two summits at once 🙄which is why I'll purchase to watch later 👌🏻. The SIBO Summit started yesterday FREE and online. How I wish I could have watched this back in the day when my daughter was struggling with multiple digestive & cognitive problems and mainstream doctors diagnosed IBS, referred her to a psychologist and a gastroenterologist who just prescribed Movicol 😡. It's so frustrating when there are treatments out there that treat the root cause and get rid of the symptoms. Allison Siebecker is a leading expert on SIBO & tells u here what it is and what the underlying causes may be. I can't wait to hear Dr Davis Kharrazian who I absolutely love ❤️ (author of Why isn't my brain working) on the gut-brain axis 🙌🏻 plus some other great speakers today. Do yourself a favor if you have any digestive issues or even chronic low iron or restless legs as these can be associated! I can't fit two links in my bio so to register just type into your browser http://bit.ly/SIBOSOS. Enjoy 🙏🏻

Get clear #skin with help from Clear Skin Water! This must-have features frequencies that work to harmonize candida to clear #blemishes, plus it aids in rosacea recovery! Add this to your morning and evening routines for a balanced, radiant complexion here.

Check your watch...it's time to tan.
All-natural, organic spray tan derived from cane sugar.
Book online: braceroaesthetics.com

Trouble with irritation and sensitive skin? Consultant Anna did this for her daughter Bridget with SOOTHE. "Rosacea? Eczema? Dry, red, or sensitive skin?
The SOOTHE regimen is the REAL DEAL!! This is my daughter Bridget ~ She is SO happy with her results! I love the new confidence she has! Makes my heart happy! Sure, results don't happen overnight, and it takes time and consistency....but it's SO worth it! "

You or a loved one don't have to live with the pain, discomfort, and self-consciousness. There IS a solution. #rodanandfields #sootheregimen #rosacea #exczema #myrandf

Easily my favorite skin care product ever! I just made a new batch yesterday and I've already used it like four or more times. I made it with an organic lotion base with jojoba and Aloe Vera; I added Calendula Herbal Oil, German Chamomile, Rose Geranium, Palmarosa, Yarrow, Blue Tansy, Lavender, Carrot Seed, Cypress, and Rose Absolute. It's so cooling and soothing so I like to use it right after I wash my face or get out of the shower. It's super moisturizing so I use it right before bed. Since using it (for the last week), I haven't had any Rosacea flare ups! 👏🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻 .

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Calm your dryness and sensitive skin with #rfsoothe. Hit 💚 if you love how soothe is helping your sensitive skin. .
#rodanandfields #skincare #sootheregimen #sensitiveskin #rosacea #eczema #dryness #redness #lifechangingskincare #browngirl #bgbeautybar

Hi everyone, just to let you know about a great night on the 28 June at "Beautytheque", beauty salon in Oakleigh.
Beautytheque are celebrating 10 years with a VIP night & we would like to invite you to attend & you can bring a friend.
Special discounts on packages, treatments & Products for this night only.
Raffle & prizes, mystery gifts & more.
Champagne & nibbles.
Launch of new skin care & Facial by ZOFORI.
All the details are on the invitation to RSVP.
We look forwards to seeing you on the night & helping us celebrate this great night!
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Dermalux harnesses the power of natural light qualities to help treat a number of skin conditions, including rosacea. With many sufferers not treating rosacea because they feel like nothing can ‘cure’ them, Dermalux helps to reduce the inflammation from your skin, removing visible and extensive redness

#dermalux #natural #light #skin #rosacea #redness #inflammation #skincare #skinhealth #healthyskin #treatments #cure #reduce #laviahmedispa #lighttherapy #phototherapy

Infusing Olive Oil with Organic Calendula for my Probiotic 🐐 Milk 🍼 & 🐐 Kefir soap! #probioticskincare #probiotic #microbiome #paleo #glutenfree #soyfree #cornfree #nongmo #activatedcharcoal #beardsoap #beardcare #luxury #luxurylifestyle #grooming

☀️ Happy Sunday ☀️ - SALE-SALE-SALE-SALE -
50% OFF Moroccan Spray Tan

50% OFF First Miracle Hair Removal Treatment
50% OFF Pack of 10 x Omnilux Facials
Call 4655 5768 / 0404101053
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Ah weekends, we hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer weekend.

Bye bye Rosacea!!! These 4 products we like to call the "Flawless 4" are seriously life changing 🙌❤🙌❤🙌 Say hello to the confidence that every woman deserves! 💜
I'm available to help with color matching for foundation and concealor. Comment below 👇

#rosacea #rosaceacoverage #flawlessfour #basemakeup #liquidfoundation #faceprimer #concealor #liquidfoundationbrush #freeshipping

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