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Finnland lossar Hammernesodden februari 2016
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"you gotta understand some people ain't got the same heart as you!" ⚓️🛳⚓️
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Turned out to be a nice day today #mooringlines #columbiariver #pdx #tuglife #rorovessel

Have you seen there's..?
We try to understand..how hard be a hero for our family.

Solo 4 meses mas para la siguiente meta! #cargando #bajastar #work #rorovessel #merchantnavy


Allahım sen duayı biliyosun. Amin! 🚢⚓❤ gemi özel, anlamı büyük Fotoğraf: burakkorul / shipspotting.com #ekol #ekollojistik #ekollogistics #ship #roro #rorovessel #vessel #gemi #ferry #feribot #ayshe #sunset #dailypic #today #vscocam #vsco #günbatımı #sea #deniz

Celebrating Norway today 🇳🇴✨ ~ #constitutionday #norled


So grateful for my office 👆🏼

After completed ops MV.Ocean Highway.
Success in your career Capt Eduardo Dagarag Capua...!!! See u in another vessel...!!!
From Indonesia.
With c/o Jefrix Valdez Diaz


(Photo courtesy of shipspotting.com and copyright of Robert Murray) the ship named Westward Venture was launched in #1976. She was another Ponce de Leon class RO/RO vessel that was 790 ft with a spar deck. She started serving #PFEL and was renamed Saudi Bear the same year of her launch and then Atlantic Bear. In #1984 she was given the name of Atlantic Spirit and 5 years later she was named Kaimoku. By this time she was serving as one of TOTE Maritime's ships. In #1998, her final name was given, El Yunque. Her namesake is the famous El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico; speaking of which this is the run she is serving from San Juan to Jacksonville Florida. Along side her are the El Morro and (in #2005) El Faro. She continues hauling cargo of cars, containers with General cargo, etc. until an incident that occurs in late #2015. On the last day of that September, she passed her running mate and sister ship, El Faro. The two captains talk over the phone on the bridge and continue on their ways. It was the last time anyone saw the El Faro afloat. When El Yunque made it safely in Jacksonville, El Faro was sunk by a category 3 hurricane and sadly there were no survivors. In its aftermath El Yunque was immediately interned and investigated by the #NTSB. They found numerous areas where deterioration was surpassed the limits. The scuttles are not maintained and documents reveal lifeboat davits that were not tested after being installed! TOTE did not return El Yunque to service but did send her to Tacoma, Washington. On New Years Eve #2016, El Yunque was sent to Brownsville, Texas for scrapping. The reason probably being the old girl would have been too expensive to maintain and it was the last of her class operated by TOTE. She and El Faro would have been replaced even if her sister didn't sink. They would have been sent to the Alaskan run to only be a holding place while the newer ships were being repaired; their days were numbered. El Yunque is among the dying age of the 2nd Generation container ships (though originally built for trailers). #totemaritime #rorovessel #shipspotting #robertmurray #poncedeleon #sanjuan #puertorico #jacksonville #florida #tacoma

(Photo courtesy of shipspotting.com and copyright of Don Bodron) The second ship I did not find a photograph for until now is the Fortaleza. Indeed this is the ship that, for reasons unbeknownst to me, ended her career at least 10 years earlier than the rest of the Ponce de Leon class. It is the only photograph I have found of her. #totemaritime #sunshipbuilding #rorovessel #poncedeleon #1972 #1993 #scrapping #merchantmarine #shipspotting #donbodron #fortaleza

(This photograph is courtesy of shipspotting.com and copyright of Chad Charleton) I don't know why it didn't occur to me to check this website for the two Ponce de Leon class RO/RO ships that didn't have a photograph. This is the Erik K Holzer, well in this picture she's named Bayamon. I can only guess this is when she was laid up before the scrapyard. #totemaritime #poncedeleon #merchantmarine #shipspotting #chadcharleton #rorovessel #1970 #2008 #scrapped #bayamon #erikkholzer

The ship's 2nd Mate, Danielle Randolph, mentioned how the El Faro at least had thicker of a hull than El Morro, but the El Morro had life-vests in the bridge. El Faro did not. For most of the morning on October 1st, 2015, the ship was headed straight into the fury of the hurricane. It was becoming in strength, becoming a category 3 and growing. Now the Captain was on the bridge, as was the 2Mate, 3Mate, Chief Mate, and the helmsman. At the helm was 1st Able Seaman Frank Hamm. A weather report came in and apparently reported the weather from Guam, yet another case of misinformation. A call came in from below deck, the person on the other end (not the bridge) said they had flooding in 3 hold; 3 hold is just in front of the bridge. A scuttle on the ship's side, starboard side, blew open in the wind and waves; this began flooding the 2nd deck of the hold. This is rather critical because the 2nd deck is water tight, so more water weight is being put on the upper decks. The Chief Mate went down to try and address the problem. With the list increasing, they had to close the scuttle. Water is pumped from starboard to port so it may be fixed. During this, the worst news hit, the ship's plant lost power. With no engine the El Faro cannot turn into the 45 ft seas. After a call with the 2nd Assistant Engineer, the captain learns, to his dismay, they cannot restart the plant unless the list is corrected. The scuttle is now closed but water is still rising, the list is now 15' to port. Calls from the bridge to the Chief Mate reveal the possibility that a fire-main is gushing water on the 2nd deck. Davidson radios the DPA of TOTE and reports his situation. It is here he now famously said, "The clock is ticking". With time running out, he calls all hands on alert around 7:00 AM. The very thought that only an hour earlier you were on a seaworthy ship, to one that is about to flounder, must be beyond chilling. Danielle keeping a calm demeanor joked around when she got tongue-twisted. Possibly to help Frank stay calm as well. The captain knew it was now or never and ordered the words no mariner wants to hear, "abandon ship!". (Continued in comments)

Turned out to be a nice day today #mooringlines #columbiariver #pdx #tuglife #rorovessel

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