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#piasa massive. Never believe stereotypes...also never let the mass media be your tour guide. Go and become one with the truth, connect with the people, learn their language, get lost, find your way, let the people feed you, share what you have with them...even if all that you have is your culture. They'll appreciate it and you will experience a growth that is soul satisfying. Don't be afraid of the people, learn the ways of the streets because a time will come when the bubble of society pop. Then...the rich will be the ones with true survival skills. 🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹 📷: @alleyesonit

Music is a life force...prima materia 📷: @alleyesonit


........Purpose over Passion...... I was never passionate about music...not in the same sense as I'm interested and in love with the visual arts and football. Not in the same way as I study spiritual science and love to travel. Music, since I was alive enough to recognize it, has been the one thing that came completely natural in my every move...it feels as if music exists independently and separate from thought as part of my being. It is the entity that drives my very existence and has caused me to accomplish the many other things that I have grown to become passionate about. For example, music has brought me closer to football than I was ever able to be as an actual player (I realized this while I was on stage at Manchester city home stadium and also that training session I did with the under 21 team in Jamaica). Being a musician was what made me travel this marvelous planet and experience the spiritual arts and sciences and the many cultures I spend so many nights reading about. Music is what enabled me to give. Give to humanity something it never had before. I said all of this to help us to imagine purpose as the entity that holds the key to open the doors to all that we feel passionate about. So i stay connected to music...stay connected to my purpose.
#OutDeh 📷 @alleyesonit at Maida Vale studios. London UK

More than a show. This is awakening. #wildlife16
#rootsandchalice 📷 @alleyesonit

When your perception of gravity is just different ....#couleurcafé2016.
#summerjam2016 you are up next 📷@AlleyesOnIt

Ethiopia you have been kind to us. You have given us a taste of your glory and a small walk through your store houses of knowledge and wisdom. One love #Ethiopia. Until next time 🇪🇹 📷 @alleyesonit

I wondered into the forest of endless possibilities. I welcome all my experiences with love and no regrets. Whatever happens from here is divine order. The order of the trees 🌲🌳🌱🌿 #RootsAndChalice
📷 @alleyesonit


"Do it for the love, mi nuh do it fi di likes!" @chronixxmusic
Live @ the o2 academy May 27th 2017.
Also live performances by @claireangelmusic and @shemasweetz 💚💛❤️ #rastafari #culture #music #rootsandchalice #dreadandterrible

One of reggae's most enduring bands, Culture was led by Joseph Hill for three decades and for more than 30 albums.
He began his career in the late 1960s as a Studio One percussionist, in 1976 he assembled the Roots-Reggae band Culture, recorded with and at Joe Gibbs Studio in Kingston Jamaica, recording what is known as their most influential album “Two Sevens Clash” a title and song based on a prediction of Marcus Garvey. Ranked as #25 on Rolling Stone’s 2002 “50 Coolest Albums of All Time” it was the only Reggae album on the list.

Culture performed at least one hundred concerts a year and is now led by his son Kenyatta Hill.

Joseph Hill - Lead Vocals
Joe Gibbs - Arranging, Mixing
Albert Walker - Harmony Vocals
Kenneth Dayes - Harmony Vocals
Lloyd Parks - Bass
Sly Dunbar - Drums
Lennox Gordon - Guitar
Robbie Shakespeare - Guitar
Eric "Bingy Bunny" Lamont - Guitar
Franklyn "Bubbler" Waul - Keyboard
Errol "Tarzan" Nelson - Keyboard
Harold Butler - Keyboard
Uriah "Sticky" Thompson - Percussion
Herman Marquis - Alto Saxophone
Vin Gordon - Trombone
Tommy McCook - Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Ellis - Trumpet
Errol "ET" Thompson Arranging, Mixing

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@chronixxmusic and @roots_percussionist getting down last night 🇯🇲🕺🏽🕺🏽#chronologytour #rastafari #chronology #rootsandchalice

BEST concert of my life. Absolutely made up 🇯🇲 @chronixxmusic @roots_percussionist @daddibarnz thanks so much for an amazing show! #smilejamaica #eternalfire #vegan #rootsandchalice #chronology #chronologytour

Gonna be #skankingsweet tonight in the Bristol O2 with the one and only original @chronixxmusic 🙆🆙🆙🆙 I can't wait it's going to be a night to remember for sure 🔥 @jesscarey89 #chronixx #dancehall #danceinababylon #rootsreggae #rastafari #rootsandchalice #spirlina #stayhighstayirie #stonergirlsdoitbetter #ganjagirls #hotsteppa #burndownbabylon

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