Snuggling up with my Mom...she had a root canal and I’m going to make her feel better. 🐼♥️💁🏻‍♀️ #alfie #oldenglishsheepdog #pandadog #oldenglishsheepdogsofinstagram #panda #shaggydog #sheepie #bobtail #oes #snugglepup #ilovemymom #rootcanalssuck #snugglesmakeeverythingbetter #thankfulforpainmeds

I have a back molar that’s been causing me some pain. I’ve been to the dentist and had a filling put in, but it still aches on a daily basis. My dentist says a root canal might be the next step. 😱
So I’m fighting hard to keep this tooth whole and healthy. I used to oil pull with coconut oil (swishing it in and out of my teeth for 20-30 minutes each day), but the texture really doesn’t do it for me. 😝 Then I had a lightbulb moment and figured I could get similar benefits with my Thieves Mouthwash. I dilute my mouthwash 50/50 with water, and swish a big swig around my mouth for as long as I’m able (typically between 15-30 minutes), making sure to pull it in between my teeth as I swish. Because of the Thieves essential oil and colloidal silver in it, it’s an excellent bacteria and infection fighter! Thieves also has the potential to remineralize teeth. Yes, PLEASE!!
I’ve been doing this morning and night for a few weeks now, and I feel a definite decrease in my pain level. That’s a big win!!
Are any of my friends expert oil pullers? If you have a trick for making the texture more pleasant, I really need to know!
#toothache #oilpulling #plantbasedlife

Non-swollen face selfie before my tooth tried to kill me. #selfie #weekendvibes #rootcanalssuck #nofilter #etniabarcelona

Even after a really long week, she still puts a smile on my face. <3 #makothechicken #finallytheweekend #cuteanimals #chickensofinstagram #rootcanalssuck

My beautiful view this afternoon. #rootcanalssuck #costanarmandaleg #ouch

Saturday May 12
First workout in 3 days due to having a root canal. It got me down, but I got right back up. #documentingmyjourney #workinprogress #slowandsteady #rootcanalssuck #backtothegrind #faithandfitness

Recovering from my 2 day #rootcanal at home under the watchful eye and loving care of Cupcake 🐶 #homesweethome🏡 #freshcutroses🌹 #rootcanalssuck 🤢

u know that moment when u fit a gutta percha cone and it looks great but then u fill the damn canal and u r like 4 mm short and u question life but then u get to do ur first retreatment case so it works out and ur final RCT looks good and everyone is happy?

My sweet boy. The best medicine when not feeling the best. #dogmom #gsdbordercollie #hescomfy🐶💤 #imokay #littlepain #rootcanalssuck

Okay. Here we go again.
I want to laugh, because this ALWAYS happens, hence my fears.
I left the endodontist on Friday feeling numb and sleepy (lol). I was fine. I did it.
Sunday was OK. I was sore, but ok. .
Monday, I was even MORE sore but still OK. (And yay, we bought the house!).
But TODAY, it’s much, MUCH worse. My entire demeanor changed as the pain in my mouth has gotten SO BAD that I can’t even see straight.
Again, I want to laugh, because I half expected this. I’ve always had bad experiences which make me HATE the dentist. (This was the endodontist, so I GUESS it’s different 🙄)
So, I’ve been MIA again. SORRY FRIENDS! It’s M I S E R A B L E!!
Anyone else have crazy bad luck with dentists??? #rootcanalssuck

All the puppy snuggles when this #furmama is not feeling 100%. The headaches from the root canals are the worst #rootcanal #roundtwo #rootcanalssuck #puppysnuggles #puppyprim #primrosethepuppy #goofygirl

#Pudding. The dinner of champions. Or, at least, of champions — like me — who had to have the mother of all root canals two days ago. Still swollen, still in pain (thanks in part to an angry trigeminal nerve), but I have nowhere else to go tonight (knock on wood), and can FINALLY relax. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with some very cool #tapioca and my ice pack. #rootcanalssuck #onwardandupward #friyay

Confession. I am angry and my endodontist because he hurt me and now I cant eat food. #rootcanalssuck

First sunny day in a while and I decided to recover from an earlier this morning root canal...first rock I find on the beach ♡
#pugetsound #owensbeach #pointdefiance #pnw #earth #mothernature #love #heartrocks #washingtonstate #freshairtherapy

#rootcanal goin up on a Wed. Unfortunately I had what is "known in the industry" as a "hot tooth" and the initial numbing didn't work. So every time they would try to drill in I would cry in pain. Repeat this about 5 times and I now hold a record there for the longest time it took to get a tooth numb. It's your worst nightmare going to the dentist. But he wondered how I managed to deal with it so long since a piece cracked off and sat on the nerve. Same thing that happened with my back. My body is apparently all lazy and leans on things a lot. Holy pain right now but hopefully tomorrow I can eat without pain! Fingers crossed. #rootcanalssuck #rootcanaltreatment #theweeknd

Nooooooo. I don't wanna. #rootcanalssuck

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