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Very inventive, seasonal honey kombucha flavors by @iggysrawculture of Bainbridge Island.

Finishing off Negroni Week in Portland, Oregon #negroniweek

Keeping it classic and simple for World Cocktail Day. Here's an Old Fashioned crafted by @rootbitters 😍
1 Demerara sugar cube
2 oz of @angelsenvy rye
2 dashes of @rootbitters
2 dashes of @angosturahouse

Making Old Fashions with this perfect combination! @rootbitters

God damn my Boi @rootbitters with the 🔥🔥🔥 #rootbitters


Let's tiki about it. Had a good time last night with some friends and tiki drinks. Woke up this morning and wanted to repurpose my late night snack into a drink:

Mezcal @mezcalelsilencio
Yellow chartreuse
Lime and apricot shrub
Bitters @rootbitters

Garnish with mint and radish for a little bite. 🍹#rootbitters
Combine all ingredients into shaker with ice
Strain into #tikitin with ice and garnish with mint and radish
Cheers 💚 @theminty @mmydrinks @abetterwell @wayofthewong @spiritandspoon @eplosangeles

Sunday morning with @stumptowncoffee and a dash of Orange Spice Bitters #rootbitters

Feeling #thirsty try this!

Bourbon @bulleit
Lemon juice
Pressed Pomegranate juice
Bitters @rootbitters
Simple syrup
Sprig of Thyme
Combine all ingredients into shaker with ice
Strain into double old fashioned glass with ice
Garnish with sprig of thyme
Cheers 🖤 #rootbitters

23 hours ago #rootbitters

Powerful little guys #cocktails #rootbitters #nicholascage

The journey. . .

Mondays finest #rootbitters

Staying away from this heat today. Dreaming of @multnomahwhiskeylibrary #rootbitters

When a blackout threatens the night...ban together and take a group pic.:) #hqgastropub #hqforyou #blackout #rootbitters #adamrocks #pillboxporno #breakthebottle #losangeles

One of my favorite things is treasure hunting. This is an old doll box I picked up in Portland, Oregon at one of my favorite shops. What do you like to collect? #rootbitters

Back in Los Angeles and this long weekend gave me the 💤 Made this to get through the day:
•banana liqueur •coffee liqueur •espresso

Thank you San Diego and thank you @politesandiego . What a beautiful bar and program. My first drink was their take on an Old Fashioned. If you get a chance, definitely stop by and treat yourself to this. Thanks Frank for stirring this one for me.

Back in downtown San Diego. Last time I was here was about 10 years ago. This is where I'm from but man a lot has changed. San Diego people, hit me up and let me know where I should go!

Mission today: Try to figure out a way to drink the shadow. #rootbitters

Who's ready for the 4th of July! What's your favorite tradition?

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