Tokyo skyline. On the way back from the Kyudo shop, en route to the Rikugien Gardens, I spotted this on the skyline and had to capture it. Loved the shabby chic against the angular roof lines. #tokyoskyline #aoihotel #oldsigns #roofadventures #roofaddict #roofsigns #canong7xmk2 #canong7xmkii #tokyo #hiddentokyo

Harlem YMCA on 135th Street in Manhattan #NYC. This image was meant for inclusion in the NYNeon book but didn’t make it. The caption would have read: “The great roof signs of the Harlem YMCA date to the building’s opening on New Year’s Day 1933, making them among the oldest functioning neon signs in New York today. Determined not to lose business to movie houses and other less wholesome amusement venues, YMCAs across the United States almost invariably hung large illuminated signs high on their facades by the early years of the twentieth century.” The building is now a protected NYC Landmark.

Knocked out couple roof signs this past week! Derby season is getting closer. Can't wait to be at track with mud flyin and metal crunching. #demolitionderby #roofsigns #DerbySigns&;DecalsbyPWC

TUESDAY TIPS: This picture was sent to us with the question, "Roofing problem, general contractor problem, or no problem at all?"
First of all, kudos for this customer scanning the perimeter of their home and noticing things that just doesn't look right. And then taking the next step to find out if it is a problem or not.
Many times there are straight forward signals that will tell you that you have a roof leak, for example water is coming through your ceiling. But often enough, the signs are not obvious until the leak becomes worse. And a little observation could have caught the leak earlier.
Signs of a leak #swipeleft : water dripping, water stains on ceilings, walls and fascia boards, cracks in the foundation, missing tiles or shingles, mold on the walls or ceilings, rotted wood, debris in the gutters or downspouts.
And when in doubt, ask! @ihelpmoms thanks for doing your part and asking, now we will do our part and repair it!

Always snap a pix of the Empire when I go the opera #signs #roofsigns #signgeeks #signgeeks #nyc #hotelsigns

One day I'll pass through Rome to capture this when it's not raining or snowing. #signs #roofsigns

المهمات الصعبة نحن لها ...
#led#signage#sign #roofsigns #scaffolding #cladding

#houston #vintage I wish #roofsigns were still allowed

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