I’m so close to 100 !! Go subscribe ! @rxwnoize

It had dropped ! @rxwnoize

Go fw it ! @rxwnoize

Dis one 4 da plug @kodylavigne 😆👌🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

Dats jus me inna studio 🔥 @rxwnoize

🔗Tyga x Ronny J type beat?😂🔗
Idk it’s an unusual one lol
Let me know what you think

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Label dropping one soon 🔥 @rxwnoize x @glowgang_ent

Enjoy ! @rxwnoize

Lil baby beat uploading ! @rxwnoize

This is what I’m doing at 4 A.M @rxwnoize

Where all the magic happens ! @rxwnoize

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