My son @godlikecruz looking flashy out here

Her favorite position

Throwback to 2014 daysss

🔥🔥 @congressforged 🔥🔥

@t3rry_g sitting pretty on @congressforged wheels as always

@sam_eh3 beautiful civic on @congressforged wheels

Almost as good as the older one

@congressforged taking over

Some 🔥 sitting on Congress Wheels

Throwback Tuesdays

I will never get enough of these, my pops had like 5 of them. Inwish he never got rid of them

Impromptu shoots with the Jag


Hey look ! A one colored 240

Last year I was doing this shoot, this year there's a blizzard outside 🙃🙃🙃

Some throwback Tuesdays for ya

My most viral shoot 😂

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