Can I get an Amen! Life is hard enough. We just want to do awesome hair, talk to great people, and raise our babies to be nice people... Am I right?? #roncarlossalon #beniceorelse #paulmitchelculture #amiright #happysaturday

Badass bob from the one and only ✨R O S A✨
#roncarlossalon #hairbyrosa #queenofbobs

Oooo that money piece! 👀👀Megan wanted lots of brightness around her face, while maintaining dimension and a rooted look #nailedit Enjoy your trip to Texas! We hope your son kills the bowling tournament 🎳

This wonderful women I get to call my friend is a BUSY mama! Life with 4 kids means pampering yourself doesn’t happen to often. Thank you for letting me pamper your hair Shanda @nowthereare6 ❤️

Typically if I’m not in the salon this is what is in my hair through the summer months. Sometimes the humidity is just not worth fighting, so I let my hair be free 💆🏼‍♀️@awapuhiwildginger Styling Treatment Oil to help smooth, Hydrocream Whip and Neon Sugar Twist to tame the frizz and make my wavy hair bounce. And of course, my sunnys 😎 #roncarlossalon #happy4th

Listening ears, the best hugs and the most amazing scalp massage...Are Fridays for anything else!? #roncarlossalon

This color is brought to you by PM Shines ⭐️ Sara was not quite ready to commit to permanent color. We made baby step first with #colorcraft (our customizable color conditioner) then our Demi-permanent PM Shines to add rich golden tones and crazy glossy shine 😎 #roncarlossalon #lunchtimecolor #justagirlandherblowdryer

This sweet lady 😍 "Do what you want!" she said. You all know we love our red heads and it was so perfect! Great dimension and a Bling Bling glaze to lock in those vibrant colors from the sun ☀️@aprilzhamilton it was such a treat having you and your mom in here together!

Check it out check it out 💖
@quills1006 Had some faded red violet and wanted to change it up for summer.. So why not 💗P I N K💗
From the BEFORE to Denerys Targaryen to the AFTER - Swipe to see the change ➡️

An awesome change for Alyssa this time! From let's grow it out to CHOP IT OFF and do some fun color! Not only did I get to have so much fun with this, but she also brought us yummy homemade cinnamon rolls 🤤 #roncarlossalon #hairbybrooke

#tbt to this color correction that turned out beautifully! Cindy was tired of the blue faded teal and wanted to go BLONDE✨ Well we nailed it in 1 session!(not typical)Cindy knows when she sits in my chair and gives me her challenge, she spends the day with us. About 6 hours later she gets to go home to her fur babies a bombshell @cindinicole Thanks for hanging in there and keeping me on my creative toes #roncarlossalon #hairbybrooke #justagirlandherblowdryer

This babes hair is always a dream to do @_missbelly_ 😍 Missy was a little washed out from the sun ☀️So we deepened her base, pulled some though for dimension and brightened some pieces for contrast. All glazed up and ready to tackle the summer - maintenance is a breeze with a top coat to cancel out any warm tones💥
#roncarlossalon #hairbybrooke #justagirlandherblowdryer

Life with this chic ❤️👯‍♀️If you’ve ever had an appointment with us on a Thursday night you’d understand the silly, depends needing, cheek hurting we get ourselves into #roncarlossalon #rcslove #bestfriends #allthelove #dontpeeyourpants #brosa

Fridays are for L A S H E S
Perfect for the summer weeks spent at the pool or beach 🌊 Cluster lashes take about 30 mins to apply and last about 2 weeks with proper care ❤️ Mesaage or call us for details and appointments #roncarlossalon

It had been a while since we saw this fun chic. Megan was a little on the dull side so we made her mega blonde, added some dimension for depth and trimmed her up real good 💁🏼 Welcome back girl ❤️#roncarlossalon #welcomehome

This beauty had faded black on her ends and thought she'd brighten things up for summer! Casey tackled this one and the results are stunning⭐️
#hairbycasey #roncarlossalon #redhead #redheadlove #weloveredheads

It had been a while since Ashley has highlights- Being a vet tech and raising 2 boys, life is busy! Some foilayage all over and little pops of purple she is all set for the next several weeks #roncarlossalon

Hues of purple and a sassy new cut for @behunter11 #roncarlossalon

To all of our beautiful BLONDES✨ Platinum Blonde finally has a conditioner 🙌🏻 The platinum series is violet based to keep yellow tones out of that gorgeous hair of yours! We can't wait for these to come in #roncarlossalon #fortheloveofblonde

This is kelly. Kelly has gorgeous hair, as you can see! It's a dream to paint, lightens beautifully for spring and summer and looks amazing when we add rich tones for the fall. Not only does she have great hair but kelly and I have great conversations. She has 2 kids, just moved and drives 45 mins to come see😊, is a volunteer for the raleigh police dept(how cool is that!) and is a 3rd degree black belt🥋So yeah, we always have a great time when kelly visits us and we ♥️ her.

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