This is me when someone puts a face mask on me i am like really??😂

I love how johnny stood on the ledge to be the tallest😂


well I just want to say that I love you loads❤️ #RomeoBeckham @romeobeckham

Hello! Is anyone interested in running my old skyrock blog 'brooklyn0romeo0cruz' ( swipe left ) I used to post updates regulary on there a few years ago I gave the password to another fan and she posted daily as well. We both left that blog even tho it was doing really good with the views. Recently I was aked about my blog and why I don't post on there anymore. Truth is a don't have the time anymore BUT I would happily give it to someone else if anyone is interested in keeping it " alive " :) dm me if you would like to post on there. The blog desperately needs a new owner. #brooklynbeckham #romeobeckham #cruzbeckham #beckham #blog #victoriabeckham #davidbeckham #harperbeckham

Such a nice shot! My admirations to the photographer here! #brooklynbeckham #romeobeckham #cruzbeckham



Who else misses Vine😊 i do

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