s. III a. J.C. - Assíria (Imperi Romà). Recipient per a contenir i conservar ungüents. Aquests preparats constituïen una mescla de greixos, de consistència tova, que podien portar algun producte actiu i que hom aplicava damunt la pell.

3rd century BCE- Assyria (Roman Empire). Vessel to keep and preserve ointments. These preparations consisted of a mixture of fats, soft consistency that could carry some active product and be applied to the skin.

s. III a. J. C. - Asiria (Imperio Romano). Recipiente para contener y conservar ungüentos. Estos preparados constituían una mezcla de grasas, de consistencia blanda, que podían llevar algún producto activo y que se aplicaba sobre la piel.

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Anyone wanna by some Roman make-up/perfume?
I'm at Wood Green in Godmanchester all day for a living history event if anyone wants to pop in and say hi!

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Roman glass has been found in the form of vessels, windows, and mosaic tiles throughout the territory the Roman Empire used to dominate. Here are a few pieces of glass that have been found by a friend of mine and they perfectly exemplify the purpose glass fulfilled as well as the colors available.
Metals such as copper (blue and green), cobalt (royal blue), antimony (white and yellow with lead), and manganese (purple) were used for coloring the glass, but eventually clear glass and aqua-colored glass became the most popular choice. In this box there is a Tear Catcher in the top right (used by mourners to drop their tears in the vial and then offer it to the dead), there is a decorated perfume bottle (bottom right), and a small bottle with two mouths to carry around oil (bottom center). Glassworks have been found in domestic, religious, and funerary contexts, and these small pieces of the past give clues of the Roman perception of death, beauty, and fragility.

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