We proudly carry Moeke Yarns in our store and firmly believe in this small, sustainable company that keeps respect for nature and Romanian heritage at the forefront of their business model.
@moekeyarns makes yarn from unique European sheep breeds produced by small local farmers and spun by traditional Romanian spinning mills. Their overarching goal is to convince the modern knitter that this rustic yarn deserves to be preserved and loved.

They are currently building a fiber mill in Romania so that they can grow their business in a sustainable manner. Help support this small, important business and receive all kinds of awesome perks through their Indigogo fund right now [Link in profile]. #moekeonindiegogo #moekeyarns #moekeyarnselena #knittersofinstagram #yarn #knitting #romanianyarn #ecofriendly #smallbusiness #ecofriendlywool

I have been wanting to knit a #Tegna for ages and I kept thinking this yarn from @moekeyarns that I won from @pompommag a few months ago would be the perfect choice! So I finally got the courage on Sunday to cast it on. I've had to make a few modifications for the yarn so hopefully it works out and fits properly but the notes on project pages on #ravelry really help. .
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Сегодня стартует краудфандинговая кампания Moeke Yarns по сбору средств для завершения строительства и оборудования своей собственной производственной линии в Румынии. Вот короткая ссылка на неё: http://bit.ly/HelpMoeke. Краудфандинговая кампания - это буквально сбор денег всей толпой, то есть всем миром.
Moeke Yarns - это небольшая семейная компания, которая занимается производством экологической пряжи традиционным способом. Началось всё с того, что соосновательница и идейный вдохновитель Moeke Yarns Иоана нашла мешок с пряжей, который спряла её бабушка перед смертью почти 20 лет назад. Эта пряжа очень впечатлила её, поскольку бабушка была ей очень близким человеком. В этот момент Иоана поняла насколько важны её румынские корни и загорелась идеей воссоздать производство именно такой традиционной румынской пряжи. Она уговорила своего брата и своих родителей и они начали работу. С тех пор появилась Moeke Yarns.
Стоит отметить, что Иоана живет и работает в Нидерландах, а её семья - Румынии, поэтому организовать и наладить всё было очень непросто. Сейчас они раз в году покупают шерсть исключительно у румынских овцеводов, обрабатывают её вручную, моют с помощью довольно устаревшего оборудования и затем прядут на одной из последних традиционных прядилен, оставшихся в Румынии. Всё это требует большого труда и сопряжено с большим количеством рисков, прядильни не раз подводили их, портя большие партии шерсти или сильно затягивая сроки. Все эти годы спрос на Moeke Yarns рос, всё больше и больше вязальщиц, дизайнеров и творческих людей влюблялось в эту пряжу. Сейчас они столкнулись с тем, что с текущим состоянием дел, просто не могут обеспечивать необходимый рост и объем производства. Было принято решение построить свой цех по переработке шерсти, закупить всё необходимое оборудование, чтобы более эффективно производить промывку шерсти и иметь возможность обрабатывать больший объем шерсти, покупать больше сирья у местных овцеводов и изготавливать больше пряжи, при этом создав новые рабочие места.
Продолжение в комментариях 👇👇👇

“After washing it didn’t grow at all, but it did bloom quite a bit! I’d say the fabric, after washing, feels more dense and firm, in a really good way. Vertical stability is great, and horizontally it’s pleasantly stretchy but still firm.” (Ravelry user micaha) “Prior to soaking, it is super crunchy and kinky. A pre-knitting soak is recommended and it changes the yarn considerably. Elana blooms and softens. It will never be super soft… a good thing if your goal is to create a sweater with structure and body… but it is not at all scratchy. It is a pleasure to knit with. I love the rustic nature of Elena. “ (Ravelry user sherpagirl)
What #Ravelry users say about our #moekeyarnselena 😊 (you can read more if you follow the link in my insta story 😉). What are your experiences with Elena? #moekeyarns #romanianwool #romanianyarn #purewool

Not very often I feel inspired to find my #romanian spindle and spin some 🐑 wool. I am not very good at it so I prefer the pre drafted wool that I received from the spinning mill 😳 I try to improve but for some reason I am not that into spinning... so after a while I stop and feel thankful for the yarn that is already spun and ready to be use 😅 Oh, and if you wanna see how I was taught to spin with my spindle, take a look in the stories 😄 #moekeyarns #romanianwool #romanianyarn #spinningyarn #spindle

Do you remember the #moekeyarnselena dyed with plants? ☘️🍂🌼 Seems such a long time ago... I dream of a future when we will be able to have dyed yarns again... I know that many of you would welcome colors, especially when dyed with plant pigments. Wouldn’t it be wonderful?🤔 #moekeyarns #romanianwool #romanianyarn #locallymade #locallygrown

Welcome April! 🌸😊🌼 Please bring more 🌞, more 💐 and more knitting time 😄 #moekeyarns #moekeyarnselena #purewool #romanianwool #romanianyarn

So this amazing parcel arrived this morning from @pompommag and @moekeyarns. This is the prize from the Spring Giveaway that I won last week! I know I need to make something special out of this yarn because it's so beautiful. I love the simple colour and the rustic feel of it. It's made up for 60% Romanian merino and 40% half-bred Tigaie and is spun in Romania where the bag is embroidered also! I'm feeling so lucky thank you for such a beautiful package! .
#knitting #knittingaddict #futurewip #handembroidered #romanianyarn #moekeyarns #pompommagazine #prize #instaknits #instaknitter #knittersofig #knittersofinstagram #knittersoftheworld

Congratulation to the winner of the Pom Pom and Moeke Spring Giveaway @madebyvovs ! 🎉 As soon as I will receive your address I will make sure to ship your prize 😄. .

A big “thank you ❤️” to all who participated in the #giveaway and decided to follow this account. For those who do not know me and our story, here is the very short version of it 😄. My name is Ioana, I love sociology (it is my day job) but I also love yarn and knitting, just like all of us here. I was born in Romania and have a soft spot for the rich traditions related to wool that I witnessed as a child while growing up on the country side, around my grandmother. I feel terrible that these traditions are slowly disappearing and that traditional sheep breeds wool does not have any value nowadays. Without having any idea about what a yarn business looks like, in 2015 I convinced my brother and parents that it is a great idea to produce the wool yarn that my grandmother would use: using sheep 🐑 wool sourced from local shepherds, processing it with care and without the use of harsh chemicals, and let it spin in a traditional fiber mill... And years later, I am here telling this story 😄, still amazed by the warmth of the fiber community who adopted us and made us part of something beautiful .

I hope you will enjoy following our journey, wherever will take us! And you can always check out our 2 most used hashtags #moekeyarns and #moekeyarnselena to see the wonderful creations made in our yarns 😉😊 #marchmeetthemaker #meetthemaker #localbusiness #purewool #romanianyarn @pompommag

Very proud to see these beautiful hats made in #moekeyarns presented in Tokyo ❤️😊 If you want to know more about them, I wrote about the collaboration that made this possible a few posts ago 😉 #moekeyarnsheritage #moekeyarnsmerino #romanianwool #romanianyarn #knittinginspiration

[Japanese translation below] These warm and elegant hats are made from our #moekeyarnsheritage and #romanianmerino. This is the result of the collaboration with a like-minded woman, Kyoko, who is the founder of the Japanese based brand ami-tsumuli. She contacted me some time ago when she was looking for yarn that is fair and friendly with the animals and environment. I explained that our yarn is single spun and has an uneven finish and so it is not really suitable for machine knitting 😬. But she persisted and luckily, with some adjusting of the knitting machines, our collaboration was possible! 👌😄 Her new hats collection will be released soon and I am proud to be part of it! You can check out the collection online at http://www.ami-tsumuli.com/ethical/etcollection/wl2018aw/e-wl2018aw-1.html
If you are in Japan, you can see it in person in Tokyo between 21 to 23 February!
You can purchase the hats at http://ami-tsumuli.shop-pro.jp/ after September, and you can always contact them directly via information@ami-tsumuli.com if you would like to buy a hat and you live outside Japan. 😉 #moekeyarns #purewool #romanianyarn #knittedhat #ethicalcollection

Bună dimineața lume!
#Sper să fie bună la fiecare, deoarece e #vineri 😉
Astăzi am hotărt să profit de acele cîteva ore pînă ajung la serviciu și anume să croșetez cîteva exemple (asta mi se pare deocamdată cel mai reușit).
Evident ca la domnișoare merge aproape orice model, simplu, sexy, culori mai țipătoare.........🤔în cazul meu această variantă nu merge, avind în vedere ca va fi un model bărbătesc.
Așa că, aș vrea să știu ce părere aveți voi?
Vă place, nu vă place?
Idei, păreri, sugestii🙏
Vă mulțumesc anticipat!
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What can I say? I like angles 📐
And @moekeyarns ❤️
Grey is natural grey heritage yarn and green is plantdyed 🌾 grey heritage yarn.
#knitting#moekeyarns #moekeyarnsheritage #knittersofinstagram #knitdesign#plantdye#plantdyed#ecofriendlyyarn #romanianyarn#knittwear #sheepfriendly #favouriteyarn#godsomull

This is absolutely the most thoughtfully put together pattern that I have ever seen ❤️ @moakot The letter accompanying it is such a great addition, I would never dream to throw it away, but I want to keep it together with the envelope and the pattern, just because I like them so much ✨ At first I wanted to make this classic Icelandic cardigan in our #moekeyarns but then I read the letter... this pattern is inspired by the Icelandic traditions and a specific local yarn called Einband. Is meant to keep them alive. Just like we want to do for the #romanianyarn. It feels wrong to knit this pattern in a different yarn. So I change my plans: this cardi will be knitted in Einband yarn 😊 Is it strange to feel that by using the yarn that was intended for a pattern I show respect to the designer’s intentions? #knitting #knittinglove #knittersoftheworld #knittersofinstagram #instaknit #knittingpattern #móakot

DOINA lookbook ができました。
@junkookamoto212 さんとAlina @giftofknitting のデザインがたくさん、オランダの素晴らしい風景の中で輝いています @moekeyarns のプロフィールから見れますよ。Junkoさんのパターンもリリースされました。ラベリーを覗いてみて下さい。🌿🌿
#moekeyarns #mymakealong2017 #junkookamoto #giftofknittingdesigns #romanianyarn

I am still so happy with our labels, especially with the illustrations by @emfratson 😊❤️ My hope was that some of you will look at them like a little work of art and will keep them as a memory to remind you of the time you made something in our yarn 😊 #moekeyarns #moekeyarnselena #labels #illustration #romanianwool #romanianyarn #yarnstagramming #yarn #purewool #knittinglove #knittinginspiration

Vi har netop modtaget disse lækre ufarvede​ fed uld fra Rumænien. Moeke fremstiller deres garn på traditionel og naturlig vis og anvender udelukkende miljøvenlige produkter i processen. Moeke Yarn tilbyder 3 garntyper, og vi får dem alle 3 i butikken. Indtil videre har vi modtaget Elena, der er 100% uld i tre naturlige ufarvede toner. Kvaliteterne Merino og Heritage kommer i løbet af september.
We have just unpacked these nice undyed skeins of wool from Romania. Moeke makes yarn in a traditional and natural way - with great concern for the environment. Moeke offers 3 yarn qualities, and we'll get them all in the shop. So far we have received Elena, a 100% wool in 3 natural undyed tones. Moeke Merino and Heritage will arrive in September.
#skabagtigdk #skaberi #moekeyarn #garn #romanianyarn #natural #undyedyarn #knit #knittinginspiration #strik #strikkeinspiration #danmarksgade66 #aalborg

🥁 🥁 🥁 Did you make anything in #moekeyarns this year? Did you also post your project on #Ravelry? If the answer is yes, keep an eye on this account and on our Ravelry group (will post a temp link in my profile) because I planned a surprise for you! 😄 To be revealed on Wednesday 😉 #moekeyarnselena #moekeyarnsheritage #romanianmerino #romanianyarn #romanianwool #knitting #crochet #giveaway

Vi har flere lækre nyheder i ærmet. Glæd jer til det lækreste autentiske uld fra Rumænien. Garnet hedder Moeke Yarn og er fremstillet efter de gamle håndværkstraditioner og findes kun i naturlige ufarvede toner. Højeste lækkerhedsfaktor! Garnet rammer butikken i løbet af et par uger.
We have a lot of great news for you these days. In a couple of weeks this wonderful yarn from Moeke Yarn in Romania will arrive. Moeke makes yarn as in the good old days with love and care for the environment, sheep and wool. It is beautiful and authentic.
#skabagtigdk #skaberi #nyheder #moekeyarns #moeke #authenticyarn #autentiskgarn #romanianyarn #rumænskgarn #danmarksgade66 #aalborg #garn #yarn

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