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May 2, 1896 – Birth of Princess Helen of Greece, wife of King Carol II of Romania.
Daughter of King Constantine I of Greece and his wife Sophia of Prussia. In 1920, the Princess met Carol, Crown Prince of Romania, who quickly asked her hand in marriage. Despite the bad reputation of the prince, Helen accepted and moved to Romania, where she soon gave birth to their only son, Prince Michael, in 1921. By 1925, Prince Carol abandoned his wife and renounced the throne in order to live openly with his mistress, Magda Lupescu. She was proclaimed the Queen Mother of Romania during the reign of her son King Michael (1940–1947). She was noted for her humanitarian efforts to save Romanian Jews during World War II, which led to her being awarded with the honorary title of Righteous Among the Nations in 1993.
When her son was forced to abdicate on 30 December 1947 and the royal family took the path of exile. She died in 28 November 1982, aged 86.
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Today, 25th of October, King Michael of Romania turned 95! Here, together with his father, King Carol II at Pelisor.
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The transfer of ownership gets a little fuzzy here, but it appears the crown was left to Queen Marie of Yugoslavia’s youngest son, Prince Andrej. This is because there was a recent sighting of the crown on Princess Brigitta, the wife of Prince Karl Vladimir of Yugoslavia, who was Prince Andrej’s eldest surviving son.

There has been some talk about how the crown that Princess Brigitta is wearing might not actually be Queen Marie’s original crown. This is because the original crown was recently displayed in a museum in Oplenac. I believe this isn't true because royals can loan crown or tiaras to museums anytime they want and have the exclusive right as owners to borrow it back at will. Also, it’s only been seen on Princess Brigitta and if it were truly still in the royal collection more members of the Yugoslavia family would be wearing it too like Crown Princess Katharine. I’m almost positive it’s entirely in Prince Andrej’s possession. So I’m not a huge fan of solid gold tiaras, the part that draws me to any tiara or crown is the jewels, and although these ones are different…kinda like the cut steel ones, they can be lovely if worn by the right person. This one may have worked for Queen Marie but it doesn’t work for Princess Brigitta. I think it should go back to the museum…what do you think? #antique #atiaraaday #crown #gold #history #jewelry #monarchy #princessbrigitta #queenmarieofromania #queenmarieofyugoslavia #yugoslavianroyals #romanianroyals #tiara #royaljewels #royalty

29 October 1875 was born Princess Marie of Edinburgh(Maria Alexandra Victoria),eldest daughter of Alfred Duke of Edinburgh(second son of Queen Victoria)and Maria Alexandrovna(olnly daughter of Alexander II of Russia).Was Queen of Romania between 1914-1927,she died in 1938 of cirrhosis...#queen#marieofromania#marieofedinburgh#thisdayinhistory#happybirthday#historic#facts#historical#pastroyals#romanianroyals

🇷🇴👑🇷🇴 THE LIST OF FOREIGN royal guests attending the funeral of Queen Anne on Saturday has been announced and will include: {If any of the pictures do not match the titles as you know them please forgive me as I'm not as familiar with many of the eastern European royals}
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It has been announced that Her Majesty, Queen Anne of Romania passed away earlier today at a hospital in Morges, Switzerland. She was 92-years-old.
My thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time.
May She Rest In Peace.
------------------------------------------------Photo: The newly married Their Majesties, King Michael I and Queen Anne of Romania pose for their official wedding portraits in a room at the Royal Palace in Athens, Greece. || 10th June 1948 -------------------------------------------------#QueenAnne #QueenAnneofRomania #KingMichaelI #KingMichaelIofRomania #KingMichaelOfRomania #RomanianRoyal #RomanianRoyalty #RomanianRoyals #RomanianRoyalFamily #Royals #Royalty #Royal #RoyalFamily #RoyalBaby #instaroyal #Instaroyals #Romania #RoyalWedding #Wedding #Bride #BrideandGroom #Groom #News #RoyalNews


July 20, 1927 – Death of King Ferdinand I of Romania.
Ferdinand I was the son of Leopold, Prince of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, and Infanta Antónia of Portugal, daughter of Queen Maria II of Portugal and Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.
Following the renunciations, first of his father in 1880 and then of his elder brother Prince Wilhelm of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen in 1886, young Ferdinand became the heir-presumptive to the throne of his childless uncle, King Carol I of Romania, who would reign until his death in October 1914. In 1889, the Romanian parliament recognized Ferdinand as a prince of Romania. In 1893, Prince Ferdinand of Romania Princess Marie of Edinburgh, daughter of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh and Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna of Russia. The marriage produced 3 sons and 3 daughters. The marriage was unhappy and the couple's two youngest children, Ileana and Mircea, are generally acknowledged to have been sired by Marie's long-time lover.
Though a member of a cadet branch of Germany's ruling Hohenzollern imperial family, Ferdinand presided over his country's entry into World War I on the side of the Triple Entente powers against the Central Powers in 1916. As a consequence of this "betrayal" toward his German roots, Kaiser Wilhelm II had Ferdinand's name erased from the Hohenzollern House register.
Ferdinand succeeded his uncle on the latter's death as King of Romania in 1914, reigning until his own death on 20 July 1927 from cancer. He was succeeded by his grandson Crown Prince Michael, under a regency. The regency had three members, one of whom was Ferdinand's second son, Prince Nicholas. #romanianroyalty #romanianroyals #romanianmonarchy #ferdinandiofromania #royals #royalty #royaleurope #marieofedinburgh #hohenzollern #caroliofromania #wilhelmii

The king is dead, long live the king! Exactly 90 years ago, on the 20th of July 1927, king Michael I succeeded his grandfather, king Ferdinand I, who died the very same day, to the Romanian throne. Only 6 years old at the time, the little prince became a young king as his father, who should have been next in line, renounced his right by birth for...a woman. He eventually returned to Romania three years later, becoming king Carol II, and the regency who helped Michael rule was dissolved. Michael was to become king once more after his father's deposition in 1940, and ruled until December 1947, when he was forced by the communists to abdicate and go into exile.
The two photos show little king Michael on the cover of the famed Time Magazine and king Ferdinand I (photo taken by myself just earlier this day at a museum, after one of his portraits). #historicalstories #kingmichaelofromania #romanianroyals #kingferdinandofromania #royalromania #royals #babyking #king #timemagazine #hostory #monarchy #royalsinart #portrait #lostworld #losttimes #lostsplendour

The Golden Room at Pelisor Castle, Sinaia, Romania. This is the place where Queen Marie of Romania died today in 1938. One can notice the motif of white lilies everywhere, as this was the queen's favourite flower. At present, the room hosts the chest with her heart, which was brought here by the royal family last year, when it was moved from the National Museum of History in Bucharest during a solemn ceremony partly opened to the public. The current Romanian royals use this room as a space of remembering and thinking of their ancestors. Pelisor Castle was used by the crown princely couple, Ferdinand and Marie from 1903, during the reign of King Carol I, while he and his wife, the queen, stayed at the more famous and splendid Peles Castle, just near it.
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July 18, 1938 – Death of Marie of Edinburgh, wife of King Ferdinand I of Romania, granddaughter of Queen Victoria.
Marie was the last Queen consort of Romania as the wife of King Ferdinand I. A granddaughter of Queen Victoria, she was the daughter of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburghand Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia. Marie's early years were spent in Kent, Malta and Coburg. After refusing a proposal from her cousin, the future King George V, she was chosen as the future wife of Crown Prince Ferdinand of Romania, the heir apparent of King Carol I, in 1892. Marie was Crown Princess between 1893 and 1914, and became immediately popular with the Romanian people.
As queen, she was very popular, both in Romania and abroad.
As queen, she was very popular, both in Romania and abroad. After the death of Ferdinand, Marie, now queen dowager, m refused to be part of the regency council which reigned over the country under the minority of her grandson, King Michael. Her eldest son, Carol, had in 1930, had waived his rights to succession, deposed his son and usurped the throne, becoming King Carol II. He removed Marie from the political scene and strived to crush her popularity. As a result, Marie moved away from Bucharest and spent the rest of her life either in the countryside.
During the summer of 1937, Marie fell ill. Her personal physician determined she had pancreatic cancer, although her official diagnosis was cirrhosis of the liver. Marie died on 18 July 1938, eight minutes after lapsing into a coma. Her two eldest children, Carol and Elisabeth, accompanied by Prince Michael, were at her deathbed.
Marie was the last Queen consort of Romania, as Princess Helen was only ever awarded the title of Queen Mother between 1940 and 1947. She was one of Queen Victoria's five crowned granddaughters and one of three to retain their position as consort after the conclusion of World War I, alongside the Queens of Norway and of Spain. #romanianroyalty #romanianroyals #romanianmonarchy #hohenzollern #marieofedinburgh #carolii #ferdinandiofromania #mariaalexandrovna #alfreddukeofsaxecoburgandgotha #queenvictoria #royals #romanov #royaleurope #royalconsort

June 22, 1961 – Death of Maria of Romania, Queen of Yugoslavia.
Born Maria of Romania, was the daughter of parents were Marie of Edinburgh and Ferdinand of Romania. She was named after her maternal grandmother, Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, and was known as Mignon in the family to distinguish her.
Maria married Alexander I, King of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (later Yugoslavia) in 1922, and had three sons. Following the assassination of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia in 1934, her oldest son became Peter II of Yugoslavia, the last Yugoslav king. She was given the title Queen Mother of Yugoslavia in 1941. Her citizenship was revoked and her property confiscated by the Yugoslavian Communist regime in 1947, but she was "rehabilitated" in 2014. She moved to a farm in England and lived a relatively normal life without royal extravagance. Maria was well educated. She spoke several languages fluently and enjoyed painting and sculpting. She also drove a car by herself, which was very unusual for royalty at the time.
She died in exile in London on 22 June 1961 and was interred at the Royal Burial Ground at Frogmore, before her remains were transferred to Serbia and re-interred on 26 May 2013 in Serbia.
Queen Maria was popular and respected by the Serbian public, and is still well thought of in the region. She was engaged in several social projects. In the eyes of the Serbian people, she remains one of the greatest patrons of charities in Serbia. #mariaofromania #mariaofyugoslavia #yugoslavianroyalty #yugoslavianroyals #yugoslavianmonarchy #romanianroyals #romanianroyalty #marieofedinburgh #royals #royalty #royaleurope #ferdinandofromania #alexanderofyugoslavia #karađorđevićdynasty #hohenzollernsigmaringen #queenofyugoslavia #mignon

Elizabeth of Wied, first queen of Romania (also known by her pen name "Carmen Sylvia"). Although a republic, Romania celebrates today Royalty Day . #royalty #carmensylva #elisabethofwied #queenelisabethroyalsinart #romanianroyals #royaltyday #royalromania #lostworld #lostsplendour #lostsplendourinart

Christian IX was known as the 'grandfather of Europe or Father-in-law of Europe' since children married into other thrones of Europe. His children were King Frederick VIII of Denmark, King George I of Greece, Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom and Empress Marie Feodorovna of Russia. His daughter Thyra could have become Queen of Hanover had her husband, Prince Ernest Augustus, not been deprived of the throne of Hanover upon its annexation by Prussia in 1866. His youngest son, Valdemar, was offered the crown of Bulgaria, but had to decline under international pressure.
His grandchildren sat upon the thrones of Denmark, the United Kingdom, Russia, Greece, and Norway. Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, King Harald of Norway, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, King Albert II of Belgium, Queen Sofia of Spain, former King Michael of Romania and former King Constantine of Greece are among his many descendants.
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April 4, 1953 – Death of King Carol II of Romania.
Carol was the eldest son of Ferdinand I and Marie of Edinburgh. He was the first of the Hohenzollern kings of Romania to be born in the country (both of his predecessors were born and grew up in Germany and only came to Romania as adults). Carol, by contrast, spoke Romanian as his first language and was the first member of the Romanian royal family to be raised in the Orthodox faith.
Possessing a hedonistic personality that contributed to the controversies which marred his reign, his life was marked by numerous scandals. Among them, marriages to Zizi Lambrino and Princess Helen of Greece and Denmark, daughter of King Constantine I of Greece. His continued affairs with Magda Lupescu, obliged him to renounce his succession rights in 1925 and leave the country. Princess Helen eventually divorced him in 1928. King Ferdinand died in 1927 and Carol's five-year-old son ascended the throne as Michael I.
Carol returned to Romania in 1930 and replaced the regency that had been in place. His reign was marked by re-alignment with Nazi Germany, adoption of anti-semitic laws and ultimately evolved into a personal dictatorship beginning with 1938. On 6 September 1940, he was forced by his Prime Minister Ion Antonescu to leave the country and withdraw abroad into exile. He was succeeded by his son Michael. #romanianroyalty #romanianroyals #romanianmonarchy #royals #royalty #royaleurope #carolii #ferdinandi #kingmichael #marieofedinburgh #queenmarieofromania #HohenzollernSigmaringen #helenofgreece

OTD... The marriage of Carol II of Romania and Princess Helen of Greece. After his marriage to Joanna Marie Valentina Lambrino was annulled in 1919, Carol II of Romania married Princess Helen of Greece and Denmark (who was known in Romania as Crown Princess Elena) in Athens, Greece, on 10 March 1921. The intention behind this arranged marriage was to help organise a dynastic alliance between Greece and Romania. Just seven and a half months after the wedding, their only child, Prince Michael, the last King of Romania, was born. The birth was difficult and required surgery. The ordeal significantly weakened Helen, to whom the doctors forbade a second pregnancy.
Carol's marriage with Princess Helen was an unhappy one, and he frequently engaged in extramarital affairs. The elegant Helen found Carol, with his love of heavy drinking and constant partying, rather too wild for her tastes. The marriage with Princess Helen collapsed completely in the wake of Carol's affair with Elena "Magda" Lupescu. As a result of her husband's open infidelity, Helen divorced Carol in 1928. #romanianmonarchy #romanianroyalty #romanianroyals #greekroyalty #greekroyals #greekmonarchy #royals #royalty #victorianera #carolii #helenofgreece #michaelofromania

George V and Queen Mary with Marie of Edinburgh and her husband Ferdinand I of Romania.
King George had, at one time, proposed to Marie which both their grandmother Queen Victoria and their fathers (the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh) all approved, but their mothers did not. The Princess of Wales disliked the family's pro-German sentiment and the Duchess of Edinburgh did not wish for her daughter to remain in England, which she resented. She also disliked the fact that the Princess of Wales, whose father had been a minor German prince before being called to the Danish throne, was higher than she in the order of precedence. The Duchess of Edinburgh was also against the idea of a marriage between first cousins, which was not allowed by her native Russian Orthodox Church. Marie rejected his proposal and married Ferdinand instead. Queen Victoria would later comment that "Georgie lost Missy by waiting & waiting". #britishroyals #britishroyalty #britishmonarchy #romanianroyalty #romanianroyals #georgev #queenmary #ferdinandi #queenmarieofromania #queenvictoria #royalty #royals #saxecoburggotha #windsor #hohenzollernsigmaringen

If that upon which a country is built—if that foundation is the lowest—then the Romanian peasant is the lowest. If that element which has preserved the language, faith, courage, nationality, tradition, all that which is great in the land, is the noblest—then the peasant is the noblest. It is on him that we all count; he is the backbone of our country; he is our pride and joy! Princess Ileana of Romania
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And They lived #happilyeverafter ...The story of our king&queen it's more different.Anne never had the chance to see her country until 90's.She never spoke in romanian.Michael(Mihai in romanian)said that he doesn't want to came back,just if His people wanted that.Their story is one that involves true love,courage,love for the country.
Photo:Queen Anne and King Michael at their Saphire Wedding in 2013.
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