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Servio Sulpicio Galba: Fué emperador de Roma del año 68 al 69. Responsable de la creación de la Legio VII Galbiana acantonada en la península iberica. Fué asesinado en el foro tras siete meses de gobierno. White metal figure, 54mm. #modelismo #paintingminiatures #historicalminiatures #romanemperor #Galba

Guess who's back ✌
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A marble bust of Augustus (d. 14 AD), the first Roman Emperor, in the Great Hall at Syon House. #HakanGroth #syonhouse #augustus #romanemperor #antiquity

📷 Marble bust of the emperor Hadrian wearing military dress
From Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli, Lazio, Italy,AD 117-118.

This portrait bust was found at the Villa Adriana, the Roman emperor Hadrian’s magnificent country residence near Tivoli, outside Rome.
In ancient Rome, the dedication of public statues was governed by rules concerning location, material and iconography. This was even more important when it concerned imperial images. Official portraits were an extremely important way for Roman emperors to reach out to their subjects and their public image was defined by them.

There are hundreds of surviving imperial statues, which show us that there were only three ways in which the emperor could officially be represented: in the battle dress of a general; in a toga, the Roman state civilian costume; or nude, likened to a god. These formats powerfully and effectively evoked the emperor’s role as commander-in-chief, magistrate or priest, and finally as the ultimate embodiment of divine providence.

We know from ancient literary sources that Hadrian was particularly keen to project a strong military image and in this bust we see Hadrian presented as the commander-in-chief.
Sculpted portraits of Hadrian show a remarkably naturalistic detail – a deep, diagonal crease in both earlobes. We now know there is a strong link between these creases and coronary artery disease. They are caused by the collapse of blood vessels in the earlobe, one of the early symptoms of the disease. It is impossible to say if Hadrian suffered from this illness, but the existence of such a life-like element in his portraits brings a strong sense of naturalism to them.

Source: The British Museum #britishmuseum #hadrian #romanemperor

Colossal portrait head of a young man. Island marble(?). Found in Athens. Possibly a portrait of the emperor Commodus (AD 180-192). #marble #Commodus #NationalArchaeologicalMuseum #Athens #romanemperor


Because of family ties, Caligula got a statue in #pompeii despite being awful. More on Pompeii: The Exhibition on the #pleasegoaway blog: http://largaytravel.blogspot.com/2017/05/pompeii-exhibition.html?m=1 .
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This is always a fascinating discussion - whether life is completely random or pre-determined based on the long trail of causes and effects. We all have those crucial moments in our lives that changed our direction significantly. The reason you met your partner. The career you chose. The day your parents met. But what of all the little things? Those little decisions or circumstances which led, one after the other, to the big things. Were they meant to be? Were they always going to happen one way or the other? Today, many of us take scientific discovery as proof that life/the world is not as mysterious as it first appears and everything is explainable thru science. We don't often think of such things as cause and effect and their endless nature - and philosophy seldom enters scientific conversation. Naturally. But if I think that if I'd not encountered a certain teacher, who led me to become passionate about something, which caused me to study it professionally, which caused me to move to London, which allowed me to meet my love, who I've followed to her home country - I'd not be where I am and probably not writing this post. And what of that teacher? What caused him to cause him to cause him to be at the school I was at and at the same time?? The mesh of causes is endless. It has resulted in you. In where you are. In what you do. In how you think. In your current set of beliefs. It has ever been spinning and on it will go. Sure, it could just be randomness encountering itself. But perhaps not, perhaps it is true that everything that "happens to you was being prepared from everlasting...." #philosophicalthoughts #existential #meaning #significance #unique #providence #eternity

Only the cultured fuckers among you will understand this one. #byzantine #romanemperor #romanempire #truecontinuation #fuckcharlemagne #orthodoxchurch

"Robovi, donesite grožđe i hranite me!" #romanemperor #littlebuddha #dottedprincess #funnybunny

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