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Because of the cities location and isolation, it was thought in its time to be all but impregnable, but the Romans loved to be told they couldn’t do something and so put the city under siege in 72 or 73 B.C. The city sat atop a plateau and was well provisioned which meant a normal sit and wait siege would take forever, so the Romans decided to break the city. To do this they needed a way to get to the city walls to start ripping them down and since engineering was the Romans second favorite hobby they decided to build a ramp. From the ground to the city walls. Under enemy fire. Using only ancient methods to excavate. And the ramp can still be seen today. ( The ramp is the highlighted white line at the top of the left hand image and the Roman camp is the high keyed square below. The top right is another image from a distance of the ramp. The middle right image is from the city walls looking down the ramp. And the bottom right is from the city walls looking at the side of the ramp.)

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📌Сражение при Акциуме📌

Считается последним морским сражением в истории античности. В этой битве сразились силами войска Октавиана Августа и Марка Антония. Дотируется противостояние 31 годом до н.э неподалеку от мыса Акциум.
Историки утверждают, что победа Октавиана сыграла огромную роль в истории Рима и положила конец столь долгой гражданской войне. Не пережив своего проигрыша Марк Антоний в скором времени покончил жизнь самоубийством. .
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This is the site of the famous siege of Masada. One of the last acts of the Frost Jewish-Roman War, which lasted from 73 to 74 B.C. The city’s location, atop a hill with sheer cliffs most of the way around, made it a very difficult target for the Romans to take. Using all there engineering and siege techniques, Rome was hard pressed to take the city.

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