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Holy cow! Day 5 of my workout was no joke! My favorite thing he said was his explanation of why his workouts are soooo hard...it’s because it shows us we can do hard things! Oh love that!
And as you can see my son uses me as a race track when I’m doing push-ups! 🤣😅🏎 if I’m not keeping pace he keeps me in line...those cars got places to go and so do I. Perfect toddler motivation right there! #fitvigorateyourlife

I’m in love with this new self exploration journal I got as a gift! Every page is something I love and relate to! It’s amazing how taking a few minutes to myself every day to journal and read something uplifting is helping me feel on top of my depression and anxiety!💪🏻❤️ What do you do to help your mental health??? #fitvigorateyourlife

Post workout we flex 💪🏻he loves showing off his muscles!
My favorite thing about today was he woke up saying “I don’t want to workout” (he doesn’t like it when it overlaps his time) but then he got to be my special helper aka my weight and then when it was over he kept saying “I WANT TO WORKOUT!” See, working out can be fun! My 3 year old even thinks so!
If you have some health and fitness New Years goals like we do, come join us! PM me for more info (we don’t bite) #fitvigorateyourlife

Finished my workout just in time for my little guy to wake up and hop in my selfie. 2018 I’m choosing to FITvigorate my life ! And the first step is getting out of bed and making the DECISION to go for it! If you need help goal setting and planning message me! I gots a goal setting group with all the secrets going on right now! #fitvigorateyourlife

We can you literally make and eat your breakfast while at an intersection on your commute! So glad for fast nutrition, that’s not McDonald’s (even though I loooooove me some nuggets) btw I FINALLY found out what those little Costco containers are that come with your shaker bottles and yes I’m wayyyy behind the times on that 🤣🤣

Here is my vision board (notice how I didn’t say dream board cuz there’s a difference to me at least) this was the final project for our goal setting group and I’m so proud of what we all learned and accomplished this week! I’m gonna #fitvigoratemylife in 2018!
What are some of your #goals? #fitvigorateyourlife

I seriously took so many amazing notes yesterday at super Saturday! Feeling refreshed and ready to take on my goals! #fitvigorateyourlife

Took this picture from a cute journal I got and it made me get to thinking...where would you visit ? #fitvigorateyourlife

I’m absolutely in love with this quote! So much more of a positive take to give me that motivation to keep shooting for my goals cuz even if I fall short I’m still moving forward! #fitvigorateyourlife

No surprise there that the my #2017bestnine would involve me roller skating. I've logged a lot of miles this year to try and heal from this heartache. #rollerderbychick #rollerskate #goodbye2017 #fuck2017🖕 #learningtolovemyself #selflove #becomingmyperfectversionofme #modifiedchicks #chickswithink #chickswithtattoos

Definitely a fun two days at the skate park with the family #rollerderbychick #familytime #practice #derbygirl #mohawkstop

My dream Whistler lifestyle finally! Snowboarding in the morning, roller derby in the evening! #rollerderbychick #ilovesnowboarding #sunnyday #whistler #czechincanada

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