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Last chapter -
Y/n: sorry Jacob [I open the window]
Jacob: you didn't text me
Y/n: I'm sorry
Jacob: it will be okay if you kiss me
Y/n: uhhh! [ I kiss his cheek ]
Jacob: Nope here *putting his lips ready* [ I kiss him Jacob grab me and lay on the bed I'm on top him and then we stop ]
Jacob: I love you
Y/n: that cool
Jacob: say it back btw sorry this ain't that romantic but would you like to be my gf
Y/n: Hell YeS [ you are jump and then you land in his dick]
Jacob: *groans* uhhh
Y/n: sorry *yawns*
Jacob: my baby girl is tired go to sleep
Y/n: okay [ I was about to get off him but he said "just lay on top of me"] (Swipe) that how you guys look like -
That it of the fanfics
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2/3 ignore -
Da- Jacob Hah
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#rolfjacobsartorius -
Q: What one who think you want to tell Jacob

*Next morning*
Jacob pov
I woke so early don't know why crazy right yeah but anyways I went on my phone and I was seeing y/n picture there were all so GODDD MOTHER FUCKKERRR!!!
But anyways i went to text y/n -
Jacob: Hey baby wake up and come to my house pleaseeee!!!!
*20 minutes later*
Y/n: hey
Jacob: Baby you a wake!!! Y/n: so want me to go to your house
Jacob: YESS I want to cuddle with you
Y/n: okay let me take a shower
Jacob: okay baby -
[ you got in the shower and got out the shower and change into (swipe) and but on you shoe and went to Jacob house and knocked on the door and Jacob open]
Y/n: sorry I look disgusting
Y/n: aww thx * blushing*
Jacob: my baby is blushing
Y/n: no not btw you want me to stand outside or go in
Jacob: oh yeah sorry
Y/n: it okay
Jacob: let's watch a movie and cuddle
Y/n: Okay!! -
[ you and Jacob watch a movie and you fell asleep on his legs and and Jacob is playing with you hair]
Jacob: I can't believe we together I just love you I'll always love you no matter except when you cheat on me *tear drop* I love you [ Jacob fell asleep]
[ you woke up and saw -
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Chapter 24 -
* Morning *
Jacob pov
I woke up my hand wear on her boobs (swipe) I moved and I got my phone went to snapchat and took a picture of her and I just cover her face and put "Why can't she be mine.?😭❤️" I was going to get up but Y/n grab my hand and said -
Y/n: stay *Sleepy voice *
Jacob: we have to go to dance class
Y/n: just one day not going it's that bad
Jacob: And hunter
Y/n: okay fine whatever -
Your pov
I got up and went to the bathroom and use the bathroom and went to the living room and but my sneakers on and left the house -
Jacob pov
She got up went to the bathroom and left she didn't even say bye wtf I should of let her stay I'm stupied
I got ready and went to dance class -
Your pov
I was home and went to my sister room and saw Hayden there so cute (swipe) I went to take a shower and change into (swipe)
And went to dance class and saw hunter there .! -
Y/n: Hey you look sad
Hunter: I Just want to say sorry for everything I should've be there for y-
Y/n: it's okay [ you and hunter are hugging and Jacob came in and saw it ]
Jacob: -
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Intro -
I'm y/n I'm 20 years I'm dance teacher I been dancing since I was 12 so that good I'm famous just for dancing I teach some famous people to dance.
I have a sister she 13 and she my whole life cuz my mom and dad died -
I'm 21 I'm famous of singing 🎤 and I have to go to dance class and I'm start tomorrow I have gf name Sophia I'm been cheating on her with Luna and I been kissing someone other girl and my manager is Matt -
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and Jacob lives in the same country as me and we both breathe the same air and have been in the same place TWICE AND WE WERE SHARING AIR. HOW AMAZING IS THAT
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that's it I can't make video edits :) I hate having a android if you have an iPhone and use videostar you should know how lucky you are
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Jacob I want some food😂😝
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🌷Chapter 63🌷 ||Your Pov||
I thought for a while.What should I say?I don't want to be mean.I'll just hope that I can trust him.
You:"Mark It's ok..."
I gave him a a shy smile.Before I could say something he put his arms around me.I felt uncomfortable and I mean reallyyyyy uncomfortable.But that's a actually not a big surprise i mean this boy raped m-
Y/N stop thinking about that!Your just hurting yourself!Think about positive things.Think about the good things in your life!
Tbh I'm really happy that me and Mark are friends now.I think he won't do this shit again.I'm also really glad that i have Joey,but lost jac- Y/N that's not positive!!
I looked down to my hand which was still in Joey's hand.I felt some sparkles,but I miss the firework.
I looked through the cafeteria.Everyone was laughing or talking.My eyes stoped at the boys.It looks like Joey is really good friends with them.They started to talk about random stuff,but I didn't really listen to them.I just couldn't forget Jacob.I need to talk with him.Right now!I looked again through the cafeteria.Where is Jacob?
I think the people who saw my story already know why I didn't post something...i'm really sorry 😶❤

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