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Honestly, the hardest part I find about running this Instagram account is thinking of captions.

Star Destroyer over Scarif
Do you think Scarif is another tattooine knock-off?
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Art by @MessyPandas 🖌️


Shit I believe it ☠️

That's no moon😫

Just wanted to share this again. This is my one of a kind wood grain n64 console made by @foxdataltd this thing is so fucking beautiful!

@Regrann from @theycallmesolo - Here's a better look at the Woodgrain Foxdata N64 Console, and from all angles! God, this thing is so damn beautiful! Thank you again for this amazing gift @foxdataltd

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Daisy vs Rey but always freckles 😍


Parece estilo, mas é só terçol. #sw #starwars #rogueone #k2so #geekfashion

Something that is massively underrated to me is temperature manipulation. As humans we are most comfortable between 60 and 80 degrees. Now think about a 40 degree difference each way. 20 degrees and 120 degrees. These temperatures are INSANE to us and alter our body's performance to a significant degree. Wind, tornados, and most weather patterns are derived from varying temperatures throughout an eco system. Today I am going to talk about how temperature manipulation is freaking op as shit in virtually any tier, but Mid-Cosmic are where users are most prevalent. So here we are.
Killer Frost, Captain Cold, Karna, Johnny Storm, Jim Hammond, Mandarin, and Storm are very prevalent users of this for reference.
The main point I am trying to get across is legit how cold absolute zero is and how hot sun/nuke+ temperatures. Absolute zero literally freezes the movement of something on an atomic level. If you are hit by absolute zero there is almost no chance you can survive unless you have feats showing so. Johnny Storm was able to because he used his mind to raise his internal heat while his body was completely unuseable, but not many have/can. As a projectile/beam it freezes the energy/projectile the instant it touches it so in order to overcome absolute zero you would have to produce an energy output that lasts longer than the beam of absolute zero. Now for high temps. Tanking a nuclear blast is seen as very very impressive in the planetary tier and nigh unheard of in the mid tier, but honestly that will seem unimpressive soon. Nuclear blasts get to be several times hotter than the center of the sun at their epicenter, but there isnt a huge radius or duration of that extreme heat so why is it such a big deal to tank it ? I think it is massively more impressive to tank a contiual blast of sun level temperatures, survive repetetive supernova temperature blasts or even tank sun level ignition. Nuclear blasts are hot enough to terraform environments enough to the point that they now house storms at the ground level and Suns are hot enough to perform nuclear fission. Now for character evalutaion.

Oh, it's beautiful
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