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가볼까 말까 망서려질 만큼의 거리. 당떨어진 언니들 잠깐 #deplantage 에 모셔 두고...
#roestamsterdam #오길잘한듯 #uber 최고

This morning we placed a fresh new mural at Amsterdam Roest. Go check it out. #damn #kampseedorf #roestamsterdam #amsterdamstreetart #streetart

Вчера был первый по-настоящему тёплый денек - почти +20, и настроение сразу летнее-летнее🌞 по всему городу все разом выползли загорать, понаставили кресел на улице и вытянули на солнышке белые ноги🙃
Almost summer, or rather Dutch kind of summer 😁 Spent a wonderful Sunday evening in Roest 🌞

Today is a good day. ☀️#sunglasses #amsterdam #roestamsterdam #notafitgirl


A while ago we had a HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training) for some great athlete's at the Calisthenics Amsterdam Gym made possible by @skechers_belenux and felt great energy! 💪😋 Thanks guys!#choosegreatness #skechers_benelux

What do you think is harder to do? This position or a handstand?👐 Let me know what you think! ⤵😌

Après une visite pleine d'émotions au musée d'Anne Frank, une pause déjeuner dans un univers atypique #roestamsterdam #amsterdam

When you zoom in on my face, which facial expression do you see?! 🤔😂 please let me know in the comments below ⏬ 👍🙄


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