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Thursday's post - Woke up all refreshed and had a look at the time and it was pretty early but I just couldn't be bothered getting out of bed😂 but then I realised I would've been able to catch Kahu at the bus stop so me and ere quickly tidied up and then I got changed and took ere home and gave her a weak asf goodbye cause I had to rush to get to Gisborne in 30 minutes and well, I didn't make it😔 so that weak goodbye defs wasn't worth it but it's alright because I can just pop over to tolaga and see her and when she goes to Wellington just pop down and see her😋 Anyways I had breakfast at maccas which was alright and then I filled up and boosted home👌 no stopping either just straight home and i just got home and just chilled and played on my phone😌 #hategoodbyes #tolagabay #late #maccas #roeradiary 09/02/2017

Friday's post - Went to work in the morning, came home for a sleep after a hard day at mahi😂😂😂 Okahu rocked up with his mum for the Tangi and stuff but we just chilled at home then went up town for a feed and then went to Taupo for tag and we lost but algoods😌 Tana came with us home and gave me a haircut👌 #Haircuts #faded #tagtaupo #taupotag #roeradiary 27/01/2017

Wednesday's post - Went up to hirangi and was referee for the Tuwharetoa kiorahi regionals😎😂😂😂 anyways was algoods but I got sick of standing up all day with back to back to back games so hepi reffed the last game👌 hirangi won overall😁 after that me takinga and tiaki went to Burger King and it was taks shout so got me a Hawaiian burger😁😍 came home for a bit of a rest then got ready for league training and left for taupo👌 training was pretty full on but does a lot of good for the body😁 after training got some stuff from Pac n save then came home #kiorahi #Tuwharetoa #whackcity #pb #roeradiary 08/03/2017

Tuesday's post - Just posting a photo of most of the birthday snaps that I got that could fit into a collage and obviously I had to be in the middle😎 but thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on the 9th of may, really means a lot❤️ So anyways I dropped my car off at the mechanics to get a warrant the went to work like normal. After work I got dropped off in town from my boss and went for a roam around, went to the bank and just chilled in the library to use the free wifi till I got the call that my car was ready. When it was I walked over, stopped at grand central fry and got me a deep fried mars bar😍😁 picked my car up then went home. #hb #mahimaster #deepfriedmarsbar #grandcentralfryexists #roeradiary 09/05/2017

Sunday's post - Before I start I'd like to say I'm super super proud of you @kahurangi_sky for going. 6 months sober which was mean as!! So we woke up and ere and mereana decided jumping in the stream was a good idea😂😂 I can't remember if I did though😂 after that I picked kahu and ati up from michaelas house cause they stayed there the night then we went home and chilled then me and kahu played euchre with my dad and she beat us😂 after that we went to the wharf and helped tak with the wakas to put them on the trailer then went to the waterfall to show the girls which was algoods👌 after that we went back home and got our stuff ready and then we went to Taupo to go flochella but they had limited capacity and we had no tickets so we went to the ac baths to get some hydroslide passes coz they were the same colour and they nearly worked but the security was to on to it and we didn't make it through😂😂 so we went into town and got us a feed of maccas then went to the lakefront for a swim and got gold balls then we went to maccas again then came back home and stopped at Bulli point and motutere for a swim then went to michaelas house and met kahu there cause she drove my dads car back then we came back to my house and we got lit for eres early birthday and peta came over and we got ere smashed and kahu got herself smashed so me ati and mereana were the only hearty ones😁 #dontgochasingwaterfalls #abs #water #roeradiary 05/02/2017

Saturday's post - Second day of tag👌 Didn't need to wake up so early, had breakfast then shot down to the fields and warmed up for our first game against porirua and we lost that😩 then had a rest before our next game vs northland and we lost that too😌 our last game was the same as the first two as we lost that as well😭😂😂 after our games we went back to the marae and then we chilled out for ages then we got some pizza for dinner then had a good night😎 especially the king himself👑 #taupotag #ytb #whackcity #tagnats #roeradiary 25/02/2017

Monday's post - Went to work like usual then came home and was about to go sleep then I got a call from tak asking if I wanted to take kuratau for a kiorahi session and I was keen as so then we picked up the gear then picked me up and we went up there to have some games and teach them it👌 it was pretty cool and fun watching then show there skills😊 #kiorahi #kuratau #lovingmahi #roeradiary 31/10/2016

Friday's post - Up to no good😂 nah just jokes but went to work coz I need money to support my lifestyle😂😂 but yeah then had a chill afternoon doing nothing👌🏻👌🏻 Picked up Peta and jarym then went to Hepi's and got onit😁 #fridays #absolutevodka #jarymwiththebeer #roeradiary 04/08/2017

Tuesday's post - Got some clothes in the mail. Played dress up before mahi then went to mahi. Not really an interesting day just kick back like usual🤙🏼 #iloveugly #mahihard #roeradiary 25/07/2017


Up-to-date with my diary again yayyyyy. I went to work, that was fun.....😂😂. I didn’t do much after work just watched the Spurs beat the Timberwolves which was a pretty cool game then just played on my phone for a couple hours making it rain. Went to town and they had some deals on at New Word for one day only so yooooo sussed those deals out. I went to the gym after that to get in my daily exercise. That’s about it really I’m just real lazy at writing these out now😂😂. #slicksas #uptodate #halloweenspecials #newworldturangi #spursvstwolves #la12 #youbeauty #adidas #adidaseqt #adidaseqtultra #manaakiferrisbretherton #roeradiary

Yesterday’s post - Went to work in the morning then went to the gym afterwards after missing 4 days🙄 #fat 😂😂😂. I went back home to watch Boston vs Cavs but left at halftime. I went up to Hirangi school to pick up Peta and Tiaki and we shot off to Taupo for the afternoon. We roamed around town and got us some sushi then went for another roam. We got us a feed of KFC and Te Manawa was there. His school just came from the mountain and stopped for a feed before heading home. After our feed we came home. I dropped them off home then just played on my phone for the rest of the night. #backyard #kfc #tpyo #tokhigh #hirangi #mahi #nba #skinny #gains #gym #roeradiary 18/10/2017

Tuesday’s post - Another lazyish day. Went to work, algoods, then I come home and just lost all my energy and hopped in bed and crashed out😂😂. I woke up and had a feed then decided to go gym. I drove to the gym and felt cbf😂😂 so I went to the basketball. I watched Hepi’s team vs Tiaki’s team and I think Tiaki’s team won. Me and Tiaki were about to leave then Anas stopped me and told me to take a photo for my diary😂😂. We and Tiaki shot over to Taupo because I thought all my instant wins for #maccasmonopoly expire on this day but not even😂😂. We pretty much went over for maccas and I just did some shopping then we come home. #lazyday #chillafternoon #brothersistergoals #dab #sunsetdab #basketball #pullingupfor3 #buckets #money #houdini #maccas #kiwifavourites #roeradiary 17/10/2017

Monday’s post - I woke up pretty early after that long as Sunday going to Auckland and back. I went to work and had a good catch up with Kerry about his trip away and stuff. We got lunch from Hydro then I came home. Tiaki strolled over to see if his bag was in the car but it wasn’t so he walked back home. I just laid in bed tired asf and crashed out. I woke up later on and went to the Hot Pools and picked up Tiaki. The whole whanau ended up coming down, James and Rauwhiri, and Hepi, Anahera, and Morehu. #lazydays #oddfuture #ofwgkta #theendingjustforanahera #mahicatchups #hydro #steaksammie #roeradiary 16/10/2017

Sunday’s post - Early morning wake ups. Got up at 4am and got ready and had breakfast. I picked up Hepi in my Dads car and he dropped me and Tiaki back off at mine. Us two shot off to Taupo. We got us breakfast at Maccas then filled up and carried on to Tokoroa. We picked up Taylor and Shaneya then met Hepi, Anas, and Mike at the petrol station. They followed us all the way to Auckland but we boosted them off. We got to Bruce Pulman and waited for our team to arrive. We gave the trophy to Takoha then got ready to play. We carved up in our first two games but the other teams were only learning. We played Manurewa High and they beat us by a point. We had a long as break before our next game so we got us a feed and I got the pork belly wrap which was nice as. Our last game was vs Papatuanuku and it finished in a draw. With that draw we had to see who lost out of Papatuanuku and Manurewa so we know who we had in the semis and the winner goes straight to the finals. Papatuanuku won so we had to play Manurewa. That was a fully intense game. It was all squared up at full time so we had two more quarters and that ended up being a draw as well so finally it came to golden point and your boy (aka god) got the try to win it😁😂😂. We played Papatuanuku in the final which they got out to a big lead but we clawed back in the last quarter and was behind by 1 then they got a couple points and won it. We stayed for prize giving and got our medals then gapped and went for a feed at Carl’s Jnr. Said laters to Boboys and then filled up and we were off back home. Hepi and his whip stopped in Pukekohe and we carried on. I dropped the two girls off home in Tokoroa then I stopped in Taupo. I got my brother a feed from Maccas then saw his daughter and come home exhausted only to stay up to watch the new Dragon Ball Super episode. #dbs #dragonballsuper #takohabrown #iwioforigin #runnersup #goldenpoint #saviour #theheps #porkbellywrap #kiorahi #whackcity #wackcity #auckland #realones #papatuanukuvsrealones #ngatituwharetoa #brothermike #carlsjnr #maccas #jiren #trueidentity #me #stupidfatherwaratana #earlymornings #roadies #teamwork #roeradiary 15/10/2017

Saturday’s post - Rugby Day. Shot over to Taupo for the day to play sevens. I picked up Butchy, Steele, and Mike. Butchy and Steele played for Tongariro and Mike came for a watch. I ended up jumping on for the Taupo Colts second team cause they needed numbers. We lost our first game vs Taupo Sports then played Waitete and lost that as well. Our last game of the round was vs Tongariro and we lost that as well😂😂😂. So we finished last in our pool and had to play 3rd place in the other pool for a spot in the plate final which turned out to be Taupo Sports b team. We surprisingly beat them and made the finals😂😂. We played Waitomo who finished 4th in their pool and beat Tongariro in their semi final. Long story short we lost😂😂. We stayed around for a bit to watch the little superstar Reece turnout and play for King Country vs Mid Canterbury then we left. We got us a feed at maccas then come home. My body was hammered so I went to the Hot Pools and had a nice soak. #owendelanypark #firstgameback #bodyshattered #sevens #runnersup #onlywononegame #wethebest #teamfullofforwards #4thtofinalist #roeradiary 14/10/2017

Friday’s post - On my way to work I saw Kerry’s Mum walking to work so I gave her a ride. Went to mahi and done what I needed to do then left. I came home and cut my nails then Lance come over and I went up town with him to play pool. He got me a lamington from the bakery before he dropped me back off home. I went back up town and went to have lunch with Anas at the pub. We got us some pizzas and they were nice. We played some pool up there as well and played darts. Jarym came in and we played against him as well then we gapped. We parked up at Burger King to use the free wifi then went for a boost in my whip. Had a quick catch-up with Hirai then carried on driving. We picked up Tiaki then went to New World to wait for Hepi to finish work. It was taking too long so we went to Tokaanu and got us some gear for the gym. We went back up town and dropped @anaherabartlett off with Hepi when he finished then me and Tiaki went to the gym. After the gym we finished of the day at the Hot Pools. Shout out to @anaherabartlett for the photo you the real mvp😂😂😂 #venisonpizza #chickenapricotpizza #turangitavern #thepickups #lamingtons #pool #kingofpool #kingifdarts #lanceeeee #element #subarub4 #boosting #zmastatractor #freewifi #turangiburgerking #bkturangi #bk #gymers #gainscentral #hp #roeradiary 13/10/2017

Yesterday’s post - Nothing special just went to work then come home and had a nice afternoon nap😂😂. I woke up hungry as and luckily my dad had made dinner so that was good. After dinner I picked up Tiaki and we went to the gym. We got some gains then we got some other gains at Burger King. I couldn’t be bothered going Hot Pools so I dropped Tiaki off home, had a shower then hopped in bed. #roeraselfies #gains #gainscity #bk #afternoonnaps #hangry #dinnermade #roeradiary 12/10/2017

Wednesday’s post - Woke up early and went over to Taupo with Uncle Hikei to do some stuff then he shouted us lunch then we come home. I laid in bed for an hour then picked up Tiaki and Peta then we went to Taupo. We roamed around town for a bit and Peta got us a brownie and chocolate croissant. We got us a feed of maccas because #maccasmonopoly gotta be in to win. I got this sexy looking chip. We came home after that and I was gonna go hot pools but I was stuffed when I hopped in bed and just crashed out. #sexyfry #burnt #maccastaupo #mcds #roadies #taupox2 #earlywakeups #earlysleeps #roeradiary 11/10/2017

Tuesday’s post - I went to sleep so late for some reason and ended up waking up at 12😂😂 I just stayed in bed then picked Tiaki up and went gym. We went to New World after and I did my shopping and got ya some sushi. We went to the hot pools and ate it there. I think I got my days mucked up and thought yous came Hot Pools this day @anaherabartlett but I can’t remember if it was Monday or Tuesday😂😂 #tokaanuhotpools #hp #likehowyoureasushieater #newworld #gymers #sleepingin #dab #dabbingworldwide #madswagger #roeradiary 10/10/2017

Monday’s post - Went to work and did the mahi and come home to play on my phone. Me and Peta went up to Burger King for a munch and saw Sarah there using some free wifi😂😂 She came and hung out with us then Hirai and Pono rocked up when Hirai finished work and hung out. We all went our seperate ways and I dropped Peta off at his then picked up Tiaki and went to the gym. After gym we went Hot Pools. #mahihard #iphone6s #burgerkingstackers #freewifigang #richgang #overallgang #zmastagang #gymmers #gainslife #hp #tkk #roeradiary 09/10/2017

Sunday’s post - Stayed in bed most of the morning and watched Diary of a Whimpy Kid. I went to the gym but go cbf halfway though my workout so I went to New World. Got me some bananas then came home. I watched the anticipated episode of Dragon Ball Super and it didn’t disappoint😍😍😍. My brother and his little whanau went back home after that then I picked up Tiaki and we went to the gym. We went to New World then bk afterwards and Tiaki got us some Creamy Mayo burgers and an onion ring. We finished off our hard workout and hard feed with a nice swim at the world famous Tokaanu Thermal Pools. #hp #ttp #bk #creamymayo #onionring #gym #manakifitness #gains #dragonballsuper #jirenyouboss #ultrainstinct #universe7 #gokuvsjiren #dbs #warafather #uncleroera #amaialenore #wharekoro #fartbomb #gymer #diaryofawhimpykid #niece #roeradiary 08/10/2017

Saturday’s post - I went up to Hirai’s house to see what he was upto and the Zmasta clan was there again but he was putting in wires for his amp and sub and Hirai was putting in new speakers into his whip. I just chilled there for a couple hours then went gym. Done the mahi and came back to chill with the Zmasta Clan. I came home when my brother said he was leaving Taupo. I saw James’s car at mine when I got home so I had a look to see what they were upto and they were having a young fish. I went for a shower then cleaned up the room, not illy though just mostly😂😂. Tana and his little whanau rocked up and we just chilled with little chucky. She’s a sookie😂😂. Anyways we attempted to have a game of monopoly but it got too hot so we stopped then I made my bed in the lounge and crashed out. #amaialenore #grandpapawhare #wharemoko #happyoldman #monopoly #zmastapono #zmastaclan #newspeakers #bass #sub #amp #gym #gains #musclemass #roeradiary 07/10/2017

Friday’s post - Went to work then went up to New World and had a quick catch-up with Hepi then came home. I just chilled in my bed then picked up Peta later on and went for food at Indian place in town. I didn’t eat all my food. We pulled up outside Hirai’s house because the Zmasta clan were having korero with Hirai outside so we pulled up. I gave Hirai my food which he was very grateful for then I come home. #difficultreadthisday #xfactoruk #wethebestsinger #monsoonindianturangi #zmastapono #roeradiary 06/10/2017

Thursday’s post - Felt like absolute rubbish this day but I pulled through😁😂😂. I went to work then had a catch up with Hirai after work. I came home and connected a microphone up to my head unit in the car so that I could talk while my phone is connected via Bluetooth. Anyways got that done but my right side speakers weren’t working so I had to pull the head unit out again and reconnect the loose wires. I had to go to town first and get some electrical tape then I finished the job. I cleaned out my car after that then went to the gym for a hearty workout😂😂. #gymmer #worker #sicker #cleaner #fixer #electricianer #viabluetooth #roeradiary 05/10/2017

Yesterday’s post - I went to work then came home and felt a bit sick but I thought it was nothing so I just hopped in bed and played on my phone. It just got worse and started coughing heaps so I decided not to go gym but went to the hot pools instead😁😂😂. #twomoons #wolvie #hpwhenyouaresick #whatissickness #roeradiary 04/10/2017

Basic as day. Work steeze then home skees. I went up to the gym to make up for the nothing that I had pretty much done all day. When I finished gym I picked up Tiaki and we went to New World then back to his so he could make some noodles then we went to the Hot Pools. Takabutch and Turanga were there so it was algoods. #takotoshino #dogkennel #takotokennel #turangapito #turangipito #madswagger #turnupt #turnipt #newworld #oldworld #roeradiary 03/10/2017

Yesterday’s post - Started off the day by sleeping in hundy😂😂 so I quickly had breakfast then went to work. Had a meeting at work so it was algoods. I come home after the meeting and just chilled then picked up Peta and we went to Taupo. Walked around town like usual then went to Maccas for a munch. After our feed we went into Fade Central and Tana gave Peta a cut. We came home after that and I went to the gym. I picked up Tiaki and we got some gains. We got us a creamy mayo burger after our workout for #postworkoutgains then went to the hot pools. #emojis #whatsyouremoji #maccasmonopoly #winninglots #tpyo #mahimeetings #startingthedayoffstrong #sleepins #roeradiary 02/10/2017

Yesterday’s post - Sunday is the perfect day for being lazy. I stayed in bed pretty much most of the day. I had a nap at 3 in the afternoon which I’ll soon regret later on in the night😂😂. I woke back up around 6 and had a fish then went to the gym to lose those maccas gains from last night after clubbing😂😂. I came home and had the fish and chips that dad had gotten us for dinner which was nice. After that I had a shower then couldn’t get to sleep till 5am🙄🙄😂. #lazydays #thumbsupforrockandroll #manaakifitness #afternoonnaps #latenights #insomnia #roeradiary 01/10/2017

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