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Wednesday's post - Pretty much just kicked it at home all day, went to the chemist warehouse then I dropped my mum off at work and then we picked up Sam and met Jerry at maccas coz he got us a feed😁👌 after that we went to the library to use some wifi and then went home😌 #familypackson #soslick #freewifi #roeradiary 30/11/2016

Saturday's post - Had a sleep in today then went to the Werribee plaza so I could get me a new card👌 after that we went to dumpling story for lunch which was aight✌🏽️ after that, went home and chilled for abit then we went out for dinner out sanctuary lakes and it was a buffet and it was nice but we were still not hungry from lunch😅 after that we went to the beach for a stroll around then came home👌 #food #buffet #Werribeeplaza #altonga #roeradiary 03/12/2016

Sunday's post - Chilled in bed for a bit then went up to hirangi school for kiorahi, it was algoods👌 after that we went to get some pizza for a feed because we hangry🙄 after that we followed Hirai around for a bit then went up to new world and saw Phoenix and kenan so caught up with them👌 after that we got us an ice cream and chips and stuff then went home and watched the league and play the game #whackcity #kiorahi #wethebest #roeradiary 02/04/2017

Friday's post - Today had a relatively light day, we had a training in the morning then had our team photo where these two took some selfies on my phone then after the photo had our captains run then went back to the motel got cleaned up and went to the base, roamed around there for a bit then went to the movies and watched nerve👌 #swag #irrirr #barbars #nerve #roeradiary 02/09/2016

Monday's post - Work, too lazy to do anything else, was supposed to have waka ama but was too windy so just stayed home👌Actually i went up to hirangi school and watched them train for kiorahi and then came home and did nothing😁 #roeradiary 20/03/2017

Wednesday's post - Today woke up early well was supposed to but nearly didnt😅😂😂 picked up Hepi and tiaki then we were off to tokoroa to get our taa moko👌 we got there and Hepi was first to go and his took about 4 hours ish but he got through it algoods👌 next I was up and it took like just under 2 hours and it was so sore man!!!😂😂 it hurt everywhere, there was no nice soft easy spots it was just straight sore for the 2 hours😂😂 but I managed to get through it, barely😅 it represents my dads side of the whanau starting with my Nan and Koro then going through their 8 kids or my 8 aunties and uncles😁👌 still gotta get my mums side now👌 after this stopped in Taupo and was gonna get a feed but nah cbf😂 then went Turangi and watched a bit of touch then went home #taamoko #sorest #weakskin #cash #roeradiary 26/10/2016

Wednesday's post - We hurt procrastinated all morning supposed to go cooks cove but we didn't end up going till about 12ish or something like that but it was quiet hard😂😂 I got tired as walking up there😂 ere hurt stopped at the lookout and me and kahu walked to the cove👌anyways the lookouts were solid as!! The hole in the wall was cool as too👌 after that I followed kahu up this other way and we went pretty far down it too but it felt like it was leading us nowhere so I turned around to go back onto the track and back to the car😌 long story short, she beat me to the car😂😂 after that I got in the car but kahu walked back home coz she didn't get to drive😂😂 so me and ere went to get us an ice cream then hello saw kahu in someone's car getting dropped off at the inn😂😂 she ended up staying there doing some stuff so me and ere went back to Kahus and crashed out. When we woke up we were hungry so we got us a feed from the fish and chip shop then we picked up hinemau and we got us an ice cream as well😋 we had our feed at the wharf and the girls just gossiped for ages😂😂 after our feed we went for a walk down the wharf and took some photos then watched the moon rise then we went back to Kahus house and she was home😌 we just chilled in the room watching videos all night and then some more of Kahus mates turned up and they were cool to kick with then Kahus mum came home with maccas at like 3 in the morning and that was nice as👌 #maccas #tolagawharf #cookscove #longestwalkout #roeradiary 14/12/2016

Thursday's post - Didn't get to play because I was still injured so I was going to watch rugby but it was pourin down so I just watched kiorahi for under the shelter. After that went back to the area and the teams got named out and I was lucky enough to be selected into the NZ area schools rugby team again which was pretty cool. After that we went into town for a bit, went to the Cadbury factory then went to the airport to fly home. Lands in Wellington then we went to the movies and watched central intelligence which was Algoods then got some maccas and stayed in titahi bay for the night. #Areashools #cadbury #roeradiary 14//07//2K16

Saturday's post - Slept in till like lunchtime then me and hirai went to Burger King for breakfast then I dropped him off home and I came home and tried to sleep but couldn't so then I went to the gym for a workout then home for a shower then went to Taupo to pick up Taylor and Asia because they reckon catch a bus to Taupo and tell me to pick them up🤔😌 anyways got them then we picked up jaedyn and then we went to go see tawh and stacey for the first time in ages😩 was good visiting😌👌 after that got us a feed at pita pit then we came home and got onit in the Bach then after that went to Taupo to go clubbing but good old Taylor reckons forget her passport at home in tokoroa so they didnt come in, they just chilled outside😂 was an okay night👌 #2daybender😂 #pitapit #pb #roeradiary 19/11/2016


Saturday's post - First game of league in soooo long. So well as you can see this was my first game of league since I got injured and it felt so good to be back😍😍. Got to the fields nice and early, nah got there at like 12 because I thought I was playing for the reserves but nope, straight back into the prems😩 Our reserves did pretty mean considering we only had like 13 players👌🏻👌🏻 We lost that game though but still mean effort!! We were on next vs the Pikiao prems and we were doing mean in the first half I think we were just losing at the half but Pikiao just blew us away in the second half. Was too much too ask for our boys since we only had 13 as well and like 5 played in the reserves game as well. Even our coach Jason played too which was mean as!! After the game I go changed and chilled out and hung around for a bit before I got me a burger from maccas then picked up Tupara and we came back to Turangi. I dropped him off to Jo and then I stopped in to James's house to say chur then went back home for a shower. I was sore as and my whole boy was aching😂😂😂 Perks of playing my first game in a couple months with nuk the training😂😂 Anyways went back to James's house then we went to the Tavern to watched the Hurricanes vs the Crusaders and yours truely best team won😍😍 Was a good night👌🏻👌🏻 #Hurricanes #thereastormcomingthrough #superrugby #rugbyleague #skyblue #crusaders #phoenixbrothers #tpyo #fullback #winger #roeradiary 15/07/2017

Friday's post - Honestly did nothing most of the day really just stayed in bed which was good to actually get a day to relax and chill and do nothing for the day👌🏻 Later on in the afternoon I went to Taupo for my first league training in agesssssss. I turned up and there was only 4 of us🙄😂😂😂 We eventually ended up with 6 of us at training😂😂 Apparently this had been happening for ages now🙄 Anyways I was haddit after training, I was sore everywhere😂😂 I stopped at Pak n Save and got some stuff then got me a munch from maccas👋🏽 #minceandpleasepiecheese #maccas #mcds #tpyo #phoenixbrothers #mostpeople #roeradiary 14/07/2017

Thursday's post - Woke up around 10ish so had the meanest sleep but I was still tired when I woke up😂😂 I took my car to all motors and got picked up from my dad and brother. Got some stuff from New World then came home. Just chilled till my car was ready then went up town and picked it up then me and tana went to Hirai's house. We chilled there then went to Burger King and got hot milk because what is hot chocolate. Tana left to go back to Taupo and me and Hirai went to the Hot Pools. Feels good being home. #hp #home #tkk #hotmilk #turangiburgerking #hotmilk #roeradiary 13/07/2017

First Day Home
Landed in New Zealand at 7:30am after what felt like a pretty quick flight but was long asf😩😩😩 Took about an hour to get through customs and stuff then waited for my sister to bring my car which took another hour🙄 and then she rocked up in her car so had to go back to hers and get my car then had to go back to the airport to pick the twins up because there wasn't enough room in her car to carry all of us🙄 So did all of that which took about 30 minutes so ended up leaving Auckland around 10:30am drove to Hamilton and stopped at Kmart to get some stuff then my car decides not to turn on so had to call up AA and they took near on 45 minutes to get to us🙄 They finally arrived and fixed my car which was a poor connection from my terminals to the battery🙄 I drove to BP to fill up then carried on to Tirau and the twins drive from there. I had a little sleep before we got to Taupo. I got some KFC for dinner for my dad and we got us Maccas cause I was hungry😂😂 Filled up one last time and off home we went. Dropped the twins off then i got home and just sat down for a good 10 minutes, unpacked some of my clothes then Hirai came over. We went to Petas house to get my other bag and had some boil up there which was algoods then came back to mine. I was half falling asleep talking to Hirai so he gapped then I just crashed out at like 9😴😴😴 #home #Tokaanu #tkk #swak #kahurangiswakdelamere #feelsgoodtobehome #longflights #nosleep #twelvehours #roeradiary 12/07/2017

Last Day in Canada - Hometime
Woke up normally and packed ours bags then met in the lobby. Said goodbye to Destiny, Ngaire, and Gina then off to the airport we went. Customs and stuff was a breeze then we got us breakfast, I got that sandwich(pic). The Paraguay team was at the airport as well so gave them a farewell. Saw ourselves on tv which was slick😎 It was time for our flight. Slept most of the flight. Got to Los Angeles around 11am and went to claim our bags but they didn't come so went to sus it out and they went straight through to Auckland👌🏻 We booked us a shuttle and went for our L.A tour. Our first stop was at this Indian restaurant which I had no hope for but once we ate it was nice as. I was glad we stopped there😍 After the restaurant we drove passed Santa Monica but didn't stop because the shuttle driver was too cool🙄 We went to Hollywood next which took quiet a while to get to from Santa Monica. Heaps of the city reminded me of GTA 5😂😂 We got to the stars and went for a walk around for an hour. Was pretty cool just the feeling of being there. Was packed as!!! We walked all the way to the Hollywood land store I think then crossed the road and came back. We got hella sweaty so me, boy, and Phoenix bought us some tops😂😂 We hopped back in the van and he took us back to the airport👎🏽. Everyone except Me, Phoenix, and Eli checked in and went to the otherside to wait to board but us 3 didn't want to waste like 6 hours so we got us some Starbucks then got an uber to Goodwill(Second hand shop). I thought I was gonna be mean as but once we got there it was buildups😂😂😂 So went to the petrol station to call up a taxi to go back to the airport but the worker said there was a mall a mile down the road so off we went😁. Took us 20 minutes or so to get there and it was defs worth it😍😍 There was heaps of cool as shops there especially zumiez👌🏻👌🏻 We got us some clothes then came 8pm so we got an uber back to the airport and checked in for our long ass flight🙄. Waited for 2 hours so we got us a feed at this burger bar and it's was nice but sickening at the same time😍😷 Time came for us to board and we were off home. #la #roeradiary 10/07/2017

Tenth Day in Canada
Woke up in our hotel room and got a fright because someone was on the floor and I didn't wanna get up but then I realised it was peta sleeping there😂😂😂 We went down the lobby for breakfast which was nice then back up to the room to tidy ourselves up then back to the lobby to call up a taxi to take us to the Enoch PowWow. We got to the PowWow grounds at the perfect time right when the bus got there so we put our clothes in there and got changed into our kapa haka gear ready for the closing ceremony. It was the same as the opening pretty much except in a smaller area. We done that then they done some presentations then we got our medals for the events we placed and won in which was quite neat😎🤙🏼 I was trying to hold out on getting a feed because I got told we were going to the school in Enoch for a BBQ but I couldn't resist and got me a burger and chips and gravy😍😂😂 Lucky I got that though because the BBQ was for dinner and we didn't even go😂😂 I roamed around the grounds for a bit then we went back into the middle part to do some more performances and stuff like that then we were off. We got taken to our hotel and had a last karakia as a whole Maori group then said our goodbyes to the coasties😢 Our Tuwharetoa lot got settled in to our rooms then went back to the lobby for dinner. I got this beef burger which was nice asf😍😍😍 I got banana pudding for dessert😍😍 Me, Phoenix, and Eli went with Matua John to Walmart to get some lollies and stuff and some bags and a bit of a break from the hotel. Was there for like an hour then went back. The rest of the night I stayed up just packing my bags. #lastnightincanada #closingceremony #goodbyeeverybody #hategoodbyes #maori #nzmaori #wingames #wig2017 #wingames2017 #enoch #maskwacis #hotellife #hometime #longflights #travellers #dontwannagohome #roeradiary 09/07/2017

Ninth Day in Canada
This trip just boosted past real quick😩 Anyways breakfast then on the bus to our venue for the day which was the spear throwing, running, and tug of war. We stopped at the Pow Wow in Enoch for a bit first then we got to the other place. We did alright in the spear throwing but didn't place anywhere but it's all about participation🙌🏽😂 Next up was the 50m and 100m races. Our girls carved up and swept 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in both races with Manaia getting both Golds and Rickie-Lee and Stacii getting the Silvers. Our boys didn't place but it's all about the participation in these games😁🙌🏽 Last up was Tug of War and we actually won our first pull which was mean as left my arms haddit as though😂 Second pull was against Panama and we were losing for the majority of that match then came out of nowhere and won. Next up was the final. Top dogs. Maori vs Treaty 6. We lost😂😂 They just dominated us right from the start😂 Oh well least we got a second place and a medal😁 The girls had fun although they lost their only match it's all about participation😁🙌🏽 After the games we went to Enoch for a feed and stuff then me, Peta, Hepi, and Boy went with Dakota back to Maskwacis and packed our bags ready to go home. We stacked them up for Matua John and the two boys and then we left with Dakota for a good night😎😎 #wingames #maskwacis #wingames2017 #sweg #enoch #secondplace #silver #byebyemaskwacis #maskwacis #edmonton #beercade #whyteave #roeradiary 08/07/2017

Eighth Day in Canada
We went to the mall this day but first off we had a sleep in and they put on a big breakfast for everyone then we went to the mall. Went straight to the waterpark and that was huge!!! The rides were mean asf😁😍 My shoulder was hurting on some of them but it was alright😁 Went to the food court for a feed and got a hot dog which was nice😍 All the boys except Peta couldn't be bothered going back for a swim so we went shopping instead😁 Hepi nearly lost his shoes and I nearly lost my hats😂😂😂 We found them eventually😁 We left there and went to Elk Park National Park or something like that but we just drove through there. We went back to Enoch for the Pow Wow to finish off the day #worldindigenousgames #wingames2017 #worldindigenousgames2017 #powwow #westedmontonmall #mirrorselfie #maskwacis #enoch #camera #waterpark#slickguys #hotdogs #roeradiary 07/07/2017

Seventh Day in Canada
Had a bit of a sleep in then we went to the basketball and the girls were up first against Panama and lost. We played the team the girls played the day before and we were doing good as then got blown away in the last quarter😂😂 We went to the rodeo and watched that which was pretty cool but it was honestly wayyyyy to hot to be out there😩😩 We got fed there as well and they made up burgers and steaks and stuff. The heat was just getting to most of us so we decided to go back to the school. Some of us had a sleep well pretty much everyone in my room did. The fire alarm went off so we had to evacuate and wait outside till it was all clear which took about 10 minutes then back inside we went. We got changed then went to Wetaskiwin to go Walmart and me and hepi went to Tim Hortans for some donuts and a drink. We went to Bear Park and demonstrated some of our Maori games to everyone which was cool and got a lot of people involved and playing too. #maori #wingames2017 #worldindigenousgames2017 #worldindigenousgames #wingames #newzealandmaori #newzealand #tkk #tokaanu #walmart #groupphoto #teamnz #teamnewzealand #powwow #wetaskiwin #bus #firealarm #dave #black #kiorahi #maskwacis #ballers #winningston #winningtana #whackcity #roeradiary 06/07/2017

Sixth Day in Canada
It's a secret nah jokes we went to basketball in the morning and played against Maskwacis and got sucked too😂😂😂 The girls played next and were doing algoods then the other team finally got subs and started rolling over our girls😂😂 We had lunch then went to the youth conference and talked about maori society and stuff along those lines. We did a performance for the cooks and stuff which was cool then they fed us with the meanest dinner😍😍 The bro Ron taught us how to play bochi ball(I think that's how you spell it)😂😂 and it's pretty much like pétanque and it's cool too😁 the rest of the day we just chilled out then me and ngaire went for a ride with some of the volunteers and she took us for a tiki tour pretty much #maori #Edmonton #maskwacis #haka #taiaha #pukana #tuwharetoa #worldindigenousgames2017 #worldindigenousgames #wingames2017 #roerafromtokaanu #roeradiary 05/07/2017

Fifth day in Canada
Breakfast then off on the bus we went to our events for the day which were Swimming and Canoeing. We got to the swimming and it was pretty. I chilled out in the shade for a bit because it was quite hot then went down to this jetty with Hepi and Akuhata for a swim. I jumped in after when Hepi and Eli did. We went to watch the race after which was the girls race and we came first and second which was mean as!! Congrats to yous two 1st- Manaia 2nd- Hinemaiaia and awesome effort from the rest of you NZ girls that competed😁 Auggy had to save his mumzy in the middle of the race though😂😂 nah but he got told to do he did then when he got to her he got told to leave her😂😂 Next up was the boys and they didn't place😂 algoods though because it's about the participation😎 We left for Canoeing but didn't end up going and came back to the school instead because our Canoers were sick. We stopped at this gas station place because we weren't authorised to go back to the school so our bus driver had to get in contact with the organisers while we had a feed and stuff. Uncle John organised Me, Phoenix, Eli, Te Waipuna, and peta a taxi to go to the mall and off we went. We roamed around in the mall for a good 5-6 hours and still hadn't been around the whole thingy😂😂 We did some shopping and got us a feed of tacos which were nice asf😍😍 We caught up with the boys Devin and Dakota, picked up Hepi's phone then came back to the school #westedmontonmall #worldwaterpark #gsw #smile #selfie #worldfamous #maori #wingames2017 #worldindigenousgames2017 #worldindigenousgames #kitkaticecream #waiirua #wairua #okyeah #forever21 #forevercanada #roeradiary 04/07/2017

Fourth day in Edmonton
Same routine like always with waking up late and going to breakfast. We had archery and spear throwing this morning so we hopped on the bus and got taken there. It was a lot cooler than the day before but was still hot😂 We started off the event with a opening ceremony then we done a haka. It took ages for all the boys to go through idk why. But once they finished it was the girls turn and they went through quicker. The finals were up and we had a couple of people in both the men's and women's finals. Akuhata took out 2nd place after a long playoff for 1st place. Ricki-Lee somehow Won the women's final by being the only one to hit the target😂🤙🏼🤙🏼 Mean yous two!!! They didn't have the spear throwing because the archery took all day to complete so we had to get back to the school and get ready for the opening ceremony. I gave peta a mean asf haircut😎 he was proud to be repping that new style of his😎😂 Got all our gears then went to the stadium thingy and quickly got changed then set up. Pretty much everything we rehearsed went to plan which was solid!! Once we finished the opening we just got bombarded with people wanting to take photos and we tried sneaking away but failed everytime😂😂 was good fun though👌 We had a feed then joined in on this traditional Canadian ceremony which was quite neat. We went back to the school and straight balled up after that with the two bros joining us👌 #devinbooker #maori #worldindigenousgames #wingames2017 #powwow #teepee #minceandcheesepie #taiaha #pukana #tuwharetoa #newfriends #hangry #maskwacis #openingceremony #roeradiary 03/07/2017

Third day in Canada
Another early wake up and short as sleep. Same routine, went for breakfast and got our stuff ready for the day then left. Had a sleep on the bus when we went into town. Went back to the first school for a bit then went out to the place where the archery is going to be held. We had some practice shots and stuff and I suck so yeah I'm not doing it😂😂😂 We came back to this place that I still haven't learnt the name of yet😅😂😂 Anyways we went to the Pow Wow and watched the Canadians do their thing before we got welcomed into the arena thingy then we did a performance for everyone which was solid as!! We went to Walmart afterwards and got some things from there and had a feed of McDonald's and they don't know what a steamed bun is😱😱😂 We came back to the school and just chilled the rest of the night #wingames2017 #worldindigenousgames #edmonton #minceandcheesepie #archer #archery #john #ham #cena #youcantseeme #canada #4 #wowwee #teepee #ceremony #haka #maori #wingamesmaori #WINGAMES #havingfun #roeradiary 03/07/2017

Second day in Canada
We got picked up early from our hotel nah got picked up at 11 but we were still just getting out of bed😂😂 We got taken to the firsts school to do registrations and just chilled out there. Had lunch then played out on the field which was cool!! We got picked up and went to the West Edmonton Mall which was huge as!!😱😱 They have a waterpark and roller coasters and stuff and an ice rink as well😍😍 we barely even got a round like a quarter of it. We left back to the first school, had a feed and a meeting. We got taken to our new school which was like an hour away but was algoods so we could sleep on the bus😴😴😴 #edmonton #westedmontonmall #icerink #edmonton #worldindigenousgames #roeradiary 02/07/2017

First day in Canada
When we first arrived at the airport we were met by a greeting party for us. They got us registered and stuff then we went to go exchange our money. First shop I went into holy shit man😂😂😂 just so much variety and nice looking fatty food😍😍😂 I got this Hot Dog that you make yourself well put your own condiments on and also a Reece's ice cream like wtaf😍😂😂 Anyways enough about that delicious food😂 we had to wait around for a bit for the bus to get to the airport. It didn't come. We got sent off to our hotel in taxis. We stayed at the holiday inn and it was solid as!!! Free fastish wifi and huge beds😄 We settled in there then showed up and went to Nandos for dinner just down the road. Omg that was delicious🤤 I got a chicken Cesar wrap which was🤤🤤🤤 We went back to the hotel then me and boy went to the supermarket and it was soooo massive like same size as Tongariro School maybe bigger😂😂 We just walked around aimlessly just seeing what they had😂 We just got some coke then back to the hotel. When we were walking back from the supermarket it was like 10pm and the sun was still out😂😂 it didn't set till after 11☀️ The night was lit asf and that's all yous need to know😁😇 my dates are gonna be messed up so yeah👌 #godsgift #firstworldproblems #edmonton #airport #reecesicecream #laxsummerpostcard #wishyouwerehere #sanandreas #ps2graphics #runway #lax #chickencesarwrap #holidayinn #thumbsup #canada #roeradiary 30/06/2017-01/07/2017

Yesterday's post - Woke up real early and packed the rest of my gears into my bag then went to Hepi's for breakfast and put his gears in the whip then put the rest of my gears into the whip and said goodbye to my dad😪 We stopped in at petas to pick the putatara up then onwards to Auckland. We stopped in Taupo to drop the PlayStation back off to Tana then filled up and left. We stopped in Hamilton to fill up my clutch fluid and stuff and for hepi to say hi to Nirai. We went straight to the airport and everyone was already there. My sister picked my car up then I got me a feed from maccas😁 we were off after that. 12 hour flight🙄 was so long man😩😩😩 but made it to Los Angeles and that was the most buildups airport ever!! There is like no shops before going through security and stuff and when you get through the ships are hella dumb!! Me and boy got these sandwiches from terminal 3 and they were nice as😍😍😍 The flight to Edmonton from Los Angeles was good as because I slept pretty much all the way😁😂😂 I'll end it there because the times are all mucked up now😂😂 #timetravellers #canada #okyeah #waiirua #dothemahigetthetreats #airportsteeze #boosters #nz #maori #worldindigenousgames2017 #roeradiary 30/06/2017

Heyyyyyy I finally caught up after like so many months god😂😂😂 Anyways I stayed in bed and did nothing till my brother came home and gave him a game of nba 2k7 which was gay asf😂😂😂 after that hepi and lance rocked over and tana gave lance a haircut. Me tana and hepi went to town after he finished cutting lances hair and went for some shots at the courts. We went for a game of mini golf and had another bet which tana won again🙄 I went to the wharf to see what hirai was up to and watch him fish then went home. He came to my house so I cleaned up my car and he fixed a leak in one of my hoses. I picked peta up from school then he shouted us burger king😁 #backtodate #uptodate #wharf #sunset #tkk #tgihirai #fisher #roeradiary 29/06/2017

Wednesday's post - I picked up Ruby and took her to work up the mountain and it was hella freezing in the morning❄️❄️ I basically mucked around the rest of the day where I should've been packing and getting stuff ready but meh and I went hot pools😁 #maunga #ruapehu #roeradiary 28/06/2017

Tuesday's post - Started packing my bags and actually cleaned up my room for once in so long😅😂😂 Around 1ish Hirai and Sarah came over to ask if she could chill with me while Hirai went to work. She went to pick him up from work around 3 then picked me up and we went to Taupo. We went to rebel and got some stuff and Hirai did some stuff over there. #lake #bags #rebels #tpyo #roeradiary 27/06/2017

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