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Wednesday 21st March 2018
Little miss hungry over here.
I got picked up early as this morning at like 7:30am😂 from Paul and went over to Rotorua with him. He went to course and gave me the car for the day. First thing I do, burnouts. Nah I roamed around for a bit then went to bunnings and got some stuff for work then roamed around some more and did a bit of shopping at Reduced to clear. I got a bit hungry so I went to Katsubi for some Donburi for lunch and saw stuart there. I gapped back to Toi-ohomai to pick up Paul and we went to Taupo. We had lunch with Warawhanau at Thai House Express and that was nice🤤. Paul's shout obviously. Hepi came out of nowhere once we finished and gave us a chur then we left for home. We got to all motors and I put all my stuff that I got into Haileys car then went home. I chilled out for a bit and let my phones charge then got ready to go again. I packed the Kiorahi gears into the car and said goodbye to dad then left. First stop was at New World to get some food for lunch and stuff then I left town. I stopped in Taihape at maccas to say hi to Talei but she was hard at mahi getting that mulla. I finally made it to Marton and now I'm ready for some sleep. #longday #roadies #rotorua #marton #sushi #thai #eatyourfeet #hungry #nomnom #maccas #tpe #roeradiary

Tuesday 20th March 2018
Today was DELIGHTFUL and WONDERFUL. Mahi hard like always #mahimaster and then I went to the gym. I was supposed to go to Taupo but dad wasn't home when I got back so I watched some good old wrestling for a couple hours. He finally got home but it was too late to go over to Taupo so I just went to town and went to the post office. I went home and had dinner then got ready for training. I went over to Taupo for league training and my legs were feeling it. Short, sharp training for the boys then I got some food and stuff from Pak n Save them saw me old mate @saxon.hunter at bp. I gapped home after that and now my legs are really feeling it aye🤦‍♂️😂😂. #taupophoenix #legday #training #adidas #messi #theultimatedeletion #delete #woken #delightful #wonderful #gym #roeradiary

Monday 19th March 2018
Mahi monday. I went into work and sussed my upcoming projects then went to see hailee and sus them out with her. Once I finished work I chilled out pretty much the rest of the day. I went to the gym for a good hit out then got invited over for dinner at James's whare. It was nice so thank you Jam3s.0, Rauwhiri, Anas, and Hepi your food was nice😀😂. Photo cred - @theheps_ 📸

#jam3s.0 #mulletman #puma #pumatokyo #mahi #gym #nocarbs #roeradiary

Sunday 18th March 2018
Woke up and luckily for me I still had my burger from the night before so I munched that back real quick. I got up and tidied up the room and then got ready and left with Tana. We went to Chelsea’s to get some chicken and chips then we went to his house. We chilled out there for a bit then hopped on with Reggae and went back to Tokaanu. This is where the real action happened. Episode 130. Dragon Ball Super. Holy Shit. Jiren, upto bruv? Goku making you look weak! Then nek minnit, goodbye Goku, but hang on a minute. Frieza and 17 wtf! I thought you blew yourself up bruv! Episode 131 hype train all aboard. Rest of the day I slept then woke up and went for good a late night gym session. #dbs #warababy #warafamily #warakid #amaialenore #littlesookie #hungry #hungrylikechucky #dragonballsuper #ep130 #17 #jiren #goku #maccas #chelseas #chickenandchips #roeradiary

Saturday 17th March 2018
Up early ready for league. Dad took me Taupo and we got some maccas for breakfast and then he dropped me off at the league club. I caught a ride over with Red. We stopped in Awakeri to fill up then carried on to Taneatua. Was a good hit out for the boys even though we were missing players in key positions we managed to come away with the win. 52-4. We had showers at some of their house and then they hosted us at the bowling club. They put on the meanest after match I've had. We even got pudding too and I live for chocolate self saucing pudding. We had boat races after our feed (not me because I'm a good boy). We lost that though😂😂. We came home after that and Tana picked me up from the league club then we went to his. I made me some bacon and then we got ready to go to his mother in laws house and we got horsey gang with the fade central crew then went to town and saw all the boy out in force🤣🤣. #taupophoenix #pb #taneatua #musselchowder #hangi #pudding #chocolateselfsaucingpudding #fadecentral #horc #littygang #cc #roeradiary

Friday 16th March 2018
Got a surprise package today. Contents of it is hidden. It made me happy though😁. After work I went to Hepis house and hung out with him and Ana's showing them the contents of my package and playing fortnite. We watch American Assassin and I rate that movie pretty high. I'll say an easy 5/7. After the movie the boys were home by then and we jammed some more fortnite. Hirai came over and jammed too. I left them and went to the gym. I came home for a feed then picked the boys up for a hot pool at the hot pools. #hotpools #boys #americanassassin #fortnite #hiddenpackage #carepackage #tgif #roeradiary

Thursday 15th March 2018
If you think this is gonna be an interesting post, think again. I was hella productive today. I honestly did nothing really until I went to league training in Taupo. I finished that off by going to Burger King and trying the Molten Lava Cake and it’s pretty good🤤. I highly recommend it. Also if like you’re thinking about going to Burger King and need to know prices before you go just save this post yeah😂😂 #burgerking #burgerkingnz #moltenlavacake #taupophoenix #taupo #roeradiary

Wednesday 14th March 2018
Not much interesting went on at work. After work though weowwwww. I went to the gym and that was quite intense if I do say so myself. I went home and cooled down, played a bit of HQ trivia, watched some tv, then Hepi picked me up. We went to Lances and played with the vortex and picked him up. We went to town next and picked up Tiaki. We all went over to Taupo together as one big family. We pulled up at Fade Central ready to get faded. Tana faded up Tiaki and Hepi and that was it. Food time. We got some HSP from the kebab shop then went to maccas for lance to get him a $3 Big Mac and we out our food there. We came home. I chilled and watched tv. Tiaki picked me up later on and finished off the day at the newly renovated hot pools. Far felt so good to be back there. #hp #tkk #hp #hotpools #tokaanuthermalpools #hsp #kebabs #kebabonchips #polystyrene #fadecentral #faded #haircut #swag #shlick #hepi #gym #lance #vortex #nerf #mahi #roeradiary

Tuesday 13th March 2018
The hype is real! After work I was bored so I watched so videos on YouTube then I just watched heaps of Dragon Ball Super videos and I started to get real hyped for this upcoming episode on Sunday since we all missed out on Sunday. Who will win? Not Goku. Yeah boy Roejiren is coming out on top. R.i.p ultra instinct was amazing while it lasted. I had dinner then shot to Taupo for league training which was quite intense😂. Had a good hit out going over our sets and stuff. I got some stuff from Pak n Save then come home for a nice warm shower. #dbs #ep130 #nearlyfinished #goku #ui #ultrainstinct #tournamentofpower #dragonball #dragonballsuper #rugbyleague #taupophoenix #phoenixbrothers #roeradiary

Monday 12th March 2018
Weekday = work day. Picked up me charger from Hepi’s and came home and like did nothing aye. Later on in the afternoon I went to Kerry’s and we shot to Taupo to sus out some work things then had some maccas and came home. I worked the maccas off at the gym afterwards. #maccasgym #manaakimaccas #mahiroera #roeradiary

Sunday 11th March 2018
Looked like I was gonna be in for a dumb, lazy Sunday. That was until Hirai came over. He asked if I wanted to go out on the boat and obviously I wasn’t gonna turn that down on a beautiful day like this(Pic). He went home to connect his boat up and get a permit and I had breakfast and a shower. He came back and picked me up then we picked up Hepi and went to Waitetoko. We launched from there. Captain Hirai boosted us around to Bulli Point. We had a swim there. Did a couple bombs. Hirai went searching for Koura. He found this huge as one! Idk what he did with it though when he got home. Anyways we left not long after and cruised around the lake then it started getting choppy so back to Waitetoko we went. We put the boat back on the trailer by lifting it up over our heads and throwing it on. We went back to Hepi’s and had some sizzlers or whatever they were and played Fortnite. I was hucked as from the night before and I crashed out. I woke up and it was just me and Morehu home and it was like 8pm😂😂. His Dad came home with KFC so I had a chicken then me and Biack Morehu went to town to pick up Hepi and Tiaki. #biack #littlebiack #chiaki #heps #bruv #captainhirai #bullipoint #paradise #lake #blue #laketaupo #boatlife #lazysunday #not #fortnite #kfc #lazyafternoon #roeradiary

Saturday 10th March 2018
Game day. Gears ready and packed now just time to wait for Jarym to come and get me. I hop in his truck and we out. Music on, speakers up, bass loud, that’s how we roll. We arrive in Waitahanui and the fields are looking mint as. Everyone slowly gets there and gets ready. Tauhara all rock up close to kickoff. The game itself was fast and intense at the start but we pulled away and won. Me and Jarym went to maccas for a feed and saw the warawhanau there too. We headed back home after that and got ready to go back to Tupara’s. Hirai and Sarah came over to see what I was up to then left then I got picked up from Jarym and had a solid night at the club rooms then out in town with everyone🙌🏽. #pb #phoenixbrothers #farewelltupara #hattrick #tauharatemaunga #maccas #warafamily #maccas #finns #roeradiary

Friday 9th March 2018
Work steeze. Do the mahi get the treats. I got the treats alright and played fortnite for the rest of the afternoon and night at Hepi’s. #fortnite #mahi #fortniteallnight #roeradiary

Thursday 8th March 2018
Thanks for the inspiration @eremoana.s can’t pull it off as good as you though. I honestly couldn’t be bothered waking up. I was shattered from the day before. I just became a lazy guy most of the day. Switched into gear for league training though. My body had finally woken up at 6pm🤦‍♂️. I had all the energy at the wrong time of the day and couldn’t get to sleep till late so I’m in for a long day tomorrow. #et #fingertouch #rugbyleague #selfie #hirangi #cringe #maccas #phoenixbrothers #pb #roeradiary

Wednesday 7th March 2017
Our trip to gisborne had come to an end. Was good while it lasted. Thanks for the sleepover Matua Peta Rangihaeata-newham. Was a very, very long trip home. I think the maccas we had for breakfast got me through the trip. Once I got home I just wanted to sleep but couldn’t so I laid on my bed restless asf. Hirai came and dropped the ps3 off and hung out for a bit and once he left I left to go get some gains at the gym. #sonsofwhetu #kaiti #rollingdownthestreetsofkaiti #roadies #longtrip #maccas #ps3 #midnightclublosangeles #gym #gains #fitness #roeradiary

Tuesday 6th March 2018
One of those rare times you’ll see me smiling. Nah jokes I like to smile a lot😄. Smiling because my day was awesome today. Early wake ups to start the day. Morning drives to reach our destination; Roll Inn, Tolaga Bay. Gotta stop at the bakery before our hard job of reffing kiorahi at Tolaga Bay Area School. Was a killer day out there in the hot sun but thankfully we got fed for our mahi. Te Waiu won overall. Got to see so much people and was happy as! I stopped into Kahus house to say hello to her whanau but all that was on my mind was a swim so off to the wharf we went. Hepi with the Manus. Back to Petas house for a shower and charge of the phones before we went to Lone Star for dinner and that was marvellous. Movies was next and time to watch Black Panther, the most overhyped movie ever but it’s still a good movie. #blackpanther #lonestar #views #kaiti #titirangi #tolaga #kiorahi #mahimaster #roeradiary

Monday 5th March 2018
I don’t do morning runs, so I went for a morning walk. Very productive. Gotta have a shower and get nice and clean for the day ahead. Mahi flies by in no time. The boys are ready so I better pick them up. Should’ve picked up Boboys first but decided to drive through town instead. Hepi puts his bags in the car and we go get Boboys. They both ready for our long roadie and here I am not even packed ready to go. I quickly throw any clothes I can see into my bag while watching the All Blacks 7s best Australia in extra time. Thank the lord🙏. It is now time to leave but we can’t go without stopping at Motutere for a swim. Hepi was the only one who hopped in😂. Fade Central was our first mission. The boys got faded but I’m a caveman and letting my hair grow luscious. Tana comes with us to get some kebabs. They were amazing. Tana heads back to work while we head on our way to gissy. 8:30pm, We’ve made it. Cruisey as trip, no hassles along the way. We arrive at Matua Petas house but there’s no sign of him there. I ring him up. He’s down the road so we pick him up and go get dinner. Maccas it is. Had the boss burger. Was the best decision I made that day. #roadies #laketaupo #morningviews #smile #goldenstatewarriors #water #hills #mountain #motutere #nz7s #fadecentral #blue #green #subi #taupo #gisborne #maccas #bossburger #matuapeta #theheps_ #boboys._ #spacedagger #roeradiary

Sunday 4th March 2018
Another lazy day because Sunday’s are for lazy days. I got bored with being lazy though so I went to the gym then went to see Hirai and we went for a swim out Motutere and that was solid. Yeah got back to Hirai’s then I gapped home. #boyinthetree #tihema #monkey #lazy #gym #gains #swim #swimming #doamanunui #bombs #bomblifenz #manuson #roeradiary

Saturday 3rd March 2018
Thought we were supposed to be doing marshalling for the Ironman but not even but I slept in anyways😂😂. Hung out with Hirai and we went to see Tak to see if I left my jandals in his truck and to grab Hirai’s gloves. My jandals weren’t in there. We stayed at taks for a bit and watched the Te Arawa regionals and Boboys and Hepi were on. What shlick guys. We went back to Hirai’s, I ate their food then went home. Got myself into the mood and went gym. #gym #tearawaregionals #hepi #boy #tak #hirai #roeradiary

Friday 2nd March 2018
Loves getting woken up by phone calls early in the morning🤦‍♂️😂. Me and Tak went on a mission and picked up the Kopapa and took them over to Rotoaira for Te Kura O Hirangi. Nice and calm out there. Tak nearly caught a fish too but sadly wasn’t to be. The Kopapa were a mission to get back on to the trailer and what’s worse is we didn’t even tie down the bucket in the waka so that flew off🤦‍♂️. Luckily didn’t hit any car. #wakakopapa #lakerotoaira #fisherman #tak #roeradiary

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