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As a young woman you have to learn how to put your career before your feelings. That love shit will leave you unfocused & broke. #RodanFields #SuccessParty #BossBabe

A few last minute refill must haves before I leave #rodanfields 💙#rfredefine #rfreverse
Thx @paulas714 💋💋💋
Keeping fit inside & out !!!

Couldn't have asked for a better weekend! My cup is running over! I can't even begin to explain all the stories I heard this weekend of what RF has done for so many people! Makes my heart so happy to know I'm apart of something so much bigger than I could ever dream!
#squad #diblegroup #teamimpact #rodanfields

👋🏻 Hey you... Looking for jaw dropping results 👆🏻 at a price to match?!? Our Lash Boost + Regimen bundle is back which means HUGE savings and FAB results! 👍🏻 #rodanfields #yourworthit #summertimeskincare

Talk about aging backwards!!! Wow!!!! Check out Christine Crandall Hamparyan's AH-MAZING transformation using Rodan + Fields products and tools!!! She says... "Go back to my 30's??? NEVER!!!" Why would she? She's gorgeous and glowing at 46!!! #getamazingskin #rodanandfields #RodanFields #agingbackwards #LifeChangingSkincare

This is definitely a hard post for me to share but I felt it was necessary because I know so many other people struggle with acne. What a journey it's been for my skin 😓 I've struggled since my early teens with hormonal acne and nothinngggg has really worked. I've been on every script, cream & pill and was ready to go on accutane until my good friend Heather recommended the skin care line @rodanfields . I wanted to give this a try before starting accutane because I was very scared of putting those chemicals in my body- and boy am I glad I did!! This transformation took about 3 months. Not only is my acne clear, that "textured" feel to my skin is gone. Best decision I've made. Just some facts - #rodanfields has now been ranked by euromonitor as the #1 skincare company (across all boards - premium & regular) in North America (US & Canada), this is above Lancôme, Clinique and Estée Lauder. It is also the #1 anti aging and premium acne line since 2015. ANY questions you have about this line- contact my friend @_gigglezzz_ . She will assess your skin concerns and give you her honest opinion about solutions. *This is not a paid or sponsored post* if you do decide to order, you will get 10% off, free shipping and a free product as well if you mention my name ❤️#acnetreatment #skincare #skincareroutine

How cute is @lacel4?! 😍 We loved having @rodanfields at the barre today. Missed us? No worries- Lacey will be back in action at @purebarrefairfax on June 11! 👏🏻 #purebarre #purebarrereston #norestinreston #rodanfields


All this talk about reunions got me thinking about the good old days...youth! 20 years ago I was 18 and ready to head out to the big unknown world at Chico State! 20 years ago by skin absorbed the damages I recklessly and unknowingly placed upon it. Oh, the things I'd go back and tell my 18 year old self; not that I necessarily would have listened!
But the same thought occurs to me today...what would the 48 or 58 year old versions of me wish to tell me now at the young old age of 38? I know what I would tell the 18 and 28 year old versions of me...take care of the skin that protects you! Thank goodness Rodan+Fields allows us the ability to erase the "ooops" from our past...especially before reunion season! 😊
#reuionready #rodanfields #erasetheoops

👉🏼The Proof is in the LASHES👈🏼 For real the easiest to use product you will ever purchase! Simply one swipe before you go to bed and your LASHES will transform!!!!!! ⭐️Easy⭐️Affordable⭐️Magic⭐️unbelievable ⭐️YOURS⭐️ #rodanfields #rodanandfields #lashboost #monthendspecials #healthyskin #youthfulskin #thoselashes #thoseeyes #thoseeyestho #lashes #lashesonfleek #lashesfordays #beauty #beautyblogger #skincare #sale

🤗😍TFW you come home to PRESENTS just for sharing your passion @rodanfields @glassybaby #rflife #rodanfields #leadtheway #glassybaby #purpose #passion #grateful

Don't forget about your skin. Current special is 20% off bundle!! DM us for details
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Have you purchased your regimen bundle yet? This offer is limited and all regimens are going fast! A regimen+Lash Boost bundle is an excellent way to achieve gorgeous skin and flutter-worthy lashes! Get an extra 10% and free shipping off your bundle order when you enroll as a Preferred Customer!! #rodanandfields #lifechangingskincare #60daymoneybackguarantee

Your skin + lashes will thank you later😘Our products are made to last 60+ days, which means the most you'll spend for flawless skin and luscious lashes is $4/day...you're so worth it🌟Link in bio👆👆👆 .
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I have never done this before, but my team is celebrating BIG things this month and I want to pay it forward! I have one of each regimen available at my consultant price up for grabs. Once they're gone, they're gone! Message me privately to claim one. 💛

Wednesday Wisdom- Now is the time to join me! 🔥Rodan + Fields is number ONE skincare brand in north America!!!
🔥Rodan + Fields is also the number one premium antiaging and acne brand in North America!
🔥And Rodan + Fields is also the fastest-growing skincare company today!
🔥and we just passed one BILLION dollars in annual sales!
❤ why wouldn't you want to try the number one skincare line in North America?...You have nothing to lose but a few lines and wrinkles, 😉 as our products have a 60 day guarantee! We are number one for a reason!!! So if you're thinking about trying the products the time is now! PM me to learn more!
❤If you're thinking of joining the business what are you waiting for??? The time is NOW!!! The beauty editors & press are buzzing about this news and our BIG upcoming product launch this April, as well as our launch into #Australia! You won't want to miss out on the opportunity to leverage this growth & capitalize on the upcoming momentum this creates in the marketplace! Get your seat on the rocket ship and message me to learn more! 🚀 🔥#RodanAndFields is on FIRE! 🔥
Only ONE can be number 1!!! ❤💁🏻 #RFJourney #1 #NowIsTheTime #RodanFields #joinmyteam #australia #canada #USA #WednesdayWisdom #BestDecisionEver

🎉BULK ORDER going in this Friday June 30th at 10:00pm MST
What have you been wanting to try? Let me know and I can order it for you no obligation to purchase again and FREE shipping!
Also don't forget about our bundle deal for a regimen and a Lash Boost! Message me, call me text me and I'll hook you up! 💁🏻 .

Ponder on this for just a second 🤔

Mmmmmm-K......Let's just say......
You're holding the door open for a stranger.
Stranger: I love your boots 💜 Where did you get them?
Me: Thank you, Dillards!
She goes to Dillards buys the boots... My commission check? $0 -- ZERO dollars 👎
Stranger: Your makeup looks soooooo good! What do you wear?
Me: Funny story 😂 It's actually my skincare, Rodan + Fields And I also use R+F Mineral peptides.
Stranger: Where do you get it?
Me: That's what is even funnier 🤣 From my Rodan + Fields website

She goes to my website and purchases as a preferred customer, my commission check..... Way more than zero 👍

I didn't have to place the order 🤗
I didn't have to collect the money 🤗
I didn't have to deliver 🤗
I simply told her where to get it and the Doctors have my virtual storefront stocked, organized, and ready for customers to browse even allowing them to get the Doctors advice through the solution tool. I do NOTHING but share where to get it & share my love for R+F. 😍

I'm not a salesperson. But I am a shareperson! I share about ANY product I love! If only every company would pay me a commission to share ! If you can talk about a product you love... And would like to be paid for it 😀 NO BRAINER!! #shareperson

•R+F are the fastest growing, #1 skincare brand in the US and Canada and we are launching in Australia soon ✨ •We offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all products. So if you feel that the products aren't right for you, send back your empty bottles and you'll get a full refund ✔️ •R+F is the first dermatologic grade skincare offered without needing to make an appointment with a dermatologist 👩🏼‍⚕️ •All products are 100% cruelty free and are NOT tested on animals 🐰 •All R+F product containers are created from recyclable materials ♻️ Love your skin, message me for a non obligatory and complimentary skin analysis 🌸Link in bio #rodanandfields #loveyourskin

Don't forget that!!

Just sharing a simple truth tonight, friends. Let's share, grow and succeed together. I can't wait to watch you soar! DM me for your first steps.
#jointheleader #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #success #quotes

Ready to try something that's actually going to give you results!? Let's talk. Whats the worse that can happen? You try it for 60 days and aren't happy so you get your money back.
PS less than 2% of people aren't happy
#realresults #numberoneforareason #rodanfields #lovemyjob

I've been having a lot of fun documenting 🎬 this 60 day personal self care + skin care journey that I'm on! I'm playing amateur Youtuber 🎤🎧 and tracking my results there. The goal is 1 video per week throughout my 60 days of using the Rodan + Fields Redefine Regimen for the first time. If you want to check it out, I've posted my YouTube channel link in my bio. Week 1 results video just went up! 🙈🙌

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