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Chapter 24
Annie:*vlogging* hey guys so yesterday I did the last concert, I didn't tell my friends but they found out when I went on Steve, we sorted out our differences and now we are all friends agains
Annie's POV: I got changed, did my make up and then my hair. Then I went down for my breakfast
Hayley: hey Annie, did you and your friends make up again
Annie: yeh, you were then when it all happened
Hayley: I think I was asleep
Annie: 😂😂, got to go byeee Hayley
Hayley: byeee Annie
Annie's POV: I met up with Hayden
Hayden: hey Annie, can I ask you something
Annie: sure Hayden
Hayden: do you know at school when people were shouting your name did they know about you Channel
Annie: yeh, but I told all the fans not to say anything because I wanted to sunrise you all
Hayden: ahh your so cute, what your Channel called
Annie: I am not telling you
Hayden: why not
Annie: maybe because you will see me when I was little
Hayden: trust me I will find
Annie: please don't
Fan: OMG Annie, you were amazing last night
Annie: thanks
Annie: love you 2
Hayden: i didn't know you were this famous
Annie: I surprise you every day
Hayden: you do Leblanc
Brooke: everyone is shouting your name Annie
Annie: I know
Kenzie: this is amazing
Annie: what is
Kenzie: being friends with a famous person
Annie: 😂😂
Everyone: we love you Annie
Annie: I love you
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Love _.hanniefanfics._

I'm Discontinuing "I can't believe I'm falling for him because I just haven't been like ok let's do a chapter and if I say I'm going to a chapter I end up not doing that I'm sorry but I'm going to be starting a new chapter called "The secret" and I hope you enjoy it!!!! 😊
#hanniefanfic #hanniefanficion #rockyouhair #bratayley #hannie #hannieforever #hanniefanfics #rockyouhair

secrets chapter 50 *3 days later* (Annie Pov)
today hayden and i are going on our trip for our anniversary and i’m really excited because we both need this more than anything. i packed our bags and the baby’s bags and began getting ready. i put the babies in their outfits (swipe) and sat them in their cribs to lay until we left.
H- hey annie, do you want me to pack the car?
A- yea, that would help, just get all the baby stuff right now
H- okay
i finished my makeup (swipe) and put on my outfit for the car ride (swipe) i threw my hair into a messy bun (swipe) and began packing more stuff.
*few minutes later*
we eventually got everything in the car and dropped off the babies and now we are headed to our surprise location
A- so hayden where are we going?
H- that’s a secret...
A- how long till we are there
H- um about 3 hours
A- ugh is gonna take a nap
*annie wakes up from her nap*
A- ugh how long was i asleep.
H- about 10 minutes
A- omg really
H- no almost 2 1/2 hours...
A- i was fixing to say
H/ yea we are almost there (Annie Pov)
hayden and i got to the hotel and got settled in and i got dressed to go to dinner (swipe). i went a little extra with my makeup since we are going fancy (swipe) and did my hair (swipe). we got to the restaurant and ordered. as we were waiting, hayden seemed like something was wrong, he was biting his nails, he only does that when he is really nervous...

sorry guys this is short but i felt like i needed to post something, sorry i’ve been gone. •
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So apparently people are harassing @daniellecohn of photoshopping and making her self “fake” when she’s suppose to boost confidence? Thoughts on this??? My thoughts are that she needs to be happy with her self and stop being fake cause she always says love your self when clearly she doesn’t love her self. It’s getting to far and annoying tbh. “££££
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secrets chapter 48 (Annie Pov)
last night the twins did really well and didn’t wake up much which was good for hayden and I. i woke up and hayden wasn’t in our bed, i walked into the kitchen to he smell of biscuits and the sound of bacon sizzling.
A- hey, what are you doing?
H- just making breakfast for my girl
A- awe you’re so sweet, i’m gonna go get ready
H- alright babe see you later
i walked in to my closet and picked out my outfit (swipe), curled my hair, and put on my makeup. next, i got up the twins, fed them, and put on their outfits which jayden got them for our baby shower (swipe). i walked back into the kitchen and ate breakfast with hayden and we got in his truck and went to my moms.
*at annies moms*
AM- so i see everything is better?
A- yea, i guess so. we got to go we are going to be late. love you.
AM- love y’all too. have fun
*they arrive at school*
T- alright students, today we are going to have a free day because i need to do some stuff at my desk.
ALL- yay
A- thank goodness, i can sleep.
H- we can facetime the babies
A- awe let’s do it.
*face time call*
A- how are they doing?
AM- well they cried when you left but i just got them to stop
A- awe that makes me want to cry.
AM- are y’all not doing anything?
H- no we have a free day so we figured we talk to y’all
AM- well we are good around here. and annie i love their outfits.
A- omg ik jayden got them for us and we thought they were so funny
AM- alright well i got to go, we love y’all
A&H- we love y’all too.
the rest of the day went by really slow bc i didn’t have any more classes with hayden :( after last period i went to the parking lot and got into hayden’s truck and we left.
H- so annie are we going this weekend?
A- i think so, who’s babysitting?
H- either your mom or mine
A- let’s do yours because my mom keeps them everyday
H- okay ill talk to her
we picked up the twins and went home. tonight kenzie and johnny are coming over so i fixed diner while we waited
H- is their anything i can do?
A- can you check on the babies?
H- yea sure.
A- alright
*knock knock*
A- ill get it
*opens door*
A- oh hey guys!!
K- hey anns
J- hey annie, where’s hayden?

secrets chapter 47 (annie pov)
i got done with my homework and hayden and i have the twins a bath and changed them into their pjs (swipe). i fed them and then layer them down
H- wow we made some pretty cute kids
A- i agree, it’s like i cant ever leave them
H- this weekend is going to be rough
A- how about let’s not go😅
H- annie, you need this, and it’s our 7 months
A- ik it’s just i want to protect them with my life.
H- well so do i but i also want to spend a weekend with my amazing girlfriend
A- awe ily. i’m gonna go take a shower
H- alright i’m gonna go play x-box
i got out of the shower and put on my pjs and brushed my hair and i walked into the living room.
A- hey babe, come take a shower really quick.
H- okay. why?
A- so we can snuggle before i fall asleep.
H- yes mam😉
i turned off all the lights and walked into our room. hayden was in the shower and taylor woke up crying.
A- awe. it’s okay. mommy’s here. hey don’t cry. you’re gonna wake your brother up.
i began feeding her and she fell asleep instantly and i put her back in the bassinet and hayden walked out.
H- was that a baby crying?
A- yea, taylor woke up when you started the shower
H- oh sorry babe
A- no it’s okay, she’s back asleep.
hayden put on some shorts and layed in the bed shirt less
A- it’s so cold, how are you not wearing a shirt
H- i’m actually really hot
A- yea you especially without that shirt on😉😍
H- you’re too cute annie
A- i love you hayden, good night
H- i love you too anns.
i fell asleep in hayden’s arms and i was so happy with life. we are no longer fighting and i wanted to stay in his arms forever. •
sorry for the short chapter, more tomorrow •
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secrets chapter 46
Ja- you’re gonna break up with him!?!?!
A- oh no that’s not what i meant, i just feel like i need a break from all of this, so much stress has been put on my body the last couple of days
Ja- annie, that’s why you need to go this weekend. just give it a shot.
A- i mean i guess i could try *bell rings*
(Annie Pov)
i go through the rest of my classes without hearing one word the teachers were saying. my mind was on hayden and our family. maybe it was a good idea to go this weekend, maybe i did over react, it’s just i feel like i’m holding hayden down and i need to talk to him about it. the end of the day came and i headed over to my moms to get the babies.
AM- well? did y’all talk?
A- um kinda, he wants to take me out of town this weekend for our anniversary but idk if i can do it.
AM- annie, i think you need it. with as much as your body has went through these past couple of days, y’all need it and if you need a babysitter, i will do it.
A- well thanks mom, i just need to talk to hayden.
AM- alright, well the babies are in your old room taking a nap.
A- okay ill go get them
AM- alright, i can help you.
A- were they good today?
AM- yea, for the most part.
A- alright well i’m gonna go, thanks for watching them see you tomorrow.
AM- alright bye love you.
*annie leaves*
i was driving home and was getting a call from hayden. i didn’t know if i wanted to answer or not. but i did. *phone call*
A- hello?
H- how far away are y’all?
A- um about 5 minutes. why?
H- well i picked up dinner. so you wouldn’t have to cook.
A- okay thanks, i’ll see you when we get there.
*annie arrives*
H- is chick-fil-a good?
A- yea, thanks.
H- here let me help you with the babies.
A- okay i was going to change their diapers if you wanted to help?
H- yea ik do anything.
A- hayden, i know you’re trying to suck up.
H- look annie, i’m sorry.
A- no hayden, i over reacted.
H- tonight i’ll get up and change them.
A- hayden, i don’t care about that, it’s just this morning you acted like i got a full night of perfect sleep.
H- i’m sorry, i’m just really cranky in to mornings
A- and if you want to go to johnny’s, then go.
H- no i have much important things here.

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3 мonтн annιverѕary ғor тнιѕ accoυnт ιn 2 dayѕ
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нayden and вrooĸe!
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annιe and вrooĸe!
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This is amazing 😻🔥
I wish I was there 😕💖

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