LIMITED QTY still available at our Columbus New Balance stores! Taking a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland or even on a Disney Cruise Line adventure this summer? Why not be in Minnie Fashion and #RockTheDots! #newbalanceohio ❤️ #disney #shoes #minniemouse #newbalance #minnieshoes

No capes just crepes sundae - now available in Walt Disney world’s Tomorrowland , at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies . Chocolate hazelnut filled crepes , with vanilla soft serve , topped with lightly frozen strawberries and blueberries. And of course a white chocolate printed Edna on top. Cost $6.99 Review : 👍
It’s big enough to share for sure . Which makes it an even better value . Crepes are supper yummy . 🙌🏼
My only suggestion - the soft serve there is not rich to me , it’s more watery. Top it off with the vanilla soft serve from aloha island 🤯And drizzle the chocolate hazelnut sauce on top. 🤯 @waltdisneyworld
And yes Disney ... I would be happy to work for u food testing 😂😜
Would I buy again ? Yes!

New dress has all the Minnie vibes ❤️

My first born. My oldest daughter when she was little. Dancing with Mickey Mouse. Her grandpa works at Disneyland @dailydisneywithdrea #Beautiful #MyDaughter #Princess #MinnieMouse #MickeyMouse #Castle #Ears #RockTheDots #California #CA#

Bath time with our little Minnie Mouse❤️Yoo-hoo! 🐭
#disneystyle #minniestyle #rockthedots #disneymoms #disneybaby #disneyfamily

More rose gold because why not ✨. I love using Minnie’s silhouette. It’s the perfect combination of classy and sassy ♥️🖤 .
This will be available starting tomorrow! Processing time will be one week in total. All dishes come with a clear glossed bottom now, which leads an option to have the bottom of your dish painted in the same color as the edge. •••
Will you be grabbing one? ✨ .
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Hey fam just wanted to make a little post since I haven't been very active on this account. Raising awareness for mastocytosis (and rare diseases in general) is super important to me for many reasons (maybe I'll do a post on it), so I really want to be posting more, but I've reached a point in my journey where Im working on a lot of things that I'm not ready to share. When I'm ready to talk I will certainly share, but for now my posts might be less about my personal experiences (I am going to post more tho!). Thank you all for the support and love, and please feel free to dm me anytime with questions or if there's something you'd like me to make a post about (I'm always open to ideas!) Sending much love out to you all! #mastocytosis #dystonia #scoliosis #chronicillness #polkadotprincess #rockthedots #invisibleillness

The couple who dress together, stay together 😜❤️ Matchy matchy Classic Mickey n’ Minnie outfits for today’s fun 🎉

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