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Morning #beadOrganization starts the day off on the right foot 👌🏼😃🌈📿 I also got a new shelf to hold some of my random treasures. My desk is my happy space 🔮⭐️ #WhereTheMagicHappens ps, thanks for all the love on the video I shared yesterday, y'all are amazing and so sweet, I will plan to do more videos if I can muster up the courage 😋

A year ago I journeyed into the desert, found these rocks and painted them. Today I'm venturing back to the desert!!! 🌵💚🌵 I have painted 30 of these "portraits" so far and there's no end in sight.

Stay strong! 👊
📷 @robstrok

Good morning! ☀️ I am full of inspiration and calm energy after Tuesday's trip to the Witch City of Salem, MA with @thewildpine. We shopped for crystals and witchy wares, ate (...a ton, including the best macarons ever from @caramelpatisserie), talked, took photos, and even ran into @halcyonjewelry for serendipitous dinner and drinks. So excited to choose a spot for my blue calcite sphere from @villagesilversmith and @paddywaxcandles rose candle from @roostandcompany. I also snagged a book I've been after for a while, some crystals for pieces (also from @villagesilversmith), and @thewildpine bought me an early birthday gift: a mug from @hauswitch that I've wanted forever. Spent all day yesterday with my family, but I'm packing and sending everyone's orders out today and working on pieces for my next update (TBA), before my two nieces come spend the night. Wishing you all a wonderful day! ☕️💎🔮📚

Rock formations of the Adelaide Rift Complex are visible in the South Australian Outback. The swirling patterns are composed of sediments that were deposited in a large basin more than 540 million years ago. Since then, the land has folded and faulted to become a large mountain range, and then experienced extensive erosion to become the relatively low ranges that are visible today. For a sense of scale, this Overview shows approximately 260 square kilometers (100 square miles). /// Created by @benjaminrgrant, source imagery: @digitalglobe


Blue quartz in a granitic rock. Quartz in igneous rock is usually colorless. The bluish color of the quartz crystals here is probably due to scattering of blue light--Rayleigh scattering--by tiny inclusions of ilmenite (iron-titanium oxide) or rutile (titanium oxide). Similarly, the sky is blue due to scattering of blue light by molecules/particles in the atmosphere. (Exterior stone at Royal China BBQ restaurant, St. Louis)


Discovered a piece of #oceanjasper in our collection is really UV active. Swipe for UV shot . Any insight on this? @euts_art @mitchsander #rocks #minerals #nfs #uvshit

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Oh boy oh boy a beaut she is!! Self collected, classic big diggins agate in the saw. Deciding to only take one slab off this side. And probably face of the remaining sides and polish it up! #rocks #rockhound #guyswithpiercings #guyswithtattoos #asian

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