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Throwback to this free solo climb by Dan Osman. 💪🏼
No ropes needed! 😮

Saturday mood👍🏻👍🏻 #rockclimbing #ilovecalifornia last week at Malibu Creek State Park 📷 @ingorademacher

Always psyched to climb outside! ✨💕🌈🦄💎 // PC: @akornylak

** @matt_likes_climbing Takeover ** Matt here. I climb a lot, but I also like taking photos too. Here's one of my photos of my friend Casey setting up for a deadpoint to a tiny hold on a route at Smith called "Cry of the Gerbil".

Pitch 2 of Kill Artist offers a little bit of everything. The highlight is the pivot under the detached block. One day it will fall and offer up some proper bouldering. @shantipack on the send day this past Wednesday. Video in the works by @dustin.007.

تائويي كه بتوان آن را بر زبان آورد
تائويي جاودان نخواهد بود
نامي كه بتوان آن را ذكر كرد ؛نامي جاودان نخواهد بود
آنچه نميتوان برايش نامي نهاد حقيقت جاويد است.
رها از آرزوها ميتوان اسرار را درك كرد..
دربند آرزو تنها ميتوان جلوه ها را ديد..!
اسرار نهان و جلوه هاي عريان هردو يك منبع اند، و اين را تاريكي ناميده اند!
تاريكي در تاريكي؛
دروازه ورود به دنياي شناخت !
#rockclimbing #chalabehroctrip #climbing#lasportiva #wish

rock climbing with @chloe


1st Rock formation I Climbed.

I miss climbing, hopefully get back to it in the summer #tb #ItsNotEazy #climbing #rockclimbing

Celebrating three incredible years with my Mur. I don't think I could ask for a better partner to wander through life with. @murraygraemeglenn

Enjoying this life risk taking adventure.

Tremendo día con los cabros ayer! 🍃🐒😁
📷 @matias_ims_
#rockclimbing #escalada

Rosa sending her first Indian Creek 5.11 in style🤘

One of the best parts of traveling is meeting rad climbers from all walks of life and all different places around the globe 🌎

As you know, I am afraid of heights but the key to getting over a fear of heights is thinking "I can do it"🤘😎⛰🍃
#stampishappy #epsodelll #rockclimbing #letsrockclimbing #rockclimbinggirls

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