The awesome Kacey made an awesome promo pack for Rock CF. ❤ #rockcf #rockcf131 #cysticfibrosis #niecelove❤️

I am so proud of myself!! I stayed with my plan to not run until today! I knew my body needed to rest this week. I still stayed active and worked on strength and stretching. I have a hard time just sitting still 😁 My plan was to run 2-3 miles SLOWLY today and I ended up with a slow 5k. I am on VACATION for the next TEN days!! We really have no plans, but I like that! I am going to take it easy for the rest of the day. Happy Good Friday friends!! #motherrunner #ilovetorun #posthalfmarathon #runnergirl #halfmarathoner #rockcf #rockcf131 #morningrunner #runner #run

I am still just so geeked after my half on Sunday! I didn't PR and was not planning to either, just wanted to run it for the cause! This was my favorite race that I've run! Everything from the race swag to the volunteers and the after race food was just amazing! I was bummed with myself for walking a little of it, which I've never done before, but my body was so tired and needed to walk. My time was only 10 minutes longer than my last half, which I didn't walk. I look forward to run in this race again next year!!! #rockcfhalfmarathon #rockcf #rockcf131 #irun #runner #motherrunner #runmichigan

Still riding the high from Sunday's race, but it's time for the real work to begin. Thanks @rockcfem for an amazing race! #rockcf #rockcf131 #rockcfrivers

Another pic of the sweet and VERY Energetic Paige with her mommy Cara and I after the half yesterday!! Cara has always been there for me through the years and I there for her. Life gets crazy and hard and we know we are still there for each other. It's just an unspoken known thing between the two of us. It was so cold yesterday and they waited for me until I finished!! #friends4ever #runningforacause #rockcf #rockcf131

This is Paige 💜 She is the reason I ran 13.1 miles yesterday for #rockcf!! I had no idea that my friend Cara was bringing her to see me finish the race! I was tired,starving and emotional when I reached the finish. Suddenly I heard my name and there was Cara, words CANNOT describe the feeling of emotions that completely took me over. It's a feeling that I will never forget. I had a purpose to run that half and holding that little beauty afterwards and getting hugs from Cara and her Mom, Chris was just priceless. I am very sore today, but my heart is full! This will continue to be a race I run annually and it will always be for Paige and to hope to find a cure for cystic fibrosis. I had a few rough patches after 7.5 miles, but I just kept thinking about why I was doing it and how important it was for me to finish. What an amazing amazing race and day!!! #motherrunner #runner #runners #run #rockcf #rockcf131 #rockcfhalfmarathon #run #running #runningforacause

Just because I took the virtual race option, doesn't mean the bling was any less awesome! This thing is amazingly heavy, and the same medal given to those who did the half yesterday in Grosse Ile! I'll cherish this beauty, forever! 💙⚡️ #MedalMonday #rockcf #outruncf #rockcf131 #rivershalfmarathon #sweatpink #fitapproach #run #runner #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #infinitejoggers #runitfast #monitorthebeat #runshots #runnershoutouts #runnerscommunity #motherrunner #bamr

Wow! Wow! Wow! Is all I have to say about my half this morning 💜 I have to say that this was my favorite race to date. I have many reasons why I enjoyed it so much!! One reason was the scenery was so nice and the course was great! This race was so well organized and the cause is so close to my heart. It was so fabulous to see so many runners supporting cf!! I broke my rule of never walking during a race, but I needed to walk around mile 7.5 for about a minute. I walked a few more times as my hamstring was so tight and I didn't want to hurt anything. I didn't set out to PR either, I just wanted to do this race for my friends little girl, Paige! I decided 2 weeks ago to do a fundraiser and made $625 in 2 weeks 💜💜 I have more pics I'll share, but I'm exhausted and ready for bed! I hope everyone had a great Sunday!! #rockcfhalfmarathon #rockcf #rockcf131 #halfmarathon #halfmarathoner #ilovetorun #motherrunner#mysoxyfeetambassador

I was shocked to recently discover that there are soo many negative opinions on the infamous 13.1 car decal. (Technically I was already a half marathoner before friday, but that's beside the point of this post.) If you google '13.1 sticker' you will find a ton of blogs on them, and how soo many non-runners (AND runners) find them to either be stupid, or bragging, or not worth slapping on your vehicle for the whole world to see. But this 'sticker' is soo much more, to me, than just a sticker. It's a great reminder that I can, in fact, do hard stuff. Even if I'm about to pass out, throw up, severly overheated, miserable, or about to die, I CAN do hard stuff, because I did! I hope when others pass me it gives them confidence to take that leap of faith & try something that seems so hard to them; whether it's a 5k, 10k, 13.1, or just getting off their butt to start!. I hope they will think I'm pretty awesome too. 😂😂😂
Please know my heart behind the sticker and my post is to hopefully encourage someone else, or YOU! And know that it was 150% EARNED on friday, and was a total group effort! Burley, Emma, Cindy, and those with CF: this one's for you! ❤️⚡️ I may or may not be thinking about trying for 1 more. 😳🙊 I'm still a little bitter about how everything went on friday. I know what I can do, and that was soo far from it!
#rockcf131 #rockcf #rockcfhalfmarathon #rivershalfmarathon #13point1 #sweatpink #fitapproach @fitapproach #inspiringwomenrunners #womensrunningcommunity #run #runner @bthree87 @cindyfernguyen @rockcfem

Rock CF Half Marathon on Grosse Ile with running partner in crime @ndmueller2 ➡️ and what I looked like after I PR'd!! 😂#rockcf #rockcfhalfmarathon #rockcf131 🙌🏻

Running as healing: since Larry was killed, my family has found many ways to grieve. It took me a long time to realize it, but to live his legacy of training to be as fit as possible for his profession has been helpful in the journey. A teammate from high school lived in Walled Lake at the time of the murder, and I've had the joy of reconnecting with him and follow his own running journey, so I was thrilled to run into him today! Here is to a great PR of 1:39:03 and many more! #rockcf #rockcf131 #rockcfrivers #teamnuun #URTribe #ffcrew

Rocked out on Grosse Ile this morning! Got my 1/2 Marathon PR of 2:02:05!
#RunHappy #RunChat #RunMichigan #RockCF #RockCF131

I'm grooming future running partners. #run4prs #runmichigan #instarunners #igrunners They both set PR's (it was their first 5k) They did great, 21 min for him and 28 min for her (no training other than lacrosse and soccer practice) Tomorrow is #rockcf131 for me. Gonna be fun. Below freezing temps forecasted but the wind should be calm.

Cutest volunteers of the day. #rockcf #rockcf131 #grosseile

Carb loading for Rock CF tomorrow... Or Saturday morning breakfast for the regular folks....
#RunHappy #RunChat #RockCF #RockCF131

'Find your tribe, and love them hard.'
Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am that God brought you into my life Cindy! He knew I needed you!! BAD! Like so so bad! The finish line you spent hours drawing and creating for me was perfect today! I was so happy knowing I was going to cross that because of the company you gave me today to keep me going! I'm sooo freaking insanely blessed to have you! You just have no idea! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for loving me even after you saw me at my lowest today and heard my sailors mouth. 🙊 WE DID IT sole sista!!! 13.1 sub 2! 🎉👊💥
#solesista #mybestfriend #bamr #sweatpink #fitapproach #inspiringwomenrunners #womensrunningcommunity #instarunners #infinitejoggers #runshots #runnersofinstagram #RunItFast #runnershoutouts #runnerSCommunity #RCRunneroftheweek #monitorthebeat #outruncf #rockcf131 #rockcfhalfmarathon #13point1

Yikes! That came up FAST!! I am really excited for tomorrow, but still super nervous too! I am so proud of myself that I actually stuck with my taper schedule this week 😉 I NEVER take a Saturday off, so it felt so strange waking up and not going out to run 😐 tomorrow will be here before I know it!! I'm ready to #outruncf!!#rockcfhalfmarathon #rockcf #rockcf131 #ilovetorun #motherrunner #irun #mysoxyfeetambassador #bringingsoxyback #instarunners

I don't even know where to start on the recap of this race. Like seriously I could write a book. So here's just a few "highlights." ➡️ I'm sunburnt. My arms are red and on fire from rubbing. This is a first! My bra rubbed me raw. Another first! I stopped 7 times! Yes y'all, 7! Another first! I took down 2 & a half bottles of water. Then poured a bottle all over my head/body & had to stop & put an ice pack on the back of my neck. Another first! I got heat exhaustion. Like legit heat exhaustion. Another first! I took a new route, on all public roads, Burley & Emma followed behind me in my truck, and we got pulled TWICE because we were holding up traffic! 1. That's a good way to make you feel slow & like crap! 2. We clearly live in an area where people obviously don't exercise! And 3. People are so rude! (The cop thought my race was awesome & told us to just give the people a big middle finger! 😂) I never had ANY pain! Another first! And lastly, I have blisters on my toes. Yet again, another first!
I called my best friend at roughly mile 9.5ish because music was no longer cuttin' it. My usual long run song didn't uplift me anymore. I was so past done. The conversation ended with her hopping on her road bike & coming to find me. She saw me hit my wall BAD! Lots of F bombs were said, lots of whining, lots of sheer exhaustion was felt, and as soon as my watch hit that 13.1 I busted into tears! Like full blown ugly crying! I could not believe after the intense conditions and hills I went through today, what my watch was reflecting back at me! "CINDY I DID IT! I GOT UNDER 2!" She threw her (very expensive) bike down & we both stood for a good 2-3 minutes hugging each other & sobbing! 1:59:19! The longest 1 hour and 59 minutes of my life! Like seriously, med-free childbirth was easier! 😂 •••
Thank you everyone for the kind words, the encouragement, and the prayers! Welcome back to my boring ol 3 mile jogger-pushin' run posts! 😉😂
#RockCF131 #outruncf #rockcfhalfmarathon #rivershalfmarathon #13point1 #Philippians413 #strongforme #strongforemma #sweatpink #fitapproach #zensah #withoutlimitz #newtonrunning #hellobetter #inspiringwomenrunners #womensrunningcommunity

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