Another shot of the beautiful spot at @awalledgarden where @lululemonuk will be running their classes from 10am - 6pm on the 12th May at Detox Health Beauty day (🙏☀️🌞). They are bringing 60 yoga mats and a team of incredible instructors including @rock_a_barre_baby_ @reviveyogabreaks @poweryogaplus @soulshineyogaedinburgh 🌟To buy Early Bird tickets, follow the link in the bio 💫🌟

The beautiful spot at @awalledgarden where @lululemonuk will be running their classes from 10am - 6pm on the 12th May at Detox Health Beauty day (🙏☀️🌞). They are bringing 60 yoga mats and a team of incredible instructors including @rock_a_barre_baby_ @reviveyogabreaks @poweryogaplus @soulshineyogaedinburgh 🌟To buy Early Bird tickets, follow the link in the bio 💫🌟


@rock_a_barre_baby_ lulu lemon Edinburgh takeover!! Free class with me at @lululemon Edinburgh📍Sunday the 11th of March at 10am!
First come first space!
See you all there 🌟

For the whole month of March the Rock-a-barre babes will be guiding a FREE barre class every Sunday at 10am @lululemonuk on George st! Each class themed to a funky fresh playlists 👊🏼💪🏼
March 4th Barre with Lauren – Girl bands bring it.
March 11th Barre with Meryl - Beyonce v Kanye.
March 18th Barre with Lauren – Pop squad.
March 25th Barre with Louise – Sunday Sass.
Don’t miss out! First come first mat space.
@merylstewartdancefitness @louhunter_ @welivelovelaugh

Heading out for a cheeky #rockabarrebaby #barre class @thebarreworkout this morning thanks @mismaxine possibly my last class before the wriggler arrives such a great class for mums to be #fitpregnancy keeping it flexy ❤️💪👯‍♀️

I was on another training course and was asked “what’s your biggest fear when working with postnatal clients?”
Many of the group replied with the usual physical worries and fears that we see postnatally; diastasis recti, or women that have had traumatic births.
I’ve researched for years, studied, read books and articles and been on countless trainings .... but I’ve not had a baby.
It’s easy to look at a diagram of separated abdominals and learn the exercises to fix it, but do these women believe me?! I don’t know what it feels like so why should they?! That’s my biggest fear.
Working with postnatal mums has been the most rewarding, humbling and challenging journey so far. I learn something from these mums every day that a textbook or manual cannot teach you. I work hard to earn their trust and ask only that they’re patient. It takes 9 months to make a miracle and there is no time limit or rule on how long it should take to restore your core afterwards.. I’m not a Mum yet (one day) so until then I’ll keep reading, listening, researching and learning from the inspiring women around me. And hopefully one day, all those motherhood secrets will be unlocked... and I’ll truly understand and feel every sensation that I talk about and teach!
To all mothers out there ... you’re seriously badass 💪🏼

Exercise is more than just the physical act... it makes me feel strong, empowered, sexy, womanly and ready to take on the world! ✨ You see sweat, I see sexy glow!
Barre class @rock_a_barre_baby_ on Rose st helps me find my glow ✨

Keep calm. Studio reopens tomorrow Feb 1st, and there are more barre classes than ever! 💖💗

Drum roll please! 🥂🌹👍🏼💪🏼introducing the fabulous @merylstewartdancefitness who completed her Rock-a-barre teacher training in October and will be teaching every Monday at the barre, 18:30. Meryl’s classes are killer, and she loves to make you sweat! We promise she won’t ask you to touch your foot to your head 🤣🤣 but maybe close?!! Come meet Meryl at the barre, she’s got all the new barre moves and awesome tunes and she promises to give you a workout your 🍑will feel for days!!

Taught my first Pilates class since qualifying today and it was a mum and baby class! A little nervous and lots to learn as I go but loved working with theses badass mums! Thanks to @rock_a_barre_baby for all the support and good vibes ⚡ ⚡ ⚡
#freelancelife #professionaldevelopment #pilatesinstructor #postnatalexercise #postpartum #rockabarrebaby #mumandbaby #YouTime #recovery #pilates

#lovevibrations #happysaturday everyone a very fun and productive day started off with #antenatal #barre #rockabarrebaby class followed by delicious #brunch lost in conversation at #violetscafe then a little bit of prepping for a #tinyhumans arrival! I’m planning on a bath bomb and bed to top it all off just a #perfectday plus the snot lurgy battle has almost been won #winning 💓

What a way to spend a morning. Challenging barre class in the Sky Bar with a fantastic view. Yummy oats breakfast and great chat from the fresh life about detoxing your kitchen and taking better care of yourself. 💕🙏 Can’t wait to sign up to the mum and baby barre class!

Day 3 and 4 of #upsidedowniscomingtotown is #dolphinpose and #lowboatpose
Both of which were a little challenging after #barreclass which was...well, brutal if I’m honest but felt great for strength building. #ballerinasarebadass #yogachallenge @upsidedownmama @kinoyoga @umstuff @omstarsofficial thanks for this #inversion #yogachallenge #yogi #yogini #yogisofinstagram #portobelloyoga #edinburghyogi #rockabarrebaby

Reshape your world 💪🏼
A barre class could be just what you need to kick start your fitness regime or push you to the next level. Why wait til 2018.. meet the Rock-a-barre warriors who haven’t looked back! Whatever your age or fitness level, get started today !
Follow @rock_a_barre_baby_ for booking link ✨💪🏼🙏🏼

Yoga ✨ Pilates ✨ Barre ✨Movement matters ✨

~Baby Yoga~ Introducing the see-saw... Sitting baby up right on your thighs, sliding one leg down towards the mat whilst keeping the other leg up right. Baby will gently rock back & forth. Continue this movement by alternating legs ✨ #babyyoga #rockabarrebaby #yoganats #babyyogi #seesaw #edinburgh #mumandbaby #parentandbaby #yogi

Setting up for my lovely Baby Yoga class at @rock_a_barre_baby_ 🙏🏼 this is one of my favourite classes to teach as you see the results straight away, parents leaving with sleeping babies 💕 #bliss #Baby #yoga #Babyyoga #edinburgh #rockabarrebaby #yoganats

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