Monty meets the robot vacuum cleaner 😬 not impressed! 🤣💙🤣

What could be better? I’m enjoying some down time and the robot vacuum starts doing its work! This is a modern convenience I love! .
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Don't fear the monsters under your bed,
But these monsters fill the bravest with dread!
One will stare with red glaring eyes
A creepy look you'll soon despise!
The next will swallow your crumbs and hair,
No single dust bunny shall be spared!
The last will lick your stinky toes
And boop you with his cold wet nose!
Who, oh who are these monstrous three?
The ones who terrorize with glee!
You know it's your favorite husky pup
And his squeaky toy who won't shut up!
Who is this third monstrous musketeer,
The most useful one of all us here?
Why, it's the @bObsweep #PetHairPlus!
The most helpfulest of all of us!
The greatest monster beneath the bed
bOb will help you get ahead!
No more vacuum cleaning fuss,
Thanks to #bObsweep PetHair Plus! | Thank you @bObsweep for sending us such a marvelous #robotvacuum to help us keep our home squeaky clean. ✨

Want a clean apartment without lifting a finger? Sit back, relax, and let the @neatorobotics get to work.

Is he still there?? Oh my god, he's looking right at me, isn't he? 😳🤖 Shoo, Bob, I don't have any treats! Try looking under the couch. 🙄
📸: @benzothecat
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Did you know…
There are currently 4,000 robots serving in the US military.

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Robot vacuum tidies up the flat with timing and precision via @neatorobotics 🤖 #robots #robotvacuum #tidyup #clean

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