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Pulled a Robo Force Wrecker from the dollar bin. Not the best condition, but mine now.
#roboforce #toys

Trying to emulate that vintage airbrush feel #fangar #roboforce #toyfinity

More sheet goodness. This time it's RoboForce #sheets #roboforce

With information gleaned from a fading mechanical being, MAXX ZERO set out for the planet of his creation: ZETON, world of living robots.
But he would not find a vibrant, alive world when he arrived - Maxx was met by hyper lasers and resigned to the scrapheap of history.
Only the unexpected awakening of the enigmatic ZEM and his unleashing of the powers of DYNAGENESIS allowed Maxx to return to life and battle the evil forces of the CULT OF DRED.

After years of battle, Maxx left planet Zeton after a debilitating loss to the Cult of Dred.
Maxx found himself in a tangle with Demonslither that required the rest of the Robo Force and DING, the sole survivor of an extradimensional apocalypse, to solve.

Renewed, Maxx vowed to go back to Zeton and defeat NAZGAR - but to his surprise, another Star Hawk arrived on the planet. Inside was ASSASSIN, a Neo Zeroid, and his protector STRIKER, an earlier Zeroid model. After a brief skirmish with Darkness Soldiers, Maxx discovered the existence of a rare element RYTON which could hold the key to defeating Nazgar once and for all...but he would need to find the Prime Zeroids to get it.

So Maxx and the Robo Force set off across the stars, meeting different tribes of Neo Zeroids. Finally he was directed to the last known coordinates of ZINTAR THE EXPLORER.
It had been mere minutes after meeting Zintar when HUN-DRED THE CONQUEROR attacked.
Maxx had battled him before, but Hun-Dred was massively more powerful now. Zintar fought back against Hun-Dred, but he also was not strong enough.

After a particularly devastating hit that left Maxx and Zintar laying, Hun-Dred gloated that this would be the end of the Robo Force. Maxx felt a pulse from deep inside his Z-Core...his external armor activated a version of chameleon mode, his colors shifting to match Zintar...Vents on his chest opened and his eyes flashed as Zintar's flashed....it was then that Maxx and Zintar combined, bringing the SUPER ZEROID to life.
#roboforce #zeroids
Add Maxx Zeroid to your collection tonight at Toyfinity.blogspot.com!

RAM, the space champ! My creation made from various parts of multiple roboforce kits @toyfinity 😃
#glyos #roboforce #onelldesign #ramthespacechamp

Super Zeroid confronts the imposter Super Zeroid Black

New #Glyos #Zeroids and #RoboForce drop is coming tomorrow from #Toyfinity @Toyfinity


Thanks #toyfinity! I ordered some deep cut nostalgia known as #RoboForce from them and got the ultimate classic colors versions of #maxsteel and #hundred but they also sent me some #muscle colored #mordles as a bonus!

Was messing around with my Roboforce kit and decided to put in a Sentinel the Protector configuration.
The Sentinel head/configuration always appealed to me the most out of all the Roboforce stuff I saw, and having it in-hand has only made me like it more. Pretty sure I'll be keeping this guy in this configuration for a while...provided I can stop myself from playing/building/messing with this thing non-stop.
#glyos #glyoscompatible #toyfinity #roboforce #toyphotography

My first Roboforce figure ever came in today! ^__^
Was gonna take a bunch of pictures and semi-review it and all that, but I spent most of today just playing and building with it instead. Super glad I saved up to grab Hun-Dred, should've gotten ahold of one of these guys ages ago.

#glyos #glyoscompatible #toyfinity #roboforce

Damn I love this thing

The Fallen Warlords of Wor. This band of ne'er do wells fled in disgrace after their violent, disfiguring banishment from the land of Wor. In the course of their travels they have scavenged and stolen any material, useful or otherwise, to aid them in their journey. #warlordsofwor #roboforce #beantownbeans #spoonracer #weaponeersofmonkaa #battletribes #glyos #glyanalliance #onelldesign #toyfinity #spymonkeycreations #manormonsterstudios #beantown #toys #toysaremydrug #toyphotography #indietoys #monstrosity #mutant #reavers

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