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Do not mess with Robin Hood. 🏹😳 #Nottingham #robinhood #tour

[3x15 "Quiet Minds"]
Today I found out that my second cousin is also a fangirl and she's a part of our crazy fandom lives. I guess it runs in the family 😏
(her acc is @siredtoandrews)
Have you ever met someone and then found out that they're also part of a fandom?
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comment 'i love you' in your main/first language 💗

au: robin's caught cheating on regina, but will she confront him?
parts 1, 2&3 of ??? this was requested by many people so i thought i would break a few hearts by going through with the idea 😔
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Throwback to when Marian was the OQ ships biggest problem now Fucking look where we are 🙄
Turns out the being happy thing lasted for like 5 seconds and I'm gonna just be sad for the rest of my life 👌🏻
Qotd: Do you ship Oq?
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Dark OQ
ac: can't remember!
comment some requests!

"When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you achieve it." -  Paulo Coelho 🕉

This book absolutely changed my life.  I would not be on the path I'm on today if I had not read it.  My life was like a ship lost in the midst of a storm, and this book was a lighthouse which helped guide my way.

This book will always hold a special place in my heart. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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If you are like I was before, you may have never bought, or sold a stock, or fund.  Or perhaps the only investing experience you have is contributing to your 401k plan available through your employer.
Prior to becoming a self taught investor my only experience  with investment was my employer provided pension, and my self-contributed 401k account.
While retirement accounts can be a good thing in some respects, they certainly will never create a life of personal financial freedom, at least not while you are young enough to fully experience all that life has to offer.
If you want to take control of your finances, and your life the 2 ways to become financially free is through 1.) Investment (stocks, bonds, commodities, funds, real estate, etc)  and  2.) Entrepreneurship
And since 9 out of 10 businesses fail within the first year I recommend investing, and to start growing your assets (things which produce residual income), at least starting out.

In order to start trading stocks and funds you need to setup a brokerage account.  While there are many different ones that I could recommend, and will post about, I am dedicating this post to writing about 🔥Robinhood🔥

For anyone who wants to get serious about their finances, and start investing, I highly recommend the Robinhood trading app, which is commission free.

Usually a brokerage company assesses a fee every time you buy, or sell a stock, or fund.  While fees may vary, a typical fee assessed on each buy, or sell executed would be about $7. 📣 Since utilizing Robinhood I have saved more than $400 in brokerage fees!!!!! 📣 🚀 Combining Robinhood with long-term buy and hold investment strategy in ETF's is a way to invest your income, and passively manage your investment to seriously start growing your financial wealth!!!!! 🚀 - MORE INFO IN COMMENTS-

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What is one thing you want to accomplish in life before you die?  If you could do anything tomorrow, anything at all, what would you do?  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
What if you did not have to go into work tomorrow?  Or next week?  What if you had the next entire month free?  How would you spend that time?  Who would you spend it with?

One day, an acquaintance of mine showed me a commission free brokerage app, and planted a seed in my mind about how I could start investing.  That was an incredible gift from the Universe into my life.  Since then I have spent countless hours reading books, listening to various podcasts, reading financial blogs, and scouring through investment news online.
Before I realized it I had become a self-taught investor.  Suddenly my vision for personal financial freedom became crystal clear.  The epiphany had absolutely ignited my life on fire.🔥🔥🔥 As I started to try and share the knowledge with others I quickly discovered that most people do not have even basic knowledge about investing, or managing finances.  A lot of people want to invest, but they do not understand it, and are scared by it.  Many people think it's too complicated, and are afraid of losing their hard earned savings.

In a world where virtually everything is designed to take money away from you, simply saving whatever money you can manage to scrape together will NEVER get you ahead of where you are now!! I too, came to the realization that my financial mindset had been wrong almost my entire life.  That limited, and incorrect type of thinking was all I ever knew, and all I had ever heard from others.  Finance, and investing is not taught in school.

It is my life mission to inspire, and teach others how they can create a life of personal financial freedom, and build the life of their dreams.
In addition to spreading knowledge, I will document my own personal journey towards creating the life I want, and fulfilling my greater life purpose. Along the way I will radically change, and improve as many lives as possible while I am here alive here on this earth.

💡ETF vs Index Fund vs Mutual Fund💡

What is the difference?  Which is best for you?

Understanding this is critical to your personal financial success.
A mutual fund is a basket of stocks, bonds, or other types of assets. This basket is professionally managed by an investment company on behalf of investors who don't have the time, know-how, or resources to buy a diversified collection of individual securities on their own.

In exchange, the mutual fund charges investors a fee, which may run around 1% of assets annually or more. That means $100 for every $10,000 you invest.

PROS: 1) Professionally managed for you

CONS: 1) Management fees are expensive! 2) They often underperform compared to index funds  3)  Cannot be traded in real time >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Instead of picking and choosing just those stocks that the portfolio manager thinks will outperform, an index fund buys all the shares that make up a particular index, like the Standard & Poor's 500 index of blue chip stocks or the Russell 2000 index of small-company shares. The aim is to replicate the performance of that entire market.  But because index funds buy and hold rather than trade frequently — and require no analysts to research companies — they are much cheaper to operate. The Schwab S&P 500 Index fund, for example, charges just 0.09%, or $9 for every $10,000 you invest.

PROS: 1) Less expensive 2) Outperform mutual funds
CONS: 1) Can require high minimum balance to invest (Example: Vanguard minimum is $3,000)
ETFs will give you similar results, but they are structured somewhat differently than the other types of funds.

Instead of being sold directly by fund companies, ETFs are listed, and bought on the exchange.
ETFs can be bought, and sold real time on the exchange. They can also incur brokerage commission fees whenever they buy and sell.

PROS: 1) Low cost fees 2) Traded real time 3) Low minimum balance to purchase/invest
CONS: 1) Can incur brokerage commission fees. (However, there are low cost, and even commission free brokers, which I will include in a later post) - MORE INFO IN THE COMMENTS -

Imagine a world without electricity, radio, neon lights, integrated circuits, remote control and radar - could one human being really be behind all that? Nikola Tesla is one of the masterminds of the modern age, and he might be called "the man who invented the 20th century". Don't be a copy.  Be an original.  Be a visionary.
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Hi. So I keep changing my username and account a lot but I promise this is gonna Be the last time (hopefully)
#qotd: What's your favorite color?
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"Invest time to make time." - HardcoreFinance
Investing in yourself pays dividends.  Investment in your personal health, and happiness gives you more time on this earth.
Investment into creating a life of financial freedom creates time in abundance. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I forsee the future of our nation's economy, and GDP growth occurring in Silicon Valley the technological sector.  We already see this as being true with companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook.  This trend will only continue.  I not only see this as the future of our nation, but of the entire world.  I see this as the evolution of humanity.  After investing into the NASDAQ market it was really cool to stand face to face and see it in person. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Don't have dreams, have goals.  Dreaming implies imagination.  Dreaming suggests that what you think is not real.  Turn your dreams into reality.  Turn your dreams into goals. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> #HardcoreFinance #HardcoreLiving #HardAsFuck #BeTheHeroInYourLifeStory #ClimbMountains #TravelTheWorld #DreamBigger #GoHarder #CreateOpportunity
#PayItForward #Altruism #InvestWisely #TradingSystem #TradingSignal #WallStreet #NASDAQ #DowJones #DJIA #SP500 #NYSE
#BuyAndHold #CollectDividends #CandleCharts #BullTrading #BearTrading #InvestorOpportunity #GrowYourMoney #BusinessInsider #Robinhood

You have power over your life, because you have power over the way you think. >>>
The energy you emit vibrates out into the universe, and the universe reacts back to you. >>>
Make your vibrations felt by the world.  Do not simply exist.  Rather, create your imprint on existence. >>>
Make your dreams become a reality.
Believe in it so hard you can visualize it. >>>
Make your vision so strong you can practically reach out and touch it. >>>
Create the life YOU want to LIVE, but most importantly LIVE. 🕉 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> #HardcoreFinance #HardcoreLiving #HardAsFuck #BeTheHeroInYourLifeStory #ClimbMountains #TravelTheWorld #DreamBigger #GoHarder #CreateOpportunity
#PayItForward #Altruism #InvestWisely #TradingSystem #TradingSignal #WallStreet #NASDAQ #DowJones #DJIA #SP500 #NYSE
#BuyAndHold #CollectDividends #CandleCharts #BullTrading #BearTrading #InvestorOpportunity #GrowYourMoney #BusinessInsider #Robinhood

Running trail
Ancient Forest - Clannad (Legend, 1984) 🎶
#robinhood #legend #runninginthewoods
#ilovepuszcza #stopwycince #szyszkodnik
#radiooriole #radioorioleplaylist

Came upon an ancient forest
A guided path had led me there
Walking through the mystic forest
The legend tales and times gone by

Voices whisper in the black night
Refection deep in wooded lands
A floating mist that circles shadows
The legend tales and times gone by

Giant trees are folding me
In the many years and ages past
Will they ever share the answer
Of the legend tales and times gone by?

Walking through the mystic forest
I'm walking through the mystic forest

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