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「僕が欲しいのは物じゃない、あんたのハート」の気分。 「友達になりましょ」「下の名前で呼んで良いですか?」「ライン交換しましょ」って言われたけど、好意はなさそう。
年上の男が好きらしいけど、イケメンの同僚のことが好きなんじゃないかと思う。 用も無いのに近づいたりしてるし。
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House Music Legend, Robert Williams @warehouselegend (US Studio / the Warehouse / Muzic Box) at his bday bash. This cat built the deep house underground w Frankie and Ron Hardy and all the legends that created this culture here in Chicago, a movement that exploded into a global phenomenon that is house music today. Such an honor to be a part of this scene, to be on the dance floor this night. @djrontrent took us there - and @louievega brought us home... .
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This is the book that began the obsession. Zap is a logical place to get into American underground comix given its unrivaled lineup and medium pushing content. Cover by Spain Rodriguez, his first for the series. First printed in 1974.
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“Summum Bonum Quod est Magiae, Cabalae, Alchymae et Artis”(2004) by Mark Dion and Robert Williams brings the answer to the question “Can prints and engravings be regarded as the early conceptual artworks?”. This point was raised in me after a conversation with a Jesuit priest about Evangelicae Historiae Imagines (or Images of Gospel History) (first published 1593) written by Father Jerome Nadal (1507-1580) and designed by artist as Maerten de Vos (1532 - 1603) to visualise the meditations of Saint Ignatius of Loyola (1491 - 1556).
The work is part of the satirical “Phylogenetic Trees” (2004) which knowingly evoke its the history of naturalistic classification and the pre-enlightenment Wunderkammer.
Dion winks and provokes at the history which he is just as much part of as the artisans commemorated on the work.
Dion works as a constructor and keeper of history. Fascinating attempt to gain access to the history of EVERYTHING through the framing of the artist

“I avoid the tendency to ‘ golden age’, to understand the past as somehow superior and ideal. For any thoughtful person, the past is distinctly less are, open and just. Clearly, the past was a hellish realm for most of us. Rather then nostalgic, I see my work and a critical meditation on the history of the culture of science and its institutions mandated to describe and fix the natural world, the past, art and society.” (Mark Dion) / Mis-en-scène Iwona Blazwick and Mark Dion Conversation detail.
Phylogenetic Trees (2004) series is part of Mark Dion’s installation work the “The Naturalist’s Study”. “Summum Bonum Quod est Magiae, Cabale, Alchymae et Artis”
Mark Dion and Robert Williams Summum Bonum Quod est Magiae, Cabale, Alchymae et Artis, 2004
Artist Jan Wierix (c.1555 - c.1620) -Pentecost, 1593
Mark Dion Theatre of the Natural World is on view at the Whitechapel Gallery until 13th May 2018.
@markdionstudio @whitechapelgallery
#iwonablazwick #robertwilliams

Happy birthday to a Chicago house music legend #robertwilliams #chicagohousemusic #ilovechicago

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