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Dunbarton Blue, the love child of a cheddar cheese and a blue cheese, is our #AmCheeseMonth Cheese of the Day. Made with cow milk in Wisconsin by #RoelliCheese. 31% off with your @american_cheese_society passport. Paired here with #MinistryOfTheVinterior Pinot Noir, Blueberry Lemon Jelly from #RobertLambert, and organic waterwheel crackers. Beautiful day to grab some cheese and wine and enjoy the outdoors!

Fruitcakes by Robert Lambert
San Rafael, California

White Fruitcake - Robert's grandmother's original recipe with fine Brazil nuts, local pecans and whole blanched toasted almonds. Walnuts are blanched before toasting to reduce their bitterness. Deeply ripe DeSantis Farms oranges are squeezed for juice just before it's added. Golden raisins, cherries, and pineapple are here with candied bergamot, Rangpur lime, Meyer lemon and blood orange peels, along with rare Buddha’s hand citron, candied young ginger - all contributing to this renowned symphony of flavors. Each cake is soaked in the finest French cognac infused with herbs and spices, topped with a California bay leaf and candied white grapefruit peel star.

Dark Fruitcake - Warm winter spices of cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg are added with 10-year-old Ficklin port, local hazelnuts, walnuts, and pecans. Black figs are plumped in Pear William eau de vie. An ancient variety of date comes from Flying Disc Ranch in Thermal, California. Into the mix go rare candied Buddha's hand citron, bergamot orange, blood orange and white grapefruit peels, candied young ginger. Each cake is soaked in Jack Daniels whiskey spiked with herbs and spices, topped with California bay leaf and candied blood orange peel star.

#fruitcake #robertlambert #eatlocal #cheeseplus

Les Petites Bon Bons from Milwaukee. T-Shirt owned by Andy Warhol. #jerrydreva #robertlambert #lespetitesbonbons #andywarhol

Ruszone ale jest #RobertLambert

Amazing tribute act! Amazing night! #robertlambert #georgemichaeltribute #funwithfriends


a.k.a. Suicide Squad of the 70s. minus: meta humans and a giant beam of light in the middle of a city. Seriously speaking though: there's something about cult movies that reel me in (ever since high school). The first few minutes of this movie really surprised me, I was digging the multiple prologue approach to the characters. The somber tone is great (I can't picture this any other way) and the score by Tangerine Dream is pretty good.. i'll give it a full listening later this week.

The performances are good and the second half of the story had tough terrain, uncertainty of success and unpredictable hurdles for the characters. The first half: there's a bit more that could've been said about the characters. And I'm a bit relieved the story didn't follow this formula in the second half: "the characters disagree with one another, they get to know each other better, mission accomplished!! and friendship rocks!!". The "road trip" portion of the movie: I think could've had one or two more challenges before the scene about the wooden bridge. I've finally crossed out this movie from my near eternal list. A good (slightly stressful) time was had and... the ending: I think the story couldn't have concluded any other way. Things were tied up as they had to be #WilliamFriedkin #Filmgram #WalonGreen #RobertKLambert #GeorgesArnaud #BrunoCremer #RichardLAlbert #JohnMStephens #Amidou #FranciscoRabal #RobertLambert #UniversalMovies #RichardAlbert #ParamountMovies

Les Petites Bon Bons from Milwaukee. T-Shirt owned by Andy Warhol. #jerrydreva #robertlambert #lespetitesbonbons #andywarhol

The new under 21 European individual speedway champion well done Robert Lambert (@ruthlesslambert) was on your side the hole way through today. #speedway #daugavpilsspeedway #champion #robertlambert @ruthlesslambert

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