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This man Robert Godwin Sr. (74-78 years of age) lost his life yesterday, he was walking on the sidewalk minding his own.. when the messed up individual stopped his vehicle & got out.. walked up.. asked him his name .. told him to say something .. then proceeded to shoot this older man. I literally almost dropped my phone because of how freaked out I got not knowing what I had just opened .. please don't share the videos or even just the murderer talking .. just share this photo for the man that lost his life & the family that is now having to plan a funeral & deal with a death that wasn't necessary. 😕💔 seriously some messed up things in this world & I can't believe this is the world we have to live in.. we can try so hard to keep ourselves safe, but anymore how the hell are you supposed to do that exactly ? Clearly you can't even walk to the nearest store or gas station or little convenient store up the road without wondering if someone's gonna come up & take your life. I've never seen a more confused person until I saw this man confused on why this other man was approaching him.. the horrified look on his face .. god I'm gonna have nightmares forever .. please please don't watch the videos .. please .. if you do don't share them because wow.. I can't freaking believe this is what is taking place now.
RIP To You Sir, & I'm so sorry you were put through the most heartless, cruel & horrifying thing.
#Cleveland #RIP #PrayForAllTheLivesTakenYesterday #robertgodwinsr🙏

My heart is sooo broken. This social media can be so fucked up. No one values anyone's life anymore. It's all about sharing and posting shit for likes. This man had a family that's loved him! It's all fun and games until it's your grandfather getting gunned down on live... #robertgodwinsr🙏 #takethevideodown

#restinpeace he ain't even do shit man😢😭😩#robertgodwinsr #robertgodwinsr🙏

R.I.P. Robert Godwin pray for his family and bring them justice.
#stevestephens #robertgodwinsr🙏

My heart truly aches for the family of Robert Godwin Sr. I know how it feels to lose someone you love to senseless violence but to have to watch the murder streamed live...I just don't have the words. My heart and prayers are with the family. Rest in Heaven Robert Godwin Sr. 🙏🏽💙#robertgodwinsr #robertgodwinsr🙏 #cleveland #stopsenselessviolence #stopsenselesskilling

Truth ! I can't believe Facebook allows the footage of #ROBERTGODWINSR🙏 to be shown being gunned down on social media and hasn't removed it ! 😡😡😡😤😤😤


Remembering Robert Godwin Sr, he had 9 children and 14 grandchildren, a retired Cleveland foundry worker, on Easter Sunday he stepped out to collect aluminum cans, which was a hobby of his, and was approached by a disgruntled case worker Steve Stephens, and was shot in cold blood and murdered on Facebook live.
#robertgodwinsr🙏 #robertgodwinsr #rip🙏 #clevelandshooting #clevelandohio #facebooklive #murder #prayforfamily #tragic #tragedy #senseless #respectlife

The Joy Lane Easter Murder
On Easter Sunday 2017, Steve Stephen a case manager for at a Cleveland children's behavioral Health agency, angry over a bitter break up with ex girlfriend Joy Lane, along with gambling debts, videoed himself on Facebook live, shooting and unarmed elderly grandfather Robert Godwin Sr, in cold blood. After being on the run a few days, he was spotted at a drive thru window at McDonald's, in Erie, Pennsylvania, by an employee, who called law enforcement, who then quickly surrounded the McDonald's and the killer, who immediately shot himself in the head.
#clevelandshooting #stevestephens #joylane #robertgodwinsr🙏 #robertgodwinsr #rip🙏 #clevelandshooter

The Philadelphia Police Dept. has paid tribute to the victim of the recent fatal Easter Sunday shooting in Cleveland. Officer Jonny Castro, a forensic graphic artist with the PPD, created a digital painting of 74-year-old Robert Godwin, Sr. The suspect in Godwin's killing, Steve Stephens, shot and killed himself after a brief pursuit in Erie County, PA, Tuesday morning. The Philadelphia PD posted the painting of Godwin on Instagram, along with a caption about how “YOU - the public - are the best weapon we have in the fight against crime." You can read the rest of the message in the post at @phillypolice. Castro, an Army veteran, creates portraits of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Photo: Jonny Castro/Philly PD.

Where to send sympathy cards to the family of Robert Godwin Sr. #sympathycardministry #robertgodwinsr🙏 #robertgodwinsr #robertgodwin @the_robert_godwin_sr_memorial

Sending love ❤️ to the Godwin Sr. family! #robertgodwinsr🙏

This Is COMPLETE IGNORANCE!!! Yall Trying to Disprove the Most Horrendous Murder Displayed on the Internet?? So Lets Break It Down.. 1) The 2015 Picture The Shooter Is Wearing The plaid Shirt and in the 2017 the Victim has it on so the shirt has no correlation between the two pictures. 2) The Gun on the Right has straight edges on the Chamber, the Gun on the left Has Curved edges.. Clearly Not The Same Gun! Stop Trying To Be Viral and Show Some Respect!!! #robertgodwinsr🙏 #robertgodwinsr #cleveland

#robertgodwinsr🙏 🌹✝️🌺

In reference to the #Cleveland man who reportedly #snapped 😠😡 Dont use #MentalHealth as a scapegoat for your lack of #FrustrationTolerance i wouldnt suggest that anyone watch any of his live stream but he was calm as ever on the phone and quite calculated. Shame on that man 👎👊👊😡😠 #RobertGodwinSr🙏

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