OMG ! One of the best days of my life !
@rosannapansino made amazing baking line year ago and when I finnaly got some of the goodies I thought it couldn't get better and I was COMPLETELY WRONG. New additions to baking line are so cute and adorable ️💙💜. I am in love !
This feels like best dream of my life.
Thank you @rosannapansino and @wiltoncakes for making a quality products.
I can't get over how cute looks that Cookie - cookie stamp cutter
But my favorite thing from new products totally is Unicorn cupcake decorating kit, I just love unicorns and my sisters birthday is coming up so I thought why not to make cute uni-cakes for her.
And again thank you
@rosannapansino and @wiltoncakes for making my dream come true.
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The new #robakingline products are here! To celebrate I’m doing a giveaway! 🦄👑🍰Link to video in my bio!

I am actually obsessed 😂 @rosannapansino @nerdynummies @escapethenight

Additions of the #robakingline are officially in stores 😍 This picture is taken from Wal-Mart ❤ Here we can see the 4 all new cookie stamps and the gummy bear mold with a dropper😍 I can't believe this OMG I'm so excited
All credits goes to : @chelsea.62

@rosannapansino they have some of your baking line at our local Walmart!! #FINALLY #RoBakingLine

In case you didn't know there is a competition at @wiltoncakes official site where you have the chance to get the best of @rosannapansino 's products from her #robakingline ❤ Its free and you have to fill in a form and vote what you'd make with her products 😍 I absolutely love the #FabulousFoxCake#Sweepstakes #rosweepstakes #wilton

@rosannapansino rainbow swirl candies ❤💩🌈
Put a twist on candy making with these Rainbow Swirl Candies. Made using six bright colors of Candy Melts candies and Rosanna Pansino's silicone swirl mold, these colorful treats look just like fun unicorn poops 😍Hand them out as party favors at an upcoming birthday or make them as a gift for your BFF
Makes : 12 Treats
Skill Level : Beginner
Made using @rosannapansino 's poop swirl candy mold ( addition to the current #robakingline )
Source : @wiltoncakes
Update : @husky liked 🎊🎉

This is one foxy cake ❤ decorated with piped dots, stars, rosettes and drop flowers, this fabulous fox cake is perfect for budding cake decorators using rosanna pansino tip decorating sets, this fox cake is great for birthdays, showers or just to satisfy a sweet tooth 😂❤
Skill level : Intermediate
Cake made with @rosannapansino 's round cake pan ( addition to the current #robakingline )
Source : @wiltoncakes
Update : @husky liked 😍❤

To celebrate the new additions to @RosannaPansino’s Baking Line we’re a huge sweepstakes! 🎉Enter for a chance to win the best of Ro’s baking line! Link in profile 👆Deadline to enter is Tues., July 31 at 9:00 AM CT. No purchase necessary. This sweepstake is not sponsored by Instagram. Click the link in our profile for the official rules. Open to US residents only. #wiltoncakes #robakingline #sweepstakes #rosannapansino #baking #cooking

Did you see all of the new @robakingline products ? Aren't they amazing.
I am totally in love with unicorn cupcake decorating kit, that was first thing I ordered.
Thank you @rosannapansino and @wiltoncakes for making all of these goodies !

@rosannapansino @nerdynummies @wiltoncakes
#rosannapansino #wilton #nerdynummies #robakingline

We are so excited to announce that the NEW additions to @RosannaPansino’s Baking Line are now available! 🎉💕Click the link in our profile to see her entire product line and start creating your own #nerdynummies sweet treats!👆
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New edit for my Ro she is all the things for me love her so much she is my prettiest idol @rosannapansino

She’s my love
She’s the best
she’s the funniest
She’s the prettiest she’s the coolest
she’s best actresses
She’s the best dancers ever
She’s in my heart
Love her so much
She makes me smile
If @rosannapansino Liked this post I’ll die
I’ll cry
It would mean a lot
Plz tag her i make this really hard
I wanna show in my YouTube channel how to make a dessert
But i wanna make a fav dessert for my loren
Can you tell me her fav dessert 🍨? @rosannapansino @rosannapansino

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Look what I found on sale at Grocery Outlet!!! I had forgotten that @rosannapansino had made merch for @nerdynummies and I absolutely had to get this 8-bit heart cookie cutter and adorable spatulas. They are so cute! I have a great gluten free sugar cut-out cookie recipe and I don't usually decorate cookies with colored frosting but with this cookie cutter I might have to. #robakingline #rosannapansino #nerdynummies #wiltoncakes #glutenfree #glutenfreelife #glutenfreefood #omnomnom #bakingfun #ilovetobake #cookiedecorating #cutethings

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