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Insane shot taken by photographer @darthkanaka during a hike to Lanai Lookout under the Milky Way skies. | A7R | 14mm | f/4 | 30 sec | ISO 2000 | Read below for some #behindthelens information 👉🏼

"On a last minute decision, a few friend and I went out to Lanai Lookout to shoot the Milky Way since the sky was clearing up. Once we got there, we saw that there were a couple of other photographers who had he same idea. After chatting for a bit, we decided to collaborate on some creative shots using my Nitecore flashlight. By facing it directly at the camera and having someone obstructing it, the light beams look as if they're being emitted from the subject."

I can’t get over how wonderfully bizarre this crazy place called Earth is. Snacking on almonds and taking in the view above Sedona. In partnership w/ @bluediamond.

I have two doctors, my left leg and my right. -G. M. Trevelyan
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After years of suffering with spinal cord injuries and heart conditions I have a hard time finding words as true as these. Exercise has been both my medicine as well as my religion for years. A few days ago I was as able to show @ryanclennett my favourite summit(if you were watching my story you know the unstable ground, terrifying chute crossing and windy ridge it took to get here), seeing his face burst into sheer awe as he crested over the ridgeline reminded me, in that instant, of why I have worked so hard to get to where I am.
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📷 - @ryanclennett

What a view!
Photo by @abrahamyusuff

I cannot believe our National Parks road trip is almost 3 months in! So far we have visited 29/59 parks, covered 14,500 miles, driven through 29 states, taken 2 fights, numerous boat/ferry rides & averaged maybe 2 showers a week 🙈 Ruby is running like an absolute champ & we are stoked for all the parks in the west still yet to come! Thanks so much for following our journey & a big shout out to @drinkevolve & @gowestycampers for making this trip possible 🚐🤘🏼

If the path laid out before you goes where you need it to go, run as fast as you can. Otherwise, turn around.

The Ole Fishing Hole

you got that glow.💫


"Amazing views peaking through, right before getting lowered 100m down a cliff face" Rad shot by adventurer @monalisa__overdrive 📸

Still standing proud after all this time... (approx. 660 years!) | 📸 Ayutthaya, September 2016

"How He furnished their camp with fresh water in a dry and thirsty land where no water was, not by opening the bottles of heaven, but by broaching a rock: He clave the rocks in the wilderness, which yielded water... Out of the dry and hard rock He gave them drink, not distilled as out of an alembic, drop by drop, but in streams running down like rivers, and as out of the great depths." (see PS 78:15-16)
Oftentimes, I see myself as the Israelites in the past: Ungrateful and unbelieving but also undeserving of Abba's great mercies to provide THE drink my thirst long to get quenched from.

Still stoked about standing right next to these tall beauties this morning. Normally not a big fan of forest national parks but Sequoia was stunning.

• City walk

Inhale.. Exhale..

La lluvia no es problema

The pool has a leak

☕️& 🥐

London Nights

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and winds long to play with your hair.” –Kahli Gibran 🍃

Our hike to the top of Mt. Healy Overlook was steep and tiresome, but it was every bit worth it. There is something about nature that challenges you gently and aggressively at the same time. To me, it's always rewarding.

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