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Stopped by the original Myeongdong Kyoja for some traditional steamed dumplings 🥟 Packed full of minced pork, Chinese leeks and fresh vegetables, these plumptious beauties are steamed till they are juicy on the insides. Served with a tangy dark vinegar dipping sauce, every bite is bliss! Thank you @priscybebs for the recommendation!

One of the best Jajangmyeon (자장면) aka Korean Black Bean Sauce Noodles I’ve had! Thick and flavourful sauce packed with vegetables and diced pork clings onto wavy noodles, making each mouthful an absolute delight 😋 Do request for more their special hot sauce to be added if you’re feeling adventurous 🌶

I had the absolute pleasure and privilege to dine at one of Ireland’s best restaurant, @1826adare. Headed by @chefwademurphy who takes pride in using wild, free-range, seasonal and locally sourced produce, crafting each dish with care and elegance, it is no wonder the restaurant is decorated with numerous awards. I had the Breast of Wild Irish Pheasant, seared perfectly, locking all the juices in. Served over parsnip purée with a side of crispy leg croquette and fresh Savoy cabbage, drizzled luxuriously with an elderberry vinegar jus. The blend of flavours is simply phenomenal! What’s his secret? “Treat every ingredients with respect”

If you’re ever in Dublin, do stop by @thepepperpotcafe for a bite! I had one of the seasonal stew. Savoury free range ham, chickpeas, kale, butternut squash mixed in a tangy tomato sauce and served with a fried egg. Hearty and healthy, a perfect winter warmer!

@papazbistro don’t mess around when they call their chicken “Amazing Chicken”. Succulent chicken breast coated in a dry spice rub and grilled to perfection, served over a bed of fresh greens, dressed in a thick balsamic and pesto. Absolutely amazing 😋💯

Trying to lessen the guilt by trying to fit some greens into the holiday feasting marathon. Fragrant panfried goat’s cheese served with smoky Gubbeen chorizo and juicy vine tomatoes 🍅 over seasonal organic greens. Perfect snack while waiting to dive into the next feast 😋

How would you like your oysters? Naked or Dressed? Freshly shucked Carlingford oysters taste as good both ways. Have it naked with a squeeze of fresh lemon and savour the flavours that the ocean has to offer or dress it up in a Spicy Virgin Bloody Mary sauce for the extra oompf 😋

Waiting to dive right into this massive Kimchi and Mackerel Stew, aka Sundubu Jjigae. This pot of deliciousness and comfort is packed with mushrooms, daikon, mackerel, kimchi and leeks. A beautiful blend of spicy, savoury and tangy flavours, warms both belly and soul 😋

Just a light snack @ippudony before dinner 😜 Juicy braised pork belly, crisp iceberg lettuce, dressed in their spicy and tangy special sauce, stuffed into warm fluffy and pillowy buns. Absolutely divine!!! 🤤

Can’t wait to dive into this comforting bowl of French Onion Soup! Sweet onions caramelised for 36 hours served with flavourful beef jus, country bread and comté cheese. Absolutely delicious 😋

Fantastic way to start Thanksgiving! Seated out on a beautiful patio @venetianvegas Bouchon by @chefthomaskeller, enjoying Maine bouchot mussels steamed with white wine, Dijon mustard and saffron! Make sure to get bread to soak up the delicious broth! 😋

Thank you @cheffernan2 for this wonderful birthday surprise! It is truly an honour to dine at one of New York’s finest restaurants, @lebernardinprive led by renowned Chef @ericripert. Succulent lacquered lobster tail served with al dente tagliatelle, along with a drizzle of black truffle emulsion. This dish is easily ranked one of my favourite on the tasting menu. Refined and delectable, truly a treat for the senses!

Nourish your body and fight the cold weather with a satisfying yet healthy bowl of hot soba noodles. Served in a savoury dashi broth, topped with yuzu zest for the extra refreshing citrusy notes. Do also indulge in a side of vegetable tempura, lightly battered and deep fried till golden brown and served with dipping sauce and grated radish 😋🍴

Eating green tonight! Sweet and savoury teriyaki tempeh stir fried with broccoli florets and carrots served over brown rice 🥦 🥕🍚 Check our @eatingbirdfood for the recipe for this healthy and tasty dish!

Look no further for the perfect winter warmer. Packed full of veggies and spices, Tofu Cashew Coconut Curry keeps you warm, satiated and lean! Do check out @ambitiouskitchen website for the recipe, it’s easy and delicious! 😋🍴🍛

Sunny Saturday Brunch @thebonniebar! Juicy fried chicken served over golden waffles just screams to be doused in maple syrup! 😋

This is possibly the biggest pretzel I’ve ever seen! Pairs excellent with German mustard and cheese dips! @reichenbachhall

Succulent grilled lamb chops and savoury roasted potatoes with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar @ariawinebar. Simply delicious 😋

Happy Sunday! Steak and eggs to start the day @thebonniebar! Juicy hanger steak served with fried egg, home fries and accompanied with béarnaise aioli 🍖 🍳

Fresh from the oven, miso salmon topped with roasted sesame seeds 🍴🐟 Check out @justonecookbook for amazing recipes!

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