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Happy Earth Day! Wetlands may not be as majestic as mountains, but they provide essential ecosystem services such as water filtration, flood mitigation, coastal protection, and habitat for fish and other wildlife. Despite only covering 5-8% of the Earth’s land surface, wetlands hold an estimated 20-30% of soil carbon stocks. This disproportionate amount of carbon storage make wetlands an important carbon sink as well as a vital piece of the global carbon cycle puzzle. So the next time you see a wetland, remember to look under the surface to see what’s really going on!

people should get jail time for littering ... #earthday

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Happy Earth Day! Remember, the earth and its resources are precious, and it’s our responsibility to tend it with care and respect. ❤️🌎♻️🌍♻️🌏❤️ #earthday2018 #earthdayeveryday

Happy Earth Day 🌎🌈☀️🌻🌱

We tend to be selfish and grow intolerant when others actions don't go according to our ideals, our attachment to how "things should be" disappoints and fills us with rage. But if we practice the seal of impermanence and see nothing is permanent, No relationship is forever even if death is the end then we begin to accept and love others as they are. When we judge our loved ones and fill them with negative emotions we can only dim their light. But when we love someone as they are they quickly transform into the best version of themselves.....ever since I learned about this in Buddhism I have tried to apply it to every area of my life. I've begun to fully trust the process we call life. I know what I want but I don't let what I want own me. Impermanence is about ultimate freedom. It's not about being completely unattached from everything but it's about not letting things, situations and ideals own you. It's about appreciating what's there because tomorrow it might not be and that's ok. When we see things this way and we encounter people that feel this way an organic magic manifests and we can accomplish so much more because we fill ourselves with positive emotions. In order to attract what we want in life we have to give out positive energy and be ready to hear opportunity when it knocks on our door. 📸: @guanabanass
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