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Sometimes all you need for a good photo is to look around 🌩️⛪ Just found a beautiful 300 years old wooden church on my way back from Warsaw to Wroclaw. So cool!

Words can hardly describe the simple, profound and breathtaking magic of watching the sun emerge from the horizon in the stillness of the early morning.

As we go along in this journey called life, we encounter innumerable little things. We're too overwhelmed in the great scheme of things and forget the little ones.

Didn't expect Belgian weather to be this chilli and only had this jumper packed! 😅 time to hit the stores today before we leave for Amsterdam. #ProjectxBelgium

The boat found its way back to the shore. The sun behind us was already going down. We were heading out and going back home too. But your heart has made it home a long time ago.

I set foot on the the sand but the water barely rippled. I wanted time to freeze in that moment as I looked at your back - heading away from the sea, walking away from me. It was the start of how you were going to fade away completely.

I just wanted to stop you right there. I wanted to convince you one last time that even if you don't listen to me anymore, I believe that there is still a chance for us to move forward. If only I could open my heart and let you see what's inside, I wouldn't need to look at you looking at me the way you have done ever since you realized that you couldn't forgive me. I wanted to transport us back to when everything was simple, when all I had to think about was making you happy and where you would always want to be was beside me. But we're no longer who we used to be.

The waves crashed, birds flew, the sea took a deep breath and the sun finally set on us. We stood just a few meters away from each other when my small prayer came true and you looked back at me. You smiled slowly and in that moment, God knows how much I wanted to tell you that I will always love you and I am so sorry.

But I just smiled back. I didn't speak anymore. Not because I ran out of words to say but because in a very long time, I haven't seen you smile that way. It was a smile that told me you were going to be happy.

You are going to be happy without me.


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Wishing life could be simplier than what I know.
📌Sirao, Cebu
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9•19•17 Water was falling

Just birds watching the sunset 🌅.

Sometimes you just gotta go somewhere to find yourself & vibe alone.

"And I wonder if there's somthing I can do to make you mine?"

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