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Red flag, high waves, do you dare?πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜€ location: NazarΓ©, Portugal πŸ“Έ

Bandiera rossa, mare mosso, hai il coraggio di affrontare madre natura? πŸ‘Œ shot taken with the nikkor 200 -500 mm f5.6 and Nikon D800E πŸ˜‰

Epic stretches of coastline vanishing into the distance. It was good to explore the coast this weekend, both new locations and some old favourites. #southaustralia #southaustralianbeaches #beautifuldestinations #thestoked

Would you spend some time here? What an absolute stunner. I'd stay until I couldn't do it any more, that's for sure! 🏚️πŸ”₯Follow: @globaloutdoorsurvivalclub
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πŸ“Έ: @myselfreliance

Had to show you this shot immediately since this trip was one of my unluckiest ones in a while πŸ˜‚ after missing sunset by 10 minutes i tried to shoot the milkyway, but I did not find the right way. Therefore I stumbled up the hill in the dark only to find out that I already hiked too far. Then I finally met another photographer and we found the spot we were looking for and met two other guys. Great experience all in all πŸ˜‚ Tag #wekeepmoments for a chance to be featured by @momentkeepers. 
#diewocheaufinstagram #weroamgermany #artofvisuals #folkgreen #Moodygrams #eclectic_shotz #exploretocreate #watchthisinstagood #nightphotography #visualsoflife #earth_shotz #folksouls #thelensbible #discoverearth #ModernWild #theearthoutdoors #VibesofVisuals #timeoutsociety #theoutdoorfolk #uniladadventure #houseoftones #roamtheplanet #folkscenery #vzcomood #rsa_outdoors #folkmagazine #theimaged #heatercentral #mgsoshauna @instagramde @moodygrams @agameoftones @nikondeutschland @jaw_dropping_shots @thevisualscollective @mthrworld @greathnorthco @wildernessnation @mountainstones @bayern @so.shauna

Go and returns of waves and thoughts 🌊

Time for a dip

The weather wasn't looking promising and the huge wind gusts kept us awake half the night so really wasn't expecting too much from sunrise. However, I'd promised @lakeoftranquility incredible skies for his NZ visit so it was with fingers crossed that we headed into the Tasman Valley. Talk about lucky. Things got busy as the sky lit up all around us and we couldn't press that shutter fast enough
Awesome morning with the crew tagged
β–ͺ️ if you're interested I took this with the @nisiaustralia 6 stop and .9 grad ND.. You can find it in my Nisi shop. DM me for details
#christchurchnz #newzealand_imagery #newzealandguide

Comment with a πŸ˜„ if you love fall πŸ‚ πŸ“·: @bridgetmariesmith




A smile is a powerful gift. Don't lose sight of it. If you've ever backpacked with me and taken my photos facing away from the camera, you know you'd heard me many times saying/yelling out, and even laughing out loud "I'm still smiling and I don't care that i'm not facing the camera!"
Not only does smiling promote a positive, feel good feeling, it also makes other people smile back. You know what else is good? Losing yourself to someone else's smile (not in a romantic kind of way, but that works too) brings more joy and happiness to yourself. It becomes easier to trust and connect with others when you smile genuinely. It's a win-win positive practice ❀️

Top tip: live in a city where this is also 30 minutes away #idyllic #sundaze

#londontown with all it's adorable doorways! #millennialpink

dreamy memories made with such gentle creatures. πŸ’™

| I'm embarrassed to say this but this hike changed my life... I was on the saddle between Wiwaxy Gap and the Huber Ledges when we took a break and I looked down at all the shimmering blue lakes and I started tearing up. I never imagined I'd be pushing my body and mind to the limit by hiking up mountains taller than any I've hiked before. I felt like it opened my eyes to a new world and now all I want to do is hike the peaks of every mountain that I can. Weird how some things like taking yourself on a strenuous hike can change something deep inside you

My dream house in my dream country. πŸƒπŸ‘β˜˜

Sunset on the top πŸŒ„

Flying in the mountains.

Foggy borders 🌨
My name is Tobias and I'm introducing my new project. I hope you'll enjoy my simple shots of wild nature! If you have any questions - feel free to ask me.


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