Festivaller birbiri ardına geliyor! Temmuz sonu #gezginfest var. #sahne çok kalabalık olacak!
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Here’s a sneak peek of our Morocco trip captured by @skytography.ca. From riding Camel back through the Sahara desert to travelling through the Atlas Mountains and white water rafting. Morocco truly is a unique experience. 🌴✈️ Full video in bio.

Thanks to all you wonderful people, I have learned so much on my first National Geographic expedition. I hope you all found something to love on this trip, something worth saving, something that we shared, taught and learned together! This one's for our champion Wildlife Conservationist, SK.

Oh, I rememeber this moment as if it were yesterday! A girlfriend and I kayaked away from our cozy @airbnb to the other side of the lake, just to watch the sunset. The water was still, the air; cooler then that morning and with eachothers company, we watched the sky turn all sorts of beautiful colours. This picture makes me want to go back to Muskoka 😍

You know the trees are big when they make your car feel tiny

You haven’t seen turquoise until you’ve been to Canada! 🇨🇦💙💚

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