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When there's nowhere else in the universe you'd rather be, and nobody you'd rather be there with.
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Photographer @kylefinndempsey

I like to play hard with the boys and last night’s adventure led us into Tahoe National Forest on mountain bikes. I fell, launching headfirst off the edge of the trail and skinning my knees. Dust had lodged in my eye and instead of halting and removing it, I thought about how to get it out. This is why I fell.
We under estimated the 7 mile loop and came back at twilight’s conclusion as part owl, our sight channels adjusted to darkness.
And I like to melt softly into the the waters of the world with my girlfriends as mermaids and talk of circles and cycles, of dreams and intuitions and doubts.
I call bullshit on the concept of “I” being one way or another. We are made of moving parts working together, opposites as one whole. And I learned the other day that on a numbers level we are more bacteria than human, with bacteria in our gut far outnumbering the 40 trillion cells of our body.
I am everything and everything is you. What makes us human?

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The enchanted giant red cedar forests of Canada ❤️ #roadtrippin #canadainadventure #canada #heavenly

When you finally join the #cartocar club with a classic 👌🏻 || Shooting our @firestone_europe bulli ❤️ || #hurricane17 #roadtrippin #firestone #vwt1

Discoverer @chriskpickens in Grand Canyon, USA.
"My sister and I set out on a month long National Park road trip that took us up the western coast of the U.S. and into Canada. We eventually made our way back down through Montana, Wyoming, and Utah while enjoying some of the iconic sights the states have to offer. Our final stop was the Grand Canyon. Definitely saved the best for last."
#thediscoverer #grandcanyon #arizona

The simple life ⛰🤙
Waking up somewhere by the coast.



When you're doing touristy things and loving every minute of it 🌾🌞#saublebeach #roadtrippin

U R B E X | Belgium

So far, so good. 👍😁🛣 #roadtrippin #fiveandahalfhourdrive

Her heart?... I own that. Her back?... I got that. My baby?... She knows that. My hand?... She holds that. Her role?... She plays that. They jealous?... We know that. We're happy?.. They hate that. #BonnieAndClydeShit 🔫 #lasvegastrip #lasvegasstrip #jetsetmindset #highrolling #sincity #staycation #roadtrippin #ridindirty #atv #sanddunes #nellissanddunes #lasvegasatvtours #KingAndQueen

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