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Badass in the Badlands
Have you seen today's vlog? The drone footage from the Badlands is insane! Linked in bio as per usual😬

utah fries on-the-go in the rv. #doctoralroadtrip #roadtripnation

When you find out you've still got a week left in Canada.
#ChonkOffAlice #blueorpurplehair #RoadTripNation #beachsunsetaf

We're looking for Roadies (Roadtrip Nation Brand Ambassadors) to hit the road this September! We will be premiering our newest documentaries across the nation. If you're interested in taking a road trip to host these events...apply here: http://roadtripnation.com/about/careers (link in bio). Hope to see you on the road! #RoadtripNation

Couldn’t get this one out of my head while we stopped by Niagra Falls yesterday! I absolutely adore @noahcyrus !! Check out her new song Again! She’s killin it right now! #again #teamredmusic #noahcyrus #roadtripnation #breastcancerawareness

First week of Roadie training: complete! I am beyond excited for our first all-women team hitting the road soon. Not only are they empowering and dynamic, but these 4 are compassionate, hilarious, and pretty freakin' bad ass! Keep an eye out for them in the #GreenRV travelling across the country to showcase our newest documentary about women in STEM! πŸ”¬πŸš€πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬πŸ’š #lifewithroadtripnation #roadtripnation #womeninSTEM

A #roadtripnation kind of shot. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜πŸš—

Riding off into the sunset like John Wayne #roadtripnation #horsebackriding #saguaronationalpark

Ru, South Dakota looks good on you 😍


College Days... So it all started when I decided to hold my first principal to her commitment: "College shirt and khakis are welcome everyday as we work to expose our kids to the possibility of higher education," she stated.
Ok then, I thought, let me get to work.Β  With the help of family and friends my collection of college tees started to grow.Β  Then it happened.Β  One student showed interest in the school featured on the shirt I was wearing, a gift from my aunt Maxine Mason Huggins.Β  I told my class I would contact the school during lunch for more info.Β  UNCW was the first to send admissions information. I contacted more schools, and as packages of pennants, posters, and trinkets arrived, I saw student interest grow. As I incorporated virtual tour videos during presentations of each school, I heard kids start to say, "I want to go there!" Overtime I have utilized the CollegeBoard curriculum, CollegeEd for Middle School, to take kids on a journey of self exploration and college and career planning. Since then I've added activities inspired by the author of "What's Your Red Rubber Ball?", Kevin Carroll, to encourage scholars to do what they love.

Fast forward 8 years and I'm still at it exposing kiddos to the possibility of reaching for goals that they may not have ever really visualized by exposing them to schools that they may not have ever heard of. So it made me smile when one of my 2017-18 kids who is tough to engage on a consistent basis came up to me Friday as I sported my new Alabama State University tee and asked, "Mr. Taylor, how is it you have a shirt for every school that you show us?! #GotEm #CollegeEd #RedRubberBall #WhatsYourWhy #LightBulb #RoadtripNation #Youniversitytv

Badass in the Badlands
Have you seen today's vlog? The drone footage from the Badlands is insane! Linked in bio as per usual😬

Ru, South Dakota looks good on you 😍

Our 2 Roadie teams intersected in #Houston on their cross-country routes, so we had a big ol' RV family dinner! 🍻 #RoadtripNation
#Texas #GreenRV #roadietour #roadlife #rvlife #roadtrip

It’s SATURDAY do something you LOVE ❀️ you just might be able to make a living at it or at least give yourself a CREATIVE outlet and some JOY while you do the corporate grind. It’s perfectly fine to have a side hustle you love while working in Corp America, perhaps one day you’ll CREATE your own version of corporate America and include champagne breaks, afternoon dance parties and naptime. THINK BIG! πŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸŽ¨βš‘οΈ #saturdayvibes #dowhatyoulove #weekendvibes #marcellainc #roadmap #roadtripnation #freedom #create #art #business #getexcited #quotesaboutlife #personalbranding #quoteoftheday #champagne #veuveclicquot #naps #danceparty #anticorporateamerica

Photographer in the wild

Got to catch up with the #STEM Roadies for the San Antonio events and wow! Incredible improvement and such positive energy. You ladies are ROCKSTARS! πŸš€
#RoadtripNation #impact #GreenRV #RTNroadies #RTNphambam #students #Texas #SanAntonio #publicspeaking #roadtrip #travel #defineyourownroadinlife

And this feels just like a dream again

I told him that everything the light touches is his kingdom ✨

Out of all the times I've explored the Upper Peninsula, I've never managed to make it to Tahquamenon Falls. So glad I made it this time around 😍
New vlog with drone footage of this beautiful place now up on my channel! Link in biiiio

Tania Caudill was a guest speaker at Richardson HS as part of Roadtrip Nation focusing on females in STEM careers in the recent documentary A Balanced Equation. #pbk_architects_dfw #stem #richardsonisd #womeninarchitecture #roadtripnation #abalancedequation

"Hang on... let me back up so I can capture those sweet Mom Jeans in the photo." I appreciate that, Jason! πŸ˜‚ Well, we made it to our final stop of our East Coast road trip: Savannah! Let me do a quick recap: from my last post in Williamsburg, VA, we stayed at a bed n breakfast in Boone, NC. (Really regretting that I didn't snap better photos of it. If you ever plan on staying in Boone, check out the Lovill House.) From Boone, NC we traveled to Atlanta, GA, where we saw Mr. Garth Brooks play... and let me tell you, he did not disappoint! (Fifth row floor seats, people! Amen to that! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ) And yesterday evening, we arrived here in Savannah. After only staying in each city for one night, I'm glad we have a few days to take in this beautiful, charming place. Besides all the Southern architecture, I can't get over the Spanish moss! I'm pretty sure I mentioned it at least twenty times to my husband today. "I love the Spanish moss. Omg can you believe the Spanish moss? Hang on, let me get a picture of the moss." (You get the idea.) I walked around all day wearing my camera around my neck... total tourist with no shame! Scroll to see some snapshots from today. I'm hoping to find a good flea market for tomorrow, so holler if you have any suggestions! We're taking a little rest now before we go out tonight... and while we rest our feet for a bit, I'm going to force Jason to watch The Office "Murder in Savannah" episode... because I've been quoting it all day and he has no clue what I'm talking about. (Do you know what I'm talking about? Anyone??) .
#thebungalowonbennett #savannah #southerncharm #georgia #smpliving #roadtrip #roadtripnation #exploregeorgia #southernliving #southernlivingmag #countrylivingmag

Max wanted to check if I was filing my TPS reports correctly, he approved of my work and went on to micro manage the web team.

#ThereGoesMyHero #WatchHimAsHeGoes #FooFighters #Puppers #WorkFlow #TPSreports #OfficeSpace #Max #MicroManager #RoadtripNation #tgif @roadtripnation

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