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Your body really has no limits and it comes down to your belief. Your body can do anything your mind tells it, but you have to truly believe it. That’s the challenge! There’s very deep ingrained beliefs in us all and shifting these is no easy task and it takes consistency in the same way physical training does. ...
Up until my trip to Lanzarote with @philjw69 @tvanross and @trimattlete I was training with an FTP score of 245w. Any 100% FTP sets and above were challenging and hard work. After pushing hard in Lanza I knew I was capable of more and therefore tested again after a week back in the UK. My FTP has increased to 278W, a 13.4% increase in power! I am now training at this level and I am hitting my numbers. Training at 80/90% (around my previous FTP) now feels comfortable. The only real change is that I know I can push more that 245W comfortably. That’s it. It’s the deep knowing.
The body is seriously awesome and we have no limits!!!! #nolimits #project3539

This was the longest ride of our Lanza trip! What a camp. I’ve never pushed so hard on the bike and it was seriously awesome to cycle with @tvanross @trimattlete and @philjw69

60 mile ride today covering Tabayesco twice, Mirador and Haria. Celebrating @lucycharles93 and @reecebarclaytri style #wwtd #winnerwinnerchickendinner

It’s a hard day today. It’s Rain’s 1st birthday and I’m not their to celebrate so I’m having a party on Sunday when I’m back. It’s also a hard day training as we’re riding the Ironman course after two hard days of training. To celebrate Rain’s 1st birthday and @tvanross 35th, we did today’s set. 35 x 50m for Tom and a 1 x 50m cool down for Rain. Thanks guys!! Was awesome FaceTiming the boys this morning too!
Here’s to a big Wednesday!!!

After a 49 mile ride yesterday we followed that with this cheeky ride today. 2x3k swims and 2 runs off the bike. Tomorrow is a long ride that will cover most the island and the majority of the Ironman route.
@tvanross @trimattlete @philjw69

Awesome quote from @lsanderstri today. Great timing too. I’m currently out in Lanzarote with 3 awesome athletes @philjw69 @tvanross @trimattlete and to stay in touch with them in the pool, on the run and on the bike is certainly taking me out my comfort zone. Two days in and I’ve never pushed myself so hard. I’m loving every minute and the training I’ve been putting in is paying off (thanks @thetriathloncoach) I’ve been building a lot of strength with the guys @crossfit_boudicca and they push me every session and it’s certainly helping with the strength on the bike, especially the climbs.

Throughout the off season and winter months I stick to the indoor trainer as it allows for more targeted sessions...
...but when the weather is this good, it’s time to get out and ride! Spectacular views today.

Had a fun morning out shooting this with @scott_fromabove it really gives a flavour of where I live and train. Thanks Scott! Roll on Spring for Take2!!! @inov8training @skechersperformance_uk

“One of the main techniques I used was focusing on the goal and visualising myself competing in the race before the race started.” I’ve just read Slaying the Dragon again! It’s an awesome read.
As well as being phenomenal at goal setting Michael Johnson he was also a student of other areas including the mindset and maximised all read including visualisation. It’s an area I’ve been focusing on a lot each morning too.

So the @crossfitgames CrossFit Open kicks off today with the 18.1 workout!
Good atmosphere down at @crossfit_boudicca with @oli__shaw and @hornsey59
Si and Paul were smashing out the toes to bar and making it look effortless!
20 Min AMRAP
8 toes to bar
10 dumbbell hang clean to overhead (5 on each arm)-22.5kgs
Calories on the rower – 14 (men) /12 (women)

I was initially going scaled on this one but decided to go Rx. 😱 Glad I did and the guys, especially Dave, pushed me throughout the 20 minute AMRAP.
I cannot actually grip a thing at the moment!
Good luck to everyone involved!!

#tbt to when I completed by 1st @ironmantri event at Ironman UK, Bolton. This is me crossing the line in a time of 11:44 in 2015. My quickest time over the distance is 10:30 and I aiming to be around that time in Wales this year. The second photo shows @thetriathloncoach who has been coaching me from day 1. Thanks coach! I’ve also worn @raceskin in everyone of my races to date and their kit is über comfy!!!!!

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” ~ John Wooden

Massive thanks to @thetriathloncoach Simon Ward for continuing to coach me and for spending time this morning at the pool reviewing my technique and giving some areas to focus on. His words resonated and reminded me of the quote of John Wooden. Simon said “it’s all the little things we need to focus on now and together they’ll make some big improvements” Simon has been coaching me from a non swimmer to Ironman over the past 4 years and I’m over the moon with my progress in all disciplines. Swimming is one of the most frustrating sports and you out in so much effort and at times it feels like there’s little progress (if any) but then something just clicks and you make a jump. Right now I’m trying to blend a healthy balance of slow and steady technique work with visualisation exercises together with some hard aerobic sessions to push my body and mind. Looking forward to racing!!!!

Here’s a little clip of the morning out with @scott_fromabove
I love where I live and I’m lucky enough to have this view on my doorstep. Sure helps with the motivation

I had a great morning with @scott_fromabove on Sunday. I feel really lucky to live where I do and was able to show him where I train as he followed me around with his #drone for the morning.

“Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire and ambition; they’ll help you push for, and realise your own”
This is a quote that really resonates! Happy and grateful to be heading to Lanzarote with @philjw69 @tvanross and @trimattlete All 3 are incredible athletes and all with the same goal in mind. Getting to train and push myself alongside these 3 cockwombles is AWESOME! These guys will push me in all 3 disciplines and every time I’ve come back from a training camp I’ve come back stronger than when I left.
@lsanderstri Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Tim Grover to name but a few would all agree that you have to put yourself amongst those who will push your higher and higher and that’s exactly what I am planning on doing.
This is the same reason I travel one hour to the swimming pool when I have pools much closer. The guys at John Charles Centre, Leeds really push you in each session! Thanks guys!!!

Another awesome weekend!
Started with a 2hr 5.3km Masters Swim (top lane smash out 6.6km!!!) Then the @sealifemanc and @legoworldadventures with my two awesome dudes!
A nice steady yet hilly 90min run
Dinosaur Top Trumps
Out filming with @scott_fromabove (photos and clips to follow)
Reading a book while my two dudes slept in the car
3hr ride with @trainerroad on my @computrainer
Then foooood!!!!!

It’s all about the visualisation!
This is going to be me in 2019! Crossing the finis line in #Kona in my @raceskin Kona TriSuit at the @ironmantri World Championships
It’s not perfect but then it doesn’t have to be. This is an image I’m putting everywhere to motivate me and drive me towards my short term and long term goals. It’s this image that’s allowing my to look at all the obstacles that will prevent me achieving this and doing whatever it takes to address them all systematically.
#visualisation #goals #obstacles #dreams #beliefs #desires

“Rigid on the outcome, flexible on the approach” - @jeffbezos Founder or small little business you may have heard of Amazon!
I was using the time this evening while I was on my bike to rewatch on of my latest sessions with my mindset coach/mentor @niyisobo This is all about setting that end goal and the vision. Breaking that down to a strategy and plan but ensuring it’s regularly reviewed and adapted, to remain flexible in the approach but never ever losing site of that end goal. I’m setting some big goals and loving the process to work to achieving them so I can then reevaluate and set some bigger, scarier goals!
Training session was awesome tonight too! @trainerroad and @thetriathloncoach are an awesome combination and a game changer! Low cadence, strength set at 105% FTP

“Small shifts in your thinking, and small changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations of your end result.” - Kevin Michael

Had a funny day filming Bears new Jedi Beasties crossfit video. This was a bit of downtime in between takes.
I’ve been reading a few books by Quantum Physicists at the moment and they’re huge eye openers. Powerful and exciting reading for anyone looking for change and growth, with big goals, dreams and desires.

“I’ve got a warrior spirit, beast mode mentality, don’t be afraid to live your dreams and make them a reality”
This lyric from @easy_mills massively resonates with me and it’s the soundtrack of all my hard training sessions!
#mindset #dreams #belief #emotions

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